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The General Fucking Arabian Lad Bareback

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Bears At Play

Posted by Admin on January 15th, 2017

The DVD "Bears At Play" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes have a heavy focus on showing you.some sexy bear daddies having fun with each other and their younger admirers / chasers.

I am sure you know the bears used on this DVD as they are models with a solid fanbase and have seen a good use in other productions available both on the net and on DVDs.

Scene one features super hunky muscle bear Daminen - Damien is enjoying a good sunny day by the pool, sitting on the edge of the pool just relaxing and wondering where to get some action and from across the pool he spots Parker comming towards him. Parker wastes no time at introductions as he goes down on Damien as soon as he is within reach of Damiens fat meaty cock. Its clear that Damien is a bit of a Dom and enjoys Parker being submissive without even being told.

After a good long round of mutual cock sucking, playing in the pool they are ready to get down and dirty and start fucking for real but for some reason we cut to them in the bed room getting the action down.. Probably something to do with that this scene is shoot at a resort that wouldnt have looked too nicely on being used for a fullblown hardcore anal fuck fest out in their public pool area ;) but dont dispare the action that takes place between Damien and Parker would be hot no matter where it took place! 

Damien hammers his meaty dick into Parkers ass relentlessly and Parker takes it like a trooper all the way.. It is always a great viewing experience seeing a highly skilled swordsman find a willing and able hole to fuck so the raw energy and power behind the hardcore anal exchange is simply amazing and in my opinion more than enough to make this title a good buy for any lovers of bears and muscle daddies!

Scene two features equally wellknown and wellused daddy bears Brock and Kevin - I have not seen them work together before but if you surf some of the bigger bear sites i am sure you have seen both of them in action before... However seeing them working together is a totally different matter... They have a passion and a cemestry for each other that i have not seen in a long time between any models that are not an offscreen couple - and to the best of my knowledge they are not an item outside of this scene so the fact that they make it look like longtime lovers having yet another passioned fuck fest is what really makes this scene stand out in all the garbage that is being released on both DVD and the net.

The scene starts out with Brock and Kevin getting to a shaded area with a good place to lie down and fuck and as soon as they are there the passion starts with long deep kisses that will leave you breathless just watching - and soon after they start down the mutural blowjob path that we all knows will lead to a good hardcore fuck scene.

As they go through the different positions is clear that Kevin is the driving force behind the action as sometimes Brock is doing his best to simply keep up with the raw power and energy put into the thrusts by Kevin as he tries to burry his dick as deep into Brocks open hole as possible - but the positions where Kevin is able to truely put all his weight and power into the dick thrusts are some of the best ever captured on film.. Brock might be labled a power bottom with a cock hungry hole that can keep taking and taking but Kevin is more than a match for him and i dont think i have ever seen Brock getting fucked so hard, deep or long as Kevin does before blowing his hot load all over Brocks ass.

This DVD from Mature Gay DVDS is a great Bear DVD but can also be called a bit of a Daddy DVD as all the models used are out of their teens and well into their thirties some of them perhaps even breaking forty.. So it might not be the typical Daddy DVD that you would expect to see from Mature Gay DVDS but as a Bear DVD it works perfectly and would be a great addition to any collection due to the pure raw energy of Damien and the passion and sexual power in the scene between Brock And Kevin.


Bear Daddies Fucking Outdoors

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Tom And Sebastian

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Tom And The Rent Boy The mature model in this scene looks to be a truly seasoned gentleman sporting some wrinkles on his handsome face and gorgeous silver grey hair and to complete everything he has a thick long hard cock to boot so the rent boy he called over to fuck gets to work for his money as it appears the mature gentleman really knows how to plow a hole. The rent boy takes the thick mature cock like a true champ and keeps grinding away at his mature clients cock till he blows his creamy load deep inside his ass.

The General Getting Fucked By Asian Lad

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Among Friends

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Mature Fuck Buddies If there was ever a cock sucking championship i am sure that the mature model, Eric, would have a good chance of making it to the finals as he truly enjoy sucking Richs cock but perhaps thats just because he know he is in for a good fuck when the cock is ready. The other mature model, Rich, brings a full round of service to Eric as payment for the great cocksucking experience and no only does he sit on Erics cock for a bit letting him feel the joy of penetration but he also give a good tugjob while fucking Erics cock hungry hole.

Bearish Silver Daddy Jerking Off

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Big Jack And Ed

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Real Life Mature Couple Getting Down To Business Sometimes in porno scenes the chemistry can be fantastic even if the models dont know each other before getting into the action but in this scene the chemistry between the two mature models is taken to an entirely different level as they are a real life mature couple and their passion for each other shine through in every aspect of the scene. I am not sure that this scene represents the way they normally spend their quality time together but the action in this video is hot, good mix between forplay, kissing, sucking, jerking, rimming before getting into the hardcore part of the action where Big Jack fucks his partner Ed in a couple of different ways before letting Ed ride his cock to completion.

No Gray - No Play

Posted by Admin on January 8th, 2017

The DVD "No Gray - No Play" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes features daddies having hardcore sex with their admirers..

The first scene features a hot latino admirer by the name of Diego - Diego is the typical latin lover and he takes great pride in making sure his daddies every need is pleasured. It just so happens that both Diego and his playdaddy Derrick are cracy about playing with and eating precum so after a bit of cock sucking they get down to having fun with precum.. Diego sits on top of Derrick and begins to feed him his own precum as they play and kiss.

After the precum play Diego starts to fuck Derrick from behind and after a good fuck they switch to another position where Derrick rides on top of Diego and he rides him hard for a good long time then they switch positions again and this time Derrick is placed on his back on the couch with his legs spread to allow Diego to truly work on his ass all the while they eat the precum from Derricks cock.

Finally Diego pulls out and goes to Derricks head, does a few quick strokes and delivers his hot man juice on Derricks face and mouth.

The second installment on this DVD is a very hardcore scene featuring Edward and a daddy named Charles.. Now Edward we have seen before as he gets fucked by Chucks fat cock in Daddy's Play Room but this is the first DVD that features Charles but dont worry, we will be seeing plenty of him in other titles from Mature Gay DVDs as he is in at least 3 of their titles.

The scene starts out with Charles and Edward sitting on a white leather couch and Edward gives Charles a good round of oral satisfaction to get things going. The blowjob starts with Charles sitting and then decides to take it like a man standing up as his cock gets ready for fucking he gets behind Edward and bents him over the couch and fucks him hard and long from behind.as its time to change position Edward is put on his side on the couch and Charles gets up behind him and this position allows him to truly work his cock deep into Edwards willing asshole and Edward is fucked so hard you can basically see his eyes change color from blue to brown - it is clear to anyone who have watched this scene that Edward loves a good rough hard fuck where a big dick is hammered into his ass with full force and Charles is doing just that. Edward wants to be on top too and gets up and rides Charles' dick to the root while jerking on his own piece of man meat.

In the final installment of the scene Edward is put on his back on the couch and charles works his ass from above getting some real power behind the thrusts again and going just as deep as before and Edward takes a good pounding untill Charles pulls out and blows his load all over his ass, cock and balls.


On A Cruise

Posted by Admin on January 7th, 2017 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

We came into my cabin. We had been sun bathing on the top deck of this cruise ship, and now it was time for something else.

I told Ray I'd better shower and he could join me if he wanted.

Suddenly he looked a bit shy like he wasn't sure this young man really would be interested in him if I saw him naked. But I was.

"Don't be shy, sweetheart," I said as I kissed him on the lips and started taking off my clothes.

Ray followed my lead and started undressing. Not that we had much on it had been a hot day in the Caribbean.

Ray is cute with his clothes on, but his naked body really turned me on. I had only met him this morning and this was the first time to see him nude.

He's beautiful.

Once naked, he looked at me and smiled at me. His smile is wonderful.

In we went, to the shower room, which wasn't very big so we ended standing right next to each other with very little space around us.

Therefore it was more natural for us to soap each other rather than ourselves. Soon it was more about kissing and fondling than getting clean.

Seducing My Estranged Dad

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My name is jakoby and I just turned 17, I have a true dad/son story to tell. First let me go back to when it all started, when I must of been 8, as far as I can remember.

First of all, let me add that I'm gay and very feminine. Even at 8, I acted like a little girl, and my younger brother Derek, who's a year younger than me, was a rough and tumble, aggresive brute and beat on me constantly, when ever he could get a chance, which I tried to avoid as often as possible.

My parents were going through problems with their marriage and were constantly fighting and arguing. My mom, at the time, was 16, and my dad 17 when I was born, they didn't get married until I was 4 and my dad was 21.

Well, they got divorced after a brief marriage and my dad took Derek with him and my mom took me. My dad always favored Derek over me, because he didn't like the way I was, being a sissy and all.

I can remember times when he and my mother would get into arguments about not taking me along to ball games with him and Derek every weekend,probably because of my sissy behavior, I think he was embarrassed of me.

Josh And Kenny

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Hairy Admirer Gettng Some Daddy Action This scene starts out with the daddy taking good care of his hairy and sexy admirer by sucking on and jerking off his tool making sure its good and hard before rimming his ass and licking his ball sack. To return the favor his admirer gives the the mature ass a good work over warming it up with a dildo before he starts hammering away at it with his cock while jerking off the daddy cock.

Dave And Diego

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Mature Guy And His Latino Admirer It doesnt look like this daddy has any hair on his body except ofcourse for the hair on his head and perhaps just the tiniest bit down around his dick but no hairs on arms or legs where as his younger latino admirer has a hairy chest, arms and legs so its the hairy young guy fucking the smooth and hairless mature guy.. The scene is great and shows that if you have the room for it installing a sling for when you have friends over for a fuck might not be all that bad idea as it can really improve the experience and allow the top to go deeper and harder than he would normally have been able to do without the help of the sling..

Al And Karl

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Dildo And Jerk Off Alphozo loves to spice up his jerk off sessions, lightly binding his own legs and cock and stuffing his two headed yellow dildo up his ass as he jerks off. Sometimes his room mate will join in the fun and help him get the most out of the long yellow dildo by forcing it deeper in to his ass or fucking him with it as he jerks himself to completion.