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Brains And Brawn

Posted by Admin on August 27th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

"I don't get it, Bruce." Mark said, shaking his head yet again. He scratched lazily one nipple on his breast and shifted on his bed, I tried not to look at how his cock and balls made a neat bulb in his white briefs (his only clothing) and tried not to think too hard on how his muscles played so beautifully in the yellow light, the shadows were blue curves and arcs that moved in smoothly shifting ripples as he moved to put his hand back behind his head. "What don't you get?" I asked him patiently as I could, my forefinger reaching up to adjust my eyeglasses back onto my nose ridge. I was quizzing Mark for his chemistry exam tomorrow. "What's the difference between intensive properties and extensive properties?" An elementary question like this should have annoyed me, but this was my college roommate, he was studying Basic Chemistry, and I was helping him. "An intensive property is a property that allows identification of a substance, such as its melting point, boiling point, sublimation point...." "Huh?" "I mean, it's a property that lets you figure out what the stuff is." I said. "Can't you just read the label on the bottle?" Mark wanted to know. "We're assuming that you don't have a bottle to read the label of." I pointed out. "So how'd we get the stuff, then?" Mark asked. "It's lying on the ground and we have to figure out what it is." "How'd it get there?" "It was always there." Mark shrugged. "I've never seen stuff like they got in some of those bottles." He became animated for a moment. "Like that blob of phosporous, we took it out of the bottle and it was wet and when Sam held it over a bunsen burner to dry it off...." "It exploded." "It sure did!" Mark enthused. "Man, that was awesome!" "Mark." I said. "Huh?" He turned his head my way and those blue eyes under his shelf of black eyebrows and overhang of black hair darned near made me forget anything but to beg for the chance to get closer to him. "Do you want to keep your football scholarship?" "Yeah." "Do you want to graduate with a diploma that is something more than proof you came to college to play football?" "Yeah." his response was slower. "Then you have to pass Basic Chemistry." I said. "Just this one class, and you can start forgetting all about chemistry." "You can't." Mark said and he smiled. "That's because chemistry is my major." I said. "Yeah, you're writing a paper, right?" Mark asked. "I will when I finish helping you study." I said. "Yeah, tell me your paper title again." Mark said. "Maybe I'll understand it now I've had some chemistry." I smiled. "Not likely. I'm writing about the intensive (I emphasized that word) properties of sublimated cadmium telluride." "What are you going to do with that when you graduate?" He asked me. I smiled. "Ever see them use a scanner on your groceries at the market? That's cadmium telluride in close sublimation and...." Mark held up a hand. "Okay, okay, sorry." He said. "This stuff is dull." "I know." I said sympathetically. "You have to have this dull stuff before you're able to tackle the stuff that you can really use. It's like you and football, your drill and practices, they're boring but if you didn't have it, you wouldn't be able to play football." "I know." Mark said and he acquiesced, scratched his nipple again. I tried not to stare at that red nub rolling around and around, but the thought of how that little breast-button would taste on my tongue made my mouth water. "So let's go through it again," I settled for saying. "An intensive property lets you identify what the substance is, and an extensive property just tells how much you have of it, but nothing that identifies it." "Oh." Mark said without any real comprehension. But by then, I'd decided to simply grill Mark on stock answers to questions and hope for the best. The next night, I was digging through my papers in frustration when Mark came in. "Hey, Bruce, what're you doing?" I turned around. "Mark, did you take any papers from my desk?" "Nah!" Mark said. "I don't bother your stuff." "My notes for my paper are gone." I said. "Some other things have been moved around, someone was in my desk. They must have been looking for my paper itself, thank God I was carrying it with me to work on between classes." Mark frowned. "I'd better look at my stuff." he said. "You'd better." I said. "So far, my notes are the only thing I've found missing." Mark looked and I kept looking, my notes were the only thing gone. I sat on the bed, a nervous wreck. "God, my notes!" I moaned. "They got my notes!" "You still got your paper." Mark said. He put his arm around my shoulders. God, it felt so good, being there. "But I need my notes to write the rest of my paper!" I moaned. "I wasn't half done with it yet! I haven't even gotten it into order enough to present my proposal." "Proposal?" "For my doctorate!" I said. "Until I do that, I'm not officially even working on the paper! Whoever took my notes can submit it for their own doctorate and I'd be back to square one." "Why?" "Because a doctorate can only be won by a paper on a subject of original content." I said. "I spent most of last year finding this subject, I can't lose it and start over again. I'd lose a year, more likely two, if I have to start over!" "Man, that's rough." Mark commiserated. "I can't lose those notes, I can't!" I moaned. "They're not that important." Mark said. "You can handle this." I looked up at him, from under the comfort of his arm and into his eyes. "I wish it were that easy." "You'll be all right." Mark said. "I promise you that." "You can't know that." I protested. "Sure I can." Mark said. "Just leave everything to me." His lips were so kissable, his eyes were so kind, his face was so accepting. Something about that combination, this moment, this time, made it all possible. Despite the odds, despite all sense, I reached up to kiss him. Foolish, foolish! And yet...his lips met mine, touched me halfway, pressed back against my own! What a wonderful, glorious feeling, when you reach to kiss and are kissed in turn! His other arm came up around me and my own touched his waist, the t-shirt moved itself out of the way and my hand touched his bare flesh, touching him, touching him! My shivering stopped and so did my fretting. Okay, so maybe I had to start all over again! I could do that, with Mark alongside me! It was doing it all alone that had me in tears! But with him...years were nothing! Mark lowered me back onto the bed and his hand went down to cup underneath my leg and lift it, and I let him lift it, place it around his body and he sidled out from under my other leg and was between my legs and atop me. "Oh, God, Mark!" I sighed as his lips chased his fingers that were undoing my shirt. "God, Mark, God!" "It's all right." he whispered to me. "It's going to be all right." "Yes." I said but my affirmative was to the feeling of that hard prod in Mark's pants, the one that was pressing against my own. My hands were tugging at Mark's t-shirt, I had to get it off him, feel that chest against my own! But a t-shirt isn't a shirt, and it was clinging to his body, holding on too tight! I wasn't strong enough. Mark had my own shirt open and he was kissing my chest, that warm tongue of his touched my nipple and I nearly screamed with rapture from the joy of that warm moistness pressing on the ultra-tender flesh. "Mmmmhh!" Mark said when he raised up. "I was wondering if you were ever going to try anything." "I wanted to." I protested. "But...." But how to say it? I was a rather skinny, nerdy-looking guy and Mark was this big, strong athlete almost four years my junior. Only my finances had driven me back into the dorms and to share his room. How could I have dared to think that Mark would treat my advances as anything more than laughable? "But what?" "It's not important." I said. "So get up and get those clothes off." He said as he lifted off me and stood himself. I eagerly complied, pulling my clothes away with heedless abandon, not caring where they landed. Right then, I wouldn't have cared if the door had been open! Mark pulled his t-shirt over his head and I again saw those muscles, shining yellowish here and shadowed blueish there, all of it painting his body in lines of muscled beauty, all of it beckoning me to him. I watched the interplay of those lights and shadows as he stooped to remove his pants (my own looser clothing had now been discarded entirely), skinning those too-tight jeans from his barrels of thighs, his kegs of calves, and then they were at his feet and he was hopping to get out of them, and then he was done and he was nude and I was nude. Mark stepped toward me and he was a god made flesh, and I knelt before this god and I reached for the altar of his manhood and I guided it to myself in supplication. His pud docked into my mouth so easily, so smoothly it slipped upon my tongue and spread itself lovingly around my mouth so that I could taste it everywhere at once! "Mmmh, ah, yeah!" Mark groaned. "Yeah, come on, eat it for me." I was only happy to comply, I began to move my mouth without much skill but with plenty of eagerness. A guy who looks like me doesn't score that often even at the bars and not being fussy, so my enthusiasm had to carry the day. And you know, it does, any man is going to love it when his organ is swallowed down and worked over by a hungry pair of lips and he isn't going to be picky about the exact technique as long as you move that skin over that shaft! "Mmmmah, ah, yeah!" Mark said again as I worked. "That's the way, Bruce, give my love-stick a taste! Man, I didn't think you'd ever go for it!" Why had I hesitated? All he could have done was turn me down? And told his buddies and jumped me one night and pummel me...okay, my hesitation made sense if he hadn't been interested. Had I missed his signals? Sitting in your underwear and scratching your itches doesn't exactly scream come-on-big-boy! "Come on, get up." Mark said as he hauled at my armpits. As I did so, puzzled, Mark said, "Let's get on the bed." I was ready enough, especially when Mark followed me and turned himself around the other direction! You only have to climb on top to get sucked, but when you lie with your feet on the pillow, you're looking for some for yourself! I had to scoot down to let him reach me and I moved quick as I could, knew I was down far enough when I felt his lips touch my glans, it was silken upon my cockhead and I gushed immediately a heavy load of pre-jizz and Mark kissed it away as he took me into his mouth! "Ah, ah, yeah!" I moaned. Mark grunted and his prong slapped my face. Oh, yeah! I returned to my job of slurping on his prick and Mark was harmonizing pretty darned well. Very darned well! This was no horny-and-curious jock taking a chance, this was the skill of a trained cocksucker! That knowledge drove me to match him if I could, I couldn't outdo him on the football field or track field or anywhere else, but I could maybe suck him as well as he sucked me, and I tried. Mark was moaning and so was I and I heard his groans intensify and thought to myself two thoughts...first was "Mark is coming!" and the second was "Oh, shit, I'm coming!" And I was launched in the space of a few heartbeats into my roaring ecstasy, my cock screamed its pleasure at me and that soundless yell shook my entire body, and I could only thrash about under the weight of that orgasm and I was crushed flat and then my juices squirted out under the load and I ejaculated up into Mark's waiting mouth! Ah, the sweet joy of jisming, the delightful nectar of climax, I was senseless to everything but my joy and heedless of anything but my pleasure and I squirted into him and it was only when I was coming back to myself from that height-shaking orgasm that I realized that Mark was grunting as he sucked my juices down, drinking my load and working my prick for more! I had a red-hot pole in my mouth and in my lassitude following my earthquake of joy, I could only feel it with my tongue and notice how rich and firm and wonderful it felt. When it was yanked from my mouth, I was surprised. "Sorry." I said quickly, wanting it back. "I had to catch my breath." I apologized. "It's okay." Mark panted. "Just lift those legs and I'll take it from here." Shit, he was going to fuck me! Could I take it? It had been more than a year since my last experience as a bottom for another man, and that time had been a hopelessly fouled-up experience, with the guy unable to keep it inside me and unable to keep an erection. Mark had no such handicaps, his hard cock found my asshole and plunged into it without a hesitation or a misfire, Mark's body moved to his commands and it unerringly cooperated to send his dick into my butthole in a seamless, seething dive. The pain was small and bearable, I could only gasp out in gratitude and pleasure at feeling his incredible prong inside of me. I had more than enough compensation in this for the lack of his cock in my mouth, and as for being his passive, I had the payment of looking up and seeing him on top of me, his face looking into mine and not seeing anything but pleasure and joy and welcoming! "Ah, shit, Mark!" I groaned. "God, I can't believe we're doing this!" "I should have nailed you that first night, when I got undressed and you eyes locked onto my basket." Mark panted. "I knew right then, damn it, I could nailed you weeks ago!" "The semester is still young." I said. "We'll have time! You're just a sophomore and I'm a graduate student with a paper to write...shit, my paper!" "Don't worry about that." Mark warned me and to help distract me, he began to pump my ass. There was strength in his fucking, there was power in it and the vigor that only an athlete with a lusty body hardened to perfection can give you, there is roughness but the roughness is unintentional and a part of his nature, it carries some friction but no offense, he is only loving you as best he can, driving his manhood into you and letting his hormone-enraged body drive him along, you can endure it and more than that, you can love it for that power, savor it for that strength, crave it for the raw energy that pours into you and fills you up again, I felt my own lust rekindle a flame, small and flickering yet but growing by the moment. Mark lifted up higher on my body, now he had me up on my upper back alone, my buttocks high in the air and held there by his own body, him on his toes and holding onto my lower back which no longer touched the bed, and from there gravity was his ally and his body's weight added its power to his drives and he used that to hump me even harder! I could only cry out in my desire as he pumped my butt, he matched my sounds of love with his own and together we reached that staccato-sounding grunts that are all the voice can produce when pleasure siphons off the power of the lungs for itself. Mark erupted into me and it was like being mauled by a tiger or grappled by a gorilla, he lunge-fucked me as he squirted and I felt his jizm being squeezed out by his own forceful thrusts and my buttocks spurted with a fountain of Mark's sperm and he gasped and added to it and was drenched by his own love-seed and then he was done, panting, his body still lurching and ramming his dong into me, and he kept it up even as he panted, letting me fall back down and still his cock, the head trapped inside me by the flare of the glans, continued to hunch in and out of me. "Ah, shit, yeah!" Mark sighed, his body still thrusting his hips forward, though his cock was now turning flaccid and soft. "Yeah, man, that was awesome!" "You were terrific." I agreed. "Man, I got to do this every night from now on." Mark proclaimed. Then, as he thought of it about five seconds later, "if that's all right with you." "All right?" I said. "I insist on it." I said. "Especially if I can't find my notes and someone else steals my thesis and presents it as his own." "Yeah, that'd add two years to your stay here, you said." he agreed. "Well, I hope to stay on even after I turn in my paper." I said. "Even a fledgling doctorate needs some experience. I'm on a different track than you, I can't count on a decent field job until I'm nearly thirty." "Man, that's rough." He agreed. "I'm here for another three, maybe four years, and then I'm out of here." "That's about how long I planned to stay on." I said. "Even if I am twenty-three to your nineteen. Man, I got to find out who took my notes!" "Any idea who might have taken it?" "Only someone else with a graduate in chemistry." I said. "It's useless for anyone else." Mark just nodded and said, "Mind if I go out for a while? You're great and everything, but I got something I got to do." "Oh, yeah, sure." I said. "Thanks for holding my hand." "And stuff." Mark agreed with a grin. "I'll be back later tonight, but it may be real late." "Sure." I said and watched him dress again and go. Mark usually went out and spent some hours at a hangout near campus, they served pizza and beer and didn't check ID's too closely. The next morning, I woke up and found Mark in the other bed. The trouble with dorm is that the bed is really only able to hold one person. Maybe we could unscrew them from the floor and scoot them together or something. Mark rubbed his eyes (we had awakened to his alarm clock going off) and sat up. "Hey, Bruce." He said to me. "Have a late night?" I asked him. "Yeah, was out until about three, but I got it done." "That's good." "You'd better believe it." Mark agreed. "Look on your desk." I did and a familiar pack of papers was front-and-center. "My notes!" I said. "You found them." "Something like that." Mark agreed. "I called some buddies and we visited the other chemistry graduates. Second one knew who had them, and then it was just a case of arranging to get them back for you." "Who had them?" I wanted to know. "You'll know when you see him today." Mark said and he grinned. "We dyed his face bright blue." It was a sort of campus term for cheating, being "caught blue-faced." "Thanks." I said. "I owe you big time for this." "Hey," Mark said. "Football gives me buddies who'll help without asking why. Kind of what we use in place of brains like you." "Brawn instead of brains." I said. "Just glad I had it to help me out when I needed it." "There's a sort of price, though." Mark said. "You have to help the guys study for their next chemistry test like you did me." "Be glad to." I agreed. "Mark got dressed and dashed for his class (he was a last-minute sort of morning person, just grab and go), and I settled back. Brains and brawn together. That was what Mark and I had going for us. A pretty solid combination to build a life together on!

Super Cute Daddies

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Old Wine

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"Do you like to get fucked in the ass, boy?" the old man asked, stroking his mustache with his left as he ran his large right hand along the young man's thigh. The young man paused, feeling the old man's right palm resting on his blue-jean covered crotch.

The young man's prick got hard fast, not uncommon for a man in his twenties. The old man's pants wiggled down his hirsute cannon-thick legs (he played rugby in his time, but the young man did not know this), his furry ass jiggling in post-middle age sagginess. The old man kicked his trousers to the left, the belt clanging just as the bedsprings creaked under his knees. Doggie-style, he was in "fuck me" presentation, head facing forward...

"Don't know," the young man answered, guiding the old man's right hand along his elastic waistband.

"First time, huh?"

His breath halted as the cock nudged away his ass cheeks. The cock head, encased in a well-lubed condom, knocked courteously at the asshole. Like a welcoming host, the asshole parted and invited the cock head inside for a nice intercourse. The cock head asked the asshole 'Can the rest of me come in as well?'

My First Time With A Man

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I seriously considered finding a man to call my own during my first term at college, a little while after I turned eighteen. I'd known that I was gay since around third grade, when I started masturbating to thoughts of my father, my teachers, and my grown-up neighbors. I have always had an attraction to older men, especially the teachers in my high school. Unfortunately, they were all straight, which was perhaps the most frustrating thing about my young life. Every night I'd stay awake jerking off, hoping for some reciprocation, but never really seeking it out.

When I got to college, I decided that it was time to stop fantasizing and find someone to spend time with. I contacted a few guys through the Internet (how romantic!) and then began to correspond with one of them. His name was Luke (well, not really, but I don't think it matters), and he was a forty-eight year old cabinetmaker.

Our first date (in fact, my first date ever) was on a Saturday night. It was very awkward for me, which was made even worse by the fact that he was even shyer than myself. For the first half hour, I didn't know if he hated me, because not more than fifty words passed between us. We went to the movies, which lightened things up a bit, and then he showed me around his town. We pulled off on a road in the woods, and there we talked for about two hours. I was very nervous the whole time, and I found it hard to concentrate because my dick was rock hard. He drove me home after that, and I knew that I had to see him again.

Hot Daddies And Horny Studs

Posted by Admin on August 23rd, 2016

The DVD "Hot Daddies And Horny Studs" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. In the first scene we get to see latino super stud Diego pleasure Daddy Dave and in the second scene we see Daddy Gerrett fuck his boyish admirer Justin - now this is one freaking hot scene that will leave you totally drained for cum and once you have it in your collection you will be viewing and re-viewing it time and time again..

Anyways back to the scene with latino super stud Diego and the daddy with all the tattoo's Daddy Dave. At first glance you might not think that Dave is anything special but dont let your eyes or first impressions fool you.. Dave is a hardcore power bottom that really likes getting ink under his skin.. Now you can like or dislike this trent/fad that is going on right now with everyone getting inked but with the work done on Daves leg you will have to give the man credit.. That is one big ass snake he has there... Yes yes, i babble on i know, fuck it lets get to the action part of the scene..

If you have checked out Mature Gay DVDs collection earlier on you will notice that Diego is back for his second scene and with a new daddy, well the first one was great as Diego and Derrick played around with the precum etc so if you are into this and/or latino studs you should check out that DVD review too..

In this one the action begins with Dave giving Diego some oral action and after a good round of oral pleasure Diego places Dave in the sling and gets to work on his ass - now Diego might not be hung like a horse but he sure does manage to give Dave a good pounding using the sling to the best of his abilities..

After the ass pounding in the sling Diego takes a seat in the sling, leans back and lets Dave work on yet another round of oral action and after a bit of that Diego gets up and takes the blowjob standing like a true man! After this its down on the floor for Dave and Diego as they switch through different positions untill finally Diego blows his load on Daves Chest..

Now as i said in the opening part of this review the second scene on this DVD is one of the best i have ever seen and i must admit that i keep going back and re-watching Gerrett slamm his man meat into his boyish admirer Justin again and again, there are some great parts in this scene if you just want some raw hardcore action to do a quicky jerk off thats for sure..

Now the scene starts out with Justin sucking on Gerretts cock as he is wearing a cowboy hat and some very tiny panties - they then change position so Justin can suck some cock as Gerrett rims his ass good and deep preparing it for the hammering to come and in an effort to test out if his ass is ready he sits on top of Gerretts hard ready cock and rides up and down a bit but Gerrett wants to work a bit more on his ass with his tongue and fingers so he puts Justin on his back and in a 69 position he basically throat fucks Justin as he works his fingers and tongue in and out of the boys ass.

When Gerrett feels Justin is ready for the mounting he is put on all fours and in one fluid motion Gerretts cock is in his ass to the root as Gerrett start to work his cock in and out of Justins ass going deeper and faster with every thrust you can clearly see that both Justin and Gerrett are into the rough sex - Justin enjoys being taken as the little nasty ass boy he is and Gerrett loves to show any admirers that he knows how of truely fuck a boy as only a seasoned and experienced mature gentleman can..

As the pace picks up Justin is pressed flat on the bed as Gerrett puts all his weight into pounding his hard dick deep into his ass and at one time it almost looks like Justin is passed out from the relentless hard pounding his ass it taking but as you can hear him moaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure its clear that he is just truely enjoying getting his ass fucked by a mature man.

The scene comes to an end as Gerrett pulls out of Justins ass just in time for us to see him blow his load all over and into his buttcrack - not exactly an internal cumshot but very freaking close and watching Gerretts juices run down Justins buttcrack is so damn hot but hey, with the pounding his ass too its only fair that Gerretts try and soothe it with some natural made lotion..

This scene is one of the very best i have ever watched and i must admit that whenever i need a quick jerk off session i put this DVD on as the scene with Justin and Gerrett simply does the trick for me..


Jessee Jerking Off

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Big Cocked Daddy Jerking Off Nice cock on this older guy, looks like he need both hands to be sure to stroke the shaft from top to bottom. Often big long cocks are bent to either the right or the left but this piece of prime beef looks to be straight which is nice to see for a change.. In the scene he also spends some time playing around with the buttplug he has up his ass and it must give him great pleasure as he leaves it in as he gets on the floor to finish up his jerk off session.

Summer Bear Butt

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We pal around and party hard, the ten of us bears. We range in age from 28 to 49. There are two couples, Mike and Jim are one couple, Rod and Peter (true names) are the second couple. We have had leather parties, hot tub parties, Wesson oil on a tarp party, and just some normal beer and fuck parties without a theme. Kevins parents have a cabin in the woods in Michigan and we decided to go camping over a weekend. As luck would have it, Jim and Peter, half of the two couples could not join us.

After a Friday night and heavy beer drinking and several pissing contests, we decided on a game for the afternoon of the next day. We decided on paint ball, we had brought our equipment to play anyway, but the rules were going to different for this round. The rules for the hunt are, no one wears clothes, just a cupped jock and hiking boots and socks. Each shooter had a different color paint. The bear with the most different colors of paint on his butt got gang banged by the rest of us. If there was tie, then they fucked each other first, then we gang banged them both.

Josh And Lars

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Chubby Silverdaddy Sucking Cock Lars, the mature model in his scene is one sexy beast. He has a nice tan on his entire body and this makes it easy to see and enjoy every silver grey hair on his chest and makes his face stand in a nice contrast to his welkept silver beard. You have to give it to the old dude he knows how to handle the cock, sucking on it, licking the entire length of the shaft, playing with the balls and deepthroating the badboy without any help what so ever - he does get a good round of mouth fucking in this scene too before the action gets too much and the youngster spills his seed all Lars like a potion of youth.

Super Cute Daddies

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Nasty Boyz In The Hood

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Nasty Boyz in the Hood - Part 1 by Coproman

I grew up in a Harlem tenement, a five-floor walkup that housed two families on each floor.It was one of those buildings that are simply torn down, nowadays, because they are too big to serve as private residences yet too small to be profitable as apartment buildings.I lived on the top floor, and I remember how effortlessly I would bound up the stairs or race down them as I shuttled from the apartment to the street.I also remember the many boyhood friends I had and the street games we used to play, including "Hot Peas & Butter," "Red Rover," and "Ring-a-levio."

Charlie was one of those friends.He used to live downstairs on the first floor but he and his family moved out of the neighborhood when I was fourteen.Up until that time, he and his older brother Bennie had been regular playmates of mine, and even though he was two years younger than me, I always felt closer to him than to his brother, or anyone else, for a certain very special reason.

When I had reached puberty, at about the age of thirteen--and feeling my "oats," as it were--Charlie suddenly took on a new role in my life as my "nasty boy."I don't remember exactly how it happened, but one minute we were playing in my room and the next minute he was lying face down on my bed with his corduroys and drawers down around his ankles and I was on top of him sliding my dick between his black ass cheeks, not stopping until I had spurted a sticky stream of sperm in his ass crack.From that point on, for the next year, I had tried a number of sexual experiments with Charlie, including sniffing his asshole, spreading it open and looking inside (to see if I could spot any shit), playing with his balls, and pulling his semi-hard dick back between his legs to try to make the head fit in his asshole. Oddly, we never got around to doing anything oral, and I never actually penetrated his anus, but at the end of every encounter, I would get my young rocks off between his 11-year-old buns; then right afterwards, I would get up, pull his drawers up about half-way over his spermed-up ass crack, and slap his ass, urging him to go home, since having had the orgasm would make me lose my sexual desire for him.

The New Neighbour

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Steve was strolling through his favourite cruising ground late on Friday evening after work when he chanced upon a new face he had not seen before. Standing leaning against the tree was this new guy. He looked around 59 years old. He was 6ft 4 with broad shoulders and a body to die for. He had salt & pepper hair and was nursing what looked like an enormous bulge between his legs. The stranger was wearing a black suit with the jacket open revealing a black shirt and metallic red / blue tie. He looked over the top of his semi rimmed glasses and gave a look at Steve with a grin as to say "Come here you! as he massaged the enormous bulge.

Steve himself was 6ft and had cropped black hair and also well defined. But compared to the stranger looked small. Steve was in his 40s and had a nice 6.5 in uncut cock which was bulging nicely through his black jock and trousers. "Mmm very nice thought Steve as he wondered towards the stranger with is hand gently teasing his hard cock.

Bearish Silver Daddy Jerking Off

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Dave And Diego

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Mature Guy And His Latino Admirer It doesnt look like this daddy has any hair on his body except ofcourse for the hair on his head and perhaps just the tiniest bit down around his dick but no hairs on arms or legs where as his younger latino admirer has a hairy chest, arms and legs so its the hairy young guy fucking the smooth and hairless mature guy.. The scene is great and shows that if you have the room for it installing a sling for when you have friends over for a fuck might not be all that bad idea as it can really improve the experience and allow the top to go deeper and harder than he would normally have been able to do without the help of the sling..