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Gregory And Boris

Posted by Admin on May 25th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Gregory Gets His Old Hole Stuffed Gregory is a brilliant example of the perfect daddy, a mature man in his prime with a head full of grey hair, a few wrinkles and a hairy chest and belly so some might say that he is in for a treat getting fucked by a young hung hottie like Boris but i would have to disagree. I think Boris is the one thats in for a treat getting to fuck a sexy experience daddy like Gregory and i have to give it to the lad he brings his A game in this video and fucked the shit of out of this super handsome silverdaddy before blowing his load deep inside him.

Charles And Edward

Posted by Admin on May 24th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy Charles Destroys Edwards Ass Charles simply loves fucking younger guys and with his personality and good looks he has not problem finding young guys to fuck and we where luck enough to catch up with him as he was about to get a good fuck session going with Edward. Little did Edward know that he was in for the fucking of a lifetime as Charles hadnt had a good fuck in over a week so when Edward dropped his pants Charles was on him and deep in him within a matter of minutes. Edward did his best to keep up with Charles during the scene and after the scene he told us that he had never before in his life been rammed that hard by and of his sexual encounters and Edward has been around the block so thats saying a lot.

Super Cute Daddies

Posted by Admin on May 23rd, 2016 in Super Cute Daddies

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No Gray - No Play

Posted by Admin on May 21st, 2016

The DVD "No Gray - No Play" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes features daddies having hardcore sex with their admirers..

The first scene features a hot latino admirer by the name of Diego - Diego is the typical latin lover and he takes great pride in making sure his daddies every need is pleasured. It just so happens that both Diego and his playdaddy Derrick are cracy about playing with and eating precum so after a bit of cock sucking they get down to having fun with precum.. Diego sits on top of Derrick and begins to feed him his own precum as they play and kiss.

After the precum play Diego starts to fuck Derrick from behind and after a good fuck they switch to another position where Derrick rides on top of Diego and he rides him hard for a good long time then they switch positions again and this time Derrick is placed on his back on the couch with his legs spread to allow Diego to truly work on his ass all the while they eat the precum from Derricks cock.

Finally Diego pulls out and goes to Derricks head, does a few quick strokes and delivers his hot man juice on Derricks face and mouth.

The second installment on this DVD is a very hardcore scene featuring Edward and a daddy named Charles.. Now Edward we have seen before as he gets fucked by Chucks fat cock in Daddy's Play Room but this is the first DVD that features Charles but dont worry, we will be seeing plenty of him in other titles from Mature Gay DVDs as he is in at least 3 of their titles.

The scene starts out with Charles and Edward sitting on a white leather couch and Edward gives Charles a good round of oral satisfaction to get things going. The blowjob starts with Charles sitting and then decides to take it like a man standing up as his cock gets ready for fucking he gets behind Edward and bents him over the couch and fucks him hard and long from behind.as its time to change position Edward is put on his side on the couch and Charles gets up behind him and this position allows him to truly work his cock deep into Edwards willing asshole and Edward is fucked so hard you can basically see his eyes change color from blue to brown - it is clear to anyone who have watched this scene that Edward loves a good rough hard fuck where a big dick is hammered into his ass with full force and Charles is doing just that. Edward wants to be on top too and gets up and rides Charles' dick to the root while jerking on his own piece of man meat.

In the final installment of the scene Edward is put on his back on the couch and charles works his ass from above getting some real power behind the thrusts again and going just as deep as before and Edward takes a good pounding untill Charles pulls out and blows his load all over his ass, cock and balls.


Marine Surprise

Posted by Admin on May 20th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

I wrote this almost 2 years ago and now I feel it's time to let you read it.


MFM, MMM, military, surprising situations

My buddy and I had a couple of weekend passes, but there was a small problem. Neither of us had enough money for a hooker.Joe solved that by suggesting we share a bitch between us.We had done it before and it worked out alright. There are just things you have to accept and other things to avoid with two big marines in bed with one woman.I mean, we both can't fuck her at the same time, but also we both shoot huge loads so we're going to be getting each other's cum on us.And sweat and spit.I'll kiss her and then Joe, so he will almost be kissing me.And if I eat her pussy, I'll probably be drinking some of Joe's cum.

These are just some things that happen and you got to be ready for them.

So we go to our favorite off base bar and started cruising the women.This is an active night with lots of tits and tight asses in short skirts.But when they hear that we both are gonna fuck the same one, you should see the looks we get.We are both big chested, slim waisted, big cocked Marine manstuds. And of course good looking to boot.I guess none of these women thought they could handle us both.

It almost looked as though we were going to be left high and dry but then someone whispered in my ear about a new crazy bar just down the road.Chicks and guys all dancing on the bars, any kind of scene we could imagine.Maybe Joe and I would luck out yet.

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Admirer Getting Nailed By Daddy

Posted by Admin on May 18th, 2016 in Hot Free Sites

Mike And Sherwin

Posted by Admin on May 17th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Riding Daddys Cock Hard I have always wondered what the heck was up with the glass' in this scene. Not like they add anything mysterious or sexy to the picture but at least they dont take anything away from the younger models abbility to take a cock up his ass so guess thats a good thing The mature model here is one sexy beast for sure, great smile, sexy body and silver hair and fury chest to match. Watching him getting riden like a bull at a rodeo is amazing and he thrusts and moves with the action like a champion bull rider for sure!

Super Cute Daddies

Posted by Admin on May 16th, 2016 in Super Cute Daddies

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1 Strike

Posted by Admin on May 15th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I'm an umpire, right? In the Big Leagues. I did my time in the minors. I'm a pretty young umpire and I think I look pretty good. I've got the required beginnings of a pot belly coming on, but I also have some muscles and some height and some chest hair and a nice cock and basically a cute face with a nice dark mustache and nice dark hair.

Yeah, I think I look all right (especially if you compare me to the other umpires). I might be young for an umpire, but I've been doing it for a while now and I know the Game. So I was ready when ol' Valentine started screaming his head off about some blocking-the-line bullshit and started kicking up dust and barging straight for me from the dugout. His low voice always surprises me--such a deep voice that, if wasn't coming out of Bobby's mouth, would be very intimidating. I stood my ground for a second but then, just to show him who was boss, took a few slow steps towards his rushing-bull figure and planted my feet. He stopped a foot away from me, still shouting about something that I was not about to pay attention to, though the umpire half of my brain was methodically rattling out the reasons why Bobby Was Wrong. This really pissed him off, like smug umpires usually do, so he shoved himself even closer to me. His face was pretty red and his teeth were kind of showing through in a snarl--that's how angry he was. If it isn't obvious already, we really enjoy this shit (nationally televised too!).

Victor And Cruz

Posted by Admin on May 14th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Victor Enjoys A Good Cuban Out clubbing with some of his friends Victor spotted a hot young boy from across the room and just knew he had to have him no matter what so he spent the entire night romancing this cuban hottie and finally got Cruz to go home with him. Safely back at his place with his catch for the night Victor went to work on Cruz' young boyish body taking full advantage of his cocksucking abilities and making sure to rim his young hole to warm it up for things to come and it was probably a good thing as Victor ended up fucking this young tight hole for 2 hours straight blowing his load 2 times in the process.

Hot Daddies And Horny Studs

Posted by Admin on May 13th, 2016

The DVD "Hot Daddies And Horny Studs" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. In the first scene we get to see latino super stud Diego pleasure Daddy Dave and in the second scene we see Daddy Gerrett fuck his boyish admirer Justin - now this is one freaking hot scene that will leave you totally drained for cum and once you have it in your collection you will be viewing and re-viewing it time and time again..

Anyways back to the scene with latino super stud Diego and the daddy with all the tattoo's Daddy Dave. At first glance you might not think that Dave is anything special but dont let your eyes or first impressions fool you.. Dave is a hardcore power bottom that really likes getting ink under his skin.. Now you can like or dislike this trent/fad that is going on right now with everyone getting inked but with the work done on Daves leg you will have to give the man credit.. That is one big ass snake he has there... Yes yes, i babble on i know, fuck it lets get to the action part of the scene..

If you have checked out Mature Gay DVDs collection earlier on you will notice that Diego is back for his second scene and with a new daddy, well the first one was great as Diego and Derrick played around with the precum etc so if you are into this and/or latino studs you should check out that DVD review too..

In this one the action begins with Dave giving Diego some oral action and after a good round of oral pleasure Diego places Dave in the sling and gets to work on his ass - now Diego might not be hung like a horse but he sure does manage to give Dave a good pounding using the sling to the best of his abilities..

After the ass pounding in the sling Diego takes a seat in the sling, leans back and lets Dave work on yet another round of oral action and after a bit of that Diego gets up and takes the blowjob standing like a true man! After this its down on the floor for Dave and Diego as they switch through different positions untill finally Diego blows his load on Daves Chest..

Now as i said in the opening part of this review the second scene on this DVD is one of the best i have ever seen and i must admit that i keep going back and re-watching Gerrett slamm his man meat into his boyish admirer Justin again and again, there are some great parts in this scene if you just want some raw hardcore action to do a quicky jerk off thats for sure..

Now the scene starts out with Justin sucking on Gerretts cock as he is wearing a cowboy hat and some very tiny panties - they then change position so Justin can suck some cock as Gerrett rims his ass good and deep preparing it for the hammering to come and in an effort to test out if his ass is ready he sits on top of Gerretts hard ready cock and rides up and down a bit but Gerrett wants to work a bit more on his ass with his tongue and fingers so he puts Justin on his back and in a 69 position he basically throat fucks Justin as he works his fingers and tongue in and out of the boys ass.

When Gerrett feels Justin is ready for the mounting he is put on all fours and in one fluid motion Gerretts cock is in his ass to the root as Gerrett start to work his cock in and out of Justins ass going deeper and faster with every thrust you can clearly see that both Justin and Gerrett are into the rough sex - Justin enjoys being taken as the little nasty ass boy he is and Gerrett loves to show any admirers that he knows how of truely fuck a boy as only a seasoned and experienced mature gentleman can..

As the pace picks up Justin is pressed flat on the bed as Gerrett puts all his weight into pounding his hard dick deep into his ass and at one time it almost looks like Justin is passed out from the relentless hard pounding his ass it taking but as you can hear him moaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure its clear that he is just truely enjoying getting his ass fucked by a mature man.

The scene comes to an end as Gerrett pulls out of Justins ass just in time for us to see him blow his load all over and into his buttcrack - not exactly an internal cumshot but very freaking close and watching Gerretts juices run down Justins buttcrack is so damn hot but hey, with the pounding his ass too its only fair that Gerretts try and soothe it with some natural made lotion..

This scene is one of the very best i have ever watched and i must admit that whenever i need a quick jerk off session i put this DVD on as the scene with Justin and Gerrett simply does the trick for me..


Grateful Middle Age

Posted by Admin on May 12th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Allow me to briefly tell you about myself, and why I am so grateful to him. I am in my mid 40's, and somewhat overweight. I have not yet come out, and therefore I am still in a marriage of convenience.

A little over a month ago I was at an adult bookstore just looking, and there he was: a very good looking young man with the most captivating eyes. He was looking at the heterosexual videos, so I thought "NO CHANCE". Yet wherever I wondered he seemed to be there as well. So I was thinking, "Straight, but likes to have an occasional man."

We met and decided to get a motel room. He ran to the front office and ran back to the room. Ahh, to be young I thought. We barely got in the door and he had his tongue down my throat, and his hands down my pants. To be honest, my hands went from his firm ass to his package, and oh what a package it was. I dropped down to my knees and undid his pants. His cock was a little more than 7 inches with about average thickness. He was completely shaved. This kid was no heterosexual. I could not get enough of his cock and balls. Even though I was taller and bigger than he was, he guided me to the bed and unzipped my pants. Now I am average sized, 6.5 inches, but surely much thicker than most. He did things to my balls that just blew me away, so to speak. The way he licked the sides of my balls and flicked his tongue over my sac. From there he started giving me the best head I have ever had, and I have had a lot of head during my secret life.