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The Bed

Posted by Admin on February 24th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Chuck Destroys Andres Ass Claiming that Daddy Chucks cock is above normal in girth simply wouldnt do it justice as its one of the fattest meatiest cocks i have ever seen a swordsman wield and i think the size of this piece of meat completely took Andres by surprise.. Chucks cock is so big that Andres had problems fitting it in his mouth and the more he sloppered on Chucks cock the thicker it got so when it was time for Chuck to fuck Andres it was a real moster of a cock and Andres did his best to accomidate this meat monster but there was a very thin line between the pleasure of getting fucked and the pain of having a giant mature cock in his ass.

Kenneth And Blake

Posted by Admin on February 23rd, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Hot Daddies In Suits After a hot day at the office nothing beats getting down and dirty with that hot co-worker that you always dreamed about having hardcore sex with. Kenneth and Blake used to just exchange hungry glances and the occational handshake but one day they simply couldnt resist their urges anymore and acted on their lust for each other.

Hunter And Charles

Posted by Admin on February 19th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Matures Fucking Outdoors From what i have been told this is the only scene ever shot with Daddy Charles where he bottoms. Normally we see him hammering his cock into the ass of some lucky boy but in this scene he gets his ass fucked by Hunters big cock and from the looks of it he is enjoying the experience of getting fucked just as much as he does fucking younger admirers. Both models are hot as hell and prime examples of mature men having fun and enjoying some great sex, sucking each others cocks, rimming and fingering each others ass before getting into the hot switching action of fucking each other silly.

Mark Jerking Off

Posted by Admin on February 16th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Fat Daddy Jerking Off Outside Sexy fat daddy in this scene or perhaps he is only chubby but i guess its personal taste as to where you draw that line, i must admit i find him not no matter if you see him as fat or hot, his grey beard and chest does it for me and the fact that he has a bit of extra meat on his bones just means you have a bit more to love ;) Sometimes solo scenes can be a bit tame but this one i really enjoyed as not only does he give his ass a good working over with the dildo but his way of pushing the dildo out and then riding it while he jerks off is hot..

Stuffing Simon

Posted by Admin on February 14th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

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Sean And Thom

Posted by Admin on February 13th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Amateur daddy and lad action! I love it when hot real life couples go at it and its clear that these guys are at least friends with benefits as they sure know how to puch each others buttons and take the action to the limit. Shot in Australia this scene shows us that hot lads and sexy mature daddies are getting into the action all over the world and no matter where they are the action is hot, the young guys sexy and the daddies a handsome gray.

Rich's Workout

Posted by Admin on February 12th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Two Mature Fuck Buddies If you are looking for a great scene to enjoy while doing a quicky tug jub on your own slong this scene will appeal to you for sure as not a second is wasted doing something other than showing 2 hot mature guys going at it like sex starved teenagers. So not only have they optimized the experience by cutting away all the annoying dribble but they have put 2 very experienced men in the scene and they know exactly what the idea is and delivers a hot raw fuck scene where the bottom gets his ass rammed deep and hard by an experienced mature man and they are both loving the experience and i must admit i loved watching it.

Johnny Jerking Off

Posted by Admin on February 11th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Johnny Fondling Himself WOW just freaking WOW - is this guy a mature guy or not ? He looks old enough to be my great-grandfather and he might be just a little too old for some people but i think its super cool that he still has the sexual drive to play with himself fondling and tugging on his meat, playing and pinching his nipples and fingering his asshole.. Due to his age his mobility is a bit impaired but the way he clearly enjoys the tug session tells me that his days as a sexually active mature gentleman are far from over.

Mike And Sherwin

Posted by Admin on February 5th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Riding Daddys Cock Hard I have always wondered what the heck was up with the glass' in this scene. Not like they add anything mysterious or sexy to the picture but at least they dont take anything away from the younger models abbility to take a cock up his ass so guess thats a good thing The mature model here is one sexy beast for sure, great smile, sexy body and silver hair and fury chest to match. Watching him getting riden like a bull at a rodeo is amazing and he thrusts and moves with the action like a champion bull rider for sure!

Matt Jerking Off

Posted by Admin on February 4th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Bald Hairy Daddy Jerking Off Good jerk off scene featuring a hot bald daddy with a nice thick cock.. It looks like he really enjoys himself in this scene fingering his hole, playing with his nipples and balls as he jerks his thick cock off. I would love to see his guy in a scene with a hot young admirer he could pump full of his creamy juices but untill i find that i will continue to come back to this solo jerk off from time to time just to enjoy his energy and hot looks.

Charles And Edward

Posted by Admin on February 1st, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy Charles Destroys Edwards Ass Charles simply loves fucking younger guys and with his personality and good looks he has not problem finding young guys to fuck and we where luck enough to catch up with him as he was about to get a good fuck session going with Edward. Little did Edward know that he was in for the fucking of a lifetime as Charles hadnt had a good fuck in over a week so when Edward dropped his pants Charles was on him and deep in him within a matter of minutes. Edward did his best to keep up with Charles during the scene and after the scene he told us that he had never before in his life been rammed that hard by and of his sexual encounters and Edward has been around the block so thats saying a lot.

Hank And Maverick

Posted by Admin on January 30th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy's ass is open for business! Holy shit, look at the size of that dildo! This daddy has trained his ass for some time using bigger and bigger dildo and buttplugs to be able to take this size dildo. No wonder the boy looks on in wonder, he is probably thinking "how the hell do i fill out that big ass hole" but as the daddy shows him there is a way to fix this by taking both the dildo and his younger lovers dick in his ass. If i had a hat it would be off to the youngster in this scene as he managed to satisfy his daddy's needs against all odds and you must admit they are at hot couple and well worth watching in action.

The Jerk Off

Posted by Admin on January 29th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy Jerking His Fat Meat Chances are that if you have watched a few mature movies you have see Daddy Chuck or German Daddy as he is sometimes called in action hammering his fat thick cock into some lucky recievers mouth and ass however he does know how to have fun on his own too as he shows in this video.. Playing with the sunscreen and smearing it all over his body as he gets ready to catch a few rays simply gets to be to much and he has to jerk off before sunbathing so thats what he is doing and in the end he blows his hot load all over the wooden deck by the pool.

Lewis And Little John

Posted by Admin on January 21st, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Fat Daddy Gets His Ass Fucked Ok, ok, the images for this scene doesnt really do it justice as there is way more hardcore action in the scene than what we show here so if you enjoy watching a big fat daddy getting his ass rammed by a petit lad with a nice cock then you should preview this scene as its hot as hell Little John, well thats the name of the mature model in this scene, takes good care of his young friend making sure to warm him up with some fondling, passioned kissing, cock sucking and tugging before inviting him to take full advantage of his ass and the lad doesnt need that offer extended twice as he jumps right on the task and gives Little John what can only be described a are thorough ass fucking.