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Tom And Sebastian

Posted by Admin on January 13th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Tom And The Rent Boy The mature model in this scene looks to be a truly seasoned gentleman sporting some wrinkles on his handsome face and gorgeous silver grey hair and to complete everything he has a thick long hard cock to boot so the rent boy he called over to fuck gets to work for his money as it appears the mature gentleman really knows how to plow a hole. The rent boy takes the thick mature cock like a true champ and keeps grinding away at his mature clients cock till he blows his creamy load deep inside his ass.

Among Friends

Posted by Admin on January 11th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Mature Fuck Buddies If there was ever a cock sucking championship i am sure that the mature model, Eric, would have a good chance of making it to the finals as he truly enjoy sucking Richs cock but perhaps thats just because he know he is in for a good fuck when the cock is ready. The other mature model, Rich, brings a full round of service to Eric as payment for the great cocksucking experience and no only does he sit on Erics cock for a bit letting him feel the joy of penetration but he also give a good tugjob while fucking Erics cock hungry hole.

Big Jack And Ed

Posted by Admin on January 9th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Real Life Mature Couple Getting Down To Business Sometimes in porno scenes the chemistry can be fantastic even if the models dont know each other before getting into the action but in this scene the chemistry between the two mature models is taken to an entirely different level as they are a real life mature couple and their passion for each other shine through in every aspect of the scene. I am not sure that this scene represents the way they normally spend their quality time together but the action in this video is hot, good mix between forplay, kissing, sucking, jerking, rimming before getting into the hardcore part of the action where Big Jack fucks his partner Ed in a couple of different ways before letting Ed ride his cock to completion.

Josh And Kenny

Posted by Admin on January 5th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Hairy Admirer Gettng Some Daddy Action This scene starts out with the daddy taking good care of his hairy and sexy admirer by sucking on and jerking off his tool making sure its good and hard before rimming his ass and licking his ball sack. To return the favor his admirer gives the the mature ass a good work over warming it up with a dildo before he starts hammering away at it with his cock while jerking off the daddy cock.

Dave And Diego

Posted by Admin on January 4th, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Mature Guy And His Latino Admirer It doesnt look like this daddy has any hair on his body except ofcourse for the hair on his head and perhaps just the tiniest bit down around his dick but no hairs on arms or legs where as his younger latino admirer has a hairy chest, arms and legs so its the hairy young guy fucking the smooth and hairless mature guy.. The scene is great and shows that if you have the room for it installing a sling for when you have friends over for a fuck might not be all that bad idea as it can really improve the experience and allow the top to go deeper and harder than he would normally have been able to do without the help of the sling..

Al And Karl

Posted by Admin on January 3rd, 2017 in Free Daddy Pictures

Dildo And Jerk Off Alphozo loves to spice up his jerk off sessions, lightly binding his own legs and cock and stuffing his two headed yellow dildo up his ass as he jerks off. Sometimes his room mate will join in the fun and help him get the most out of the long yellow dildo by forcing it deeper in to his ass or fucking him with it as he jerks himself to completion.

ThomDaddy And Rusty

Posted by Admin on December 31st, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Sexy silverfox takes a dick up the ass! ThomDaddy has made quite a few scenes for maturegaydvds.com and i must admit i love watching this hot silverfox in action, wether it be in a solo scene or as here where he gets a guy to play with. Personally i would have liked the admirer to be a few years younger but perhaps thats just my personal preferrence showing ;) - One thing is sure, you cant say that Rusty, the admirer, doesnt bring the action and full service to this scene as he really puts in an effort making sure that ThomDaddy doesnt leave without having both spewed his load and been on the recieving end of a hot bucket of jizz!

Frinds With Benefits

Posted by Admin on December 27th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Silverdaddy And His Mature Lover Holy holy crap what a couple of sexy mature men and boy do they bring passion to this scene. The fact that they are real life buddies makes the passion shine through. They act like its just another saturday night at home and this really makes the scene stand out and makes the viewing experience a true pleasure. Having done this many many times before they know just how to puch each others buttons and keep the energy going, 69ing each other and putting in a bit of dildo play to warm up the ass hole for the cock to come and when they take turns fucking each other its hard to keep from climaxing when you watch this scene.

Hank And Lance

Posted by Admin on December 25th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy likes the action! If you have seen the other scene featuring this daddy you will know that he has trained his ass to handle any size in buttplugs, dildos and dicks but he does seem to enjoy the action and cock skills his younger admirer has in the bedroom as his ass gets worked over in different sexual positions. The admirer in this scene had never been with a mature gentleman before but from the looks on his face when he spews his hot load its sure to say that this wasnt his last mature man and we later found a profile on a dating site where he was looking for action under the name of "no gray - no play"

Pleasing Daddy Rich

Posted by Admin on December 24th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Two Silver Daddies Fucking Two super hot sexy silverdaddies - one is very fit and well trained showing off his perfect tan and where the other is a bit more on the chubby site and clearly hasnt been spending too much time in the sun or tanning salon but he is still a very sexy mature gentleman that i am sure many of us would love to fuck the shit out of. Well we might not get the chance to tap that for ourselves but then we can atleast be happy that we get to enjoy this hot scene showing just how well his ass did get tapped by Rich. Richard, the pale one, puts a monster of a blowjob on Rich to get things started and then offers up his ass for the fucking and when Rich is close to comming Richard goes back to sucking his lovers nice cock totally drains his balls and not wasting a drop in the process.

The Sling

Posted by Admin on December 21st, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Chuck Fucks Edward In The Sling Daddy Chuck is a veteran within the porno industry and have fucked plenty of lads over the years but few have been able to accept his huge cock like Edward does in this video. Being a veteran Chuck knows how to take full advantage of the sling and no matter how Edward is placed he uses the slings natural motion to ram his big fat mature cock into Edward, at first giving him a deep hard throat fucking and then going to work on Edwards ass smalling it all into him and going balls deep with every thrust.

Daddy's Boy

Posted by Admin on December 18th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddys Sweet Virgin Boy I dont think the lad in this scene has been in a lot of pornos before doing this scene as he takes his every que from the mature guy in the scene and i must admit that on some levels thats sooo hot. A new lad being turned to the daddy side of things and experiencing first hand that sex with mature men can be quite the eye opener to new hights of a sexual high. In the end though the lad gets over his shyness and puts his dick to good use fucking this attractive older man through a few different positions before putting his spunk deep in his older teachers welcomming ass.

Joe And Sherwin

Posted by Admin on December 16th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddies Passioned Boy Toy This scene is so filled with the true passion between a super sexy silverdaddy Joe and his younger admirer with a twinkest body that you hardly noticed that they dont start fucking untill you are 25 minutes into the movie. All their passion, kissing, licking, tugging and rimming just makes your blood boil and makes your juices ready to fly. When they do start fucking and Sherwin climbs on top of Joes cock, riding him hard while shifting his own gears the scene gets complete and is a brilliant example of passion between a silverdaddy and his admirer.

Jessee Jerking Off

Posted by Admin on December 12th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Big Cocked Daddy Jerking Off Nice cock on this older guy, looks like he need both hands to be sure to stroke the shaft from top to bottom. Often big long cocks are bent to either the right or the left but this piece of prime beef looks to be straight which is nice to see for a change.. In the scene he also spends some time playing around with the buttplug he has up his ass and it must give him great pleasure as he leaves it in as he gets on the floor to finish up his jerk off session.