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My Buddys Son

Posted by Admin on February 4th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It had been almost twenty-five years since I had seen Jimmy. We had been stationed in the same unit in the army for about six months. I had an immediate attraction to him because he was so good looking, well built but not overly and hung like a horse with low hanging balls. I knew I liked men but also knew that to make a wrong move in the army would have dire consequences. He didn't go out with girls because he had a sweetheart back home he was going to marry when he got out in six months. That was perfect for me because I wanted to spend all my free time in his presence. I had told him a partial truth, saying that I had just gotten a "Dear John" letter from a girl I deeply loved and wasn't ready for other women at this time. The actual truth was a girl I had dated some at my last base had dumped me because I wasn't passionate enough in sex. My heart just wasn't in it and I knew why. I wanted men but was too afraid to do anything about it. I was stuck with my fantasy world and Jimmy was the right person to fill it. He was perfect for me and I gave him a buddy to hang with, without women to tempt him.

Marks Next Day

Posted by Admin on February 1st, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Here it is Saturday morning. I woke before Mark did. I was just lying there looking at him and thinking how nice he looks. I noticed he had a smile on his face. I was wondering what he was dreaming about. By the way his cock was standing out, it must have been some dream he was having. Mark wasn't the most handsome guy. But he did have a nice body and a great personality. I guess he took after his old man in those areas. He was beginning to wake up. He opened his eyes and said, "Good morning, Dad." "Good morning, son. Have a good night sleep?" "Oh, yeah, the best I have ever had." "You really must have been having a great dream there by the way your cock is standing up and oozing out cum."
"Oh, yeah, it was one hell of a dream. Dad. It was about you and me. But I am not going to tell you about it until you tell me about the bag in the shower."

"Well that will come later today. First we have to go to town and do some shopping. Ok? Get ready."

All the way to town he was bugging me about the bag. All I would tell him was, "You will see."

Teacher Dad And Son

Posted by Admin on January 23rd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Hello my name is Steven. I"m a 3.85 GPA student and I play sports. My dad Mike is always on my ass if I"m slacking in academics and in sports. He wants to make sure that I do the best that I can do everytime I"m in the class or on the field. I am 18 so I am a senior in high school. I"m very mature, I have loads of hair on my body. A nice patch in my pubic region, alot in my hole, I have chest hair but it"s still growing, and a fully grown region of armpit hair. My cock is about 6 inches when hard and I"m a virgin.

My dad is amazingly hot. He has a five o"clock shadow. Is very hairy from the neck down having a full grown chest hair and belly hair. I have not seen his cock but the bulges in his pants he gets are insanely huge. If I were to guess I would think a good solid 9 or 10 inches. He is divorced but I mainly live with my dad because my mom is a slut and gets wasted and fucked up like every night. I"m not sure if he is gay or not because the divorce hit him pretty hard which I don"t know why.

The Comming Out Party

Posted by Admin on January 21st, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

20 years had passed since my last sexual experience with a man. I have always been fascinated with transgenderism ever since I was a child. Over the years, I have always looked forward to the weekends when my wife goes to her mother's for some girl time. Typically, I will get all dressed up in a black lace teddy, stockings, and high heels with my brunette wig. I then will lay the entire bathroom out with cock sucking picks.

I then insert the wife's 7" vibrator deep in to my ass, light up a Virginia Slim 120 and jack off in my imaginary world of being a tranny slut. That's my favorite past time. Anyway,all these years of sexual frustration led me to silverdaddies.com which is basically a meat market for man love. It was there I met Darren. He was a 68 year old chubby bald guy who had been married for 50 years and was a good standing church member in the community. What the world didn't know was that Darren was addicted to man love. Darren told me about a group of his friends who got together every tuesday morning for what their wives thought was coffee and card games. On average, there was about 7 guys who showed up every tuesday morning and spent a few moments talking about what they were craving that day.

My Neighbors Husband

Posted by Admin on January 12th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When I was 17, some new neighbors moved in down the street. They were a young couple, probably in their mid-20s, and both quite attractive. I got along very well with them. I mowed their lawn a lot because David was an airline pilot and Teri was a former stewardess now substitute teacher in my grade.

The summer I turned 18 was great! I hung around David and we would sit late at night in their den, watch TV and drink beer. Once, he showed me a porno tape as he sat next to me on the couch. It had to do with incest, including a scene were a son and his father have sex and still horny they go after the wife-mother.

Being just 18, I couldn't stop the hard-on from tenting my shorts like a sledgehammer. The movie showed the son fucking his mother doggie-style and the dad coming up behind and butt-fucking the boy.

"That looks so hot!" David whispered to me, his lips so close I could feel his breath on my ear.

The next afternoon David left for a flight to the West Coast. I went over to mow the lawn and found Teri outraged over something.

Two Masters And Two Slaves

Posted by Admin on January 9th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Before I start my story , let me introduce myself . My name is Mike , I"m a 18 years old boy , very tall , athletic and good looking . I like visting sites where mature men aged 50 or 60 are in action with teenager guys aged 18 . My passion is seeing men bare butts , and being a slave for one or two men . I"m highly submissive . Here"s how my dream became true !!!

Everything began two months ago . I had a physics test but I didn"t do well at all . My physics teacher is a 52 years old single man , his name is Mr Kevin , fat but very handsome with his eyes color of sky and hair color of sun . The day of the results publication , Mr Kevin made fun of me in front of the class because of my grade which was a big ZERO ; he told the students : " Tall people like Mike are just stupid " , but I didn"t say anything and I liked the way he treated me without letting him know . After , he said : " Today at 6 p.m I want to see your father here at school , and god help you if you don"t tell him " . I said ok . It was Friday .

A Business Trip Encounter

Posted by Admin on December 28th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As I start this I need to clarify a few points. I am very much in the closet and no one who personally knows me, has any idea I am bi or really get excited when it comes to being around men. Other than a few encounters from when I was growing up, about 5 at rest areas, maybe 5 in college and one gay bath house experience, I have been totally straight acting. Being married and with a family and a great job, I was even extra careful not to do anything to screw these up. That is why this experience even surprised me as it happened, as I would worry about anyone I worked with finding out. With that said let me relate what happened.

Each quarter our company has training where we go somewhere out of town for a week. We leave on Sunday and return home Friday night and mix a lot of business and entertainment during the week as we have our nights off with the exception of some homework and projects. It is also a good time to socialize with others from all over the country.

On Sunday I was the first to arrive at the room. We double up as an expense savings. I like to get there early and get settled in and ready for the week. About 8 pm my roommate arrived. He was from the west coast and I was from Midwest so we did not know each other. He was 24 and had been with the company about 2 years and of course I was 42 and had been there almost 20 years so we did not have a lot in common, but that was part of the meeting process. Getting to know and learn from others. After quick introductions he said he was going to shower, as it had been a long day. After his shower he came out and had his towel around his neck and was completely nude. At prior meetings and with other roommates it seems like we all either wrapped towels around ourselves or slipped into our shorts in the bathroom so I was sorta surprised, but I also understand the younger generation does not have the inhibitions I grew up with. It did not seem to phase him in the least. He walked over grabbed his boxers and put them on and slid into bed. I only got a quick look but more than what I saw excited me, it was the thought I might get to see him again and what if? I sorta got a tingle in my crotch but then said, NO WAY he is too young and would laugh at an old guy like me.

I Know What I Want In Brussels

Posted by Admin on December 25th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

The best part of being 52 years old is that you know what you want, and you know how to get it.

Whenever I travel to Brussels, I try and stay in a particular business hotel near the city center. The rooms are fine, but the real attraction is swimming pool and sauna on the top floor. After a cold wet winter day, there's nothing better than some heat. Plus you get to see some skin. After being covered up in heavy clothes, coats, hats and gloves all day, the sight of bare flesh is somehow just that much more appealing.

After nearly a week of being in Brussels and the typical winter weather, an evening at the pool was definitely on the agenda.

I thought I'd start out with swimming a few laps in the pool. My military background instilled a work ethic in me and I liked to keep in shape. Over the years I've found a firm body helps you get what you want when it comes to man-to-man sex, and I'm all man - bald head, brown eyes, heavy beard stubble, hairy chest and legs, well-defined pecs, flat stomach, standing just under 6 feet tall and a solid 175 pounds.

Checking The Plumbing

Posted by Admin on December 20th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I am middle aged and love cock - the older I get the more I want a nice hard cock to suck and the younger the cock the better - for my age I still have a trim body and have a five and a half inch cock fully erect and I love to get it sucked - a good sixty-niner is my favourite.

My roof was leaking so I phone one of the local plumbers - I often fantasise about tradesmen in their tight shorts and singlets and when Tom the plumber turned up I was pleased to see he was youngish and had a nice body.

I showed him the roof where the problem was - my house is low set but he still needed his ladder and he told me to wait at the bottom while he got up and had a look - as he climbed the ladder I could not keep my eyes of his nicely rounded arse and muscular legs - his shorts were tight fitting but not real short but when he stood up on the roof I could still see some of his bare arse cheeks and what a nice bubble butt he had. He found where the leak was and stood on the roof now facing me and I could now see up the legs of his shorts and he was wearing white jocks and he seemed to have a nice tightly packaged cock and set of nuts.


Posted by Admin on December 18th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

If I didn't get a good fuck in before tomorrow evening, Tonya and I would be out of the medals for sure. We'd come to the Paris Grand Prix with good hopes of standing on the platform, but my timing was all off in the twists and throws we'd attempted in our practice session tonight, and I knew it was because I was so jittery from not getting my rocks off since we'd been at Skate Canada a couple of weeks ago. I'd hunted all over the skating rink yesterday and today, but none of my usual fuck buddies were here, and I had no idea where to cruise for a quickie in Paris.

I sent Tonya off the ice before our practice time was up, telling her I was just off this evening and there was no use taking a chance on her getting hurt during a botched throw. I told her I'd continue practicing jumps on my own, trying to get rid of the jitters so I'd be straightened out before our short program competition tomorrow night straightened out. That's what I needed to be, straightened out and then drained of cum before tomorrow night. But I couldn't tell Tonya that. She knew I swung that way, of course, but she didn't know how much I depended on sex to keep my strength and timing up.

My Former 8th Grade Teacher

Posted by Admin on December 17th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Hello, my name is Corey and this is a true story about an experience I had with my 8th grade teacher Mr. Cameron. When I was in middle school there was this really hot teacher Mr. Cameron. Some people said he was gay, but others said that was not true because he was married and had a son.

Since I was young I've always been very attracted to older men, and Mr. Cameron was very hot, I used to look for him everyday just to get a glance of him so I could fantasize about him all day then go home and jerk off. He was about 5'11", 200 pounds, white hair that at one time was blond, and blue eyes.

The first year in middle school he had a mustache then for the last three he shaved it off. He was so hot I used to wish I knew his son who was my age but went to a different school so I could maybe sleep over and get closer to Mr. Cameron. I had the year books for each year and used to look at the pictures of him and masterbate.

So in eigth grade I got lucky and got Mr. Cameron as my homeroom teacher. Every morning my body was on fire and my cock hard from just looking at him. I used to have endless fantasies about him being stressed out from teaching all day then I could give him a blow job while he sat at his desk in his shirt and tie, or him taking me to a motel to get naked and do everything.

Daddys Bitch Boy

Posted by Admin on December 8th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When you grow up on an army base the way my two brothers and I did, along with a military father and a mom who works all the time you learn to do things a certain way. You wake at the right hour; you brush your teeth in the right manner, your homework was done at the right time of day and in the right manner. There were very few things left for you to have to waist your time thinking about yourself. Between my father and older brothers my brain was only needed for homework and that was it. Mom, well I was a bit of a momma's boy I guess. When it came to me and Mom we had a bond where when no one else was around, just the two of us, it was my time, time when I could do what ever I wanted. Usually that was me doing nothing. There was so little nothing time growing up.

When I turned fifteen I had just said good-bye to what few friends I had bother to make on the base and packed my stuff for the new base in the deep south of the United States. It was hot, humid and looked almost the same as the past seven bases we had been on. A big difference was that there seemed to be a forest of huge trees that surrounded the base so all you saw was army green and natures green.

The Day I Met My Dad

Posted by Admin on December 7th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was walking along the road, a 20 dollar bill in my pocket and my travel bag on my shoulder, my head still echoing with the shouting of my Mom and our the meeting with my Bishop. Yes I was gay; yes--I knew what that meant for me, loosing my priesthood, loosing the temple access, and at the end being excommunicated from my church. Leaving the ward where I grew up, all my friends, especially Bill, my buddy Bill, rather Elder Thorresen, once my best friend. Bill Thorresen and myself grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same church, attended the MTC in Salt Lake at the same time, and, like if that wasn't enough for bonding us together, we did our two years mission together in Norway. So yes, Bill was my best buddy, and suddenly it seemed that this friendship was history...all our souvenirs erased because I openly admitted I was gay?

I just could not get all that crap out of my head, and here I was, my bag on my shoulders, heading to the bus station, without any destination in my head. See, Mom and Dad got divorced ages ago, Im not even sure exactly when. As long as I can remember, Ive always been with Mom. Ive got two sisters, almost my age, and Mom, being a teacher was working hard and took care of us all. Thanks to the Church structure, weve been able to grow in a so-called family surrounding. And yes, things were okay for a while. Church every Sunday, met some nice friends, the one I could share my feelings about life with...and I admit it--it kept me out of the street, the booze, drugs, the smoke and...sex.

The Making Of A Houseboi

Posted by Admin on December 6th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Ryan left school that day wondering, as he often did these days, what he would do with his life in a month. He had turned 18 in March, now it was May and graduation was a month away. He had made the controversial decision to forgo college -- at least for a year. He was always a decent student, but for Ryan, school was never his big thing. And he honestly just wanted to take some time off to have fun and relax. This set him apart from his friends at Sacred Heart High School, many of whom were enrolled in colleges next year.

Ryan has spent more time playing sports than studying in his four years at Sacred Heart. His focus on sports, especially swim and dive, had left him with a tight, toned body that made many of the girls at his school swoon. And at the mall, he was a favorite of gay men, since he was just about the perfect image of a twink.

His 58" frame was hard and slim: A visible six pack that drew attention at swim meets; strong shoulders; lean, tone arms and legs; and a beautiful, perky bubble butt that fit into his swim Speedo like a glove. He was blessed with soft, smooth skin, with just a bit of brown-blondish fuzz above his 7 inch cock, in his armpits and a faint circle of peach fuzz around the lips of his ultra tight butt hole. Add all that to his closely cut dirty blonde hair and green eyes, and Ryan turned a lot of heads.