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Dad Finally Fulfilled My Needs

Posted by Admin on June 27th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When I was 18, I walked into the bathroom and caught my Dad removing a cum-filled condom from his huge cock. His torpedo cock glistened with cum covering it. He threw the condom into the trash and left quickly. I took the rubber from the trash and there was a large load of cum in it. I put my tongue into it and sucked every drop of warm semen out of it. It was pungent and tasty. I was addicted to cum ever since.

When I was 19, my parents were out and I took the opportunity to invite my friend Hal over for hot sex. He had been fucking my ass for six months. I would first suck his mushroom shaped organ. I massaged his low hanging nuts and sucked with a sloppy saliva soaked motion on his hard dick until his man-milk would coat my tongue with above average loads of salty cum. This was my way of making him last longer as he fucked my anus with his warm tool.

After receiving a huge load of cream in my mouth, I laid flat on my stomach with my smooth ass up and lubed. I continued to keep the cum in my mouth to savor the taste. Hal laid over my naked ass and I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks. His cock was only 6 inches but was very thick. My anus opened slowly and I felt the cockhead entering me and spreading my hole open. It felt warm going into me and I flexed my anus upon the intruder to tighten my grip. Hal began plunging up my hole hard and fast. I moaned with pleasure and begged for more.

Happy Birthday

Posted by Admin on June 25th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Another birthday - Shit !

Of course as a child I loved birthdays, they were times of innocent excitement to be eagerly looked forward to: parties, friends, games, jelly and ice cream, presents, more presents, a wealth of magic and growing up.

Even as a young man They were great times, an excuse to party through an endless round of clubs and bars, returning home with a hang over good enough to last for days.

But now a birthday is just another grey milestone along the road towards the crematorium. Never mind one foot in the grave I am in there right up to my knees and sinking fast into the quagmire of old age.

True I still have a head of hair but it is definitely thinner than it used to be and now it has started to show signs of silver at the sides. I can no longer excuse myself by saying I have a beer belly - I am just fat ! But above all I swear my dick is getting smaller - honestly it is - shriveling up into old age. Erections have become fewer and those I do achieve are no where near as firm and strong as those of my now distant youth. Not that there is anything these days to get it up for ! I guess everything is rapidly returning to a prepubescent stage when it was nothing more than an instrument to pee through.

True Experiences

Posted by Admin on June 24th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Looking back, I can't remember the times I passed on the opportunity to have a great sexual encounter. I think about it now and wonder why I chickened out, or wasn't more aggressive when a situation presented itself.


The first time was when I was a young teenager. One of the twins that lived next door to me, it was rumored, by my older brothers, was giving blow jobs to two of his older cousins who were visiting his family for part of the summer. My brothers indicated they were doing even more.

Well one time the twin boy and I were playing around in our haystack and he started to feel me up. We wrestled around and he got my pants open. I had already gotten hard, and he rubbed it making me delirious with excitement. I got brave and started groping him as well. Soon he had me out and was playing with my erection. It felt fucking great having someone else's hand touching my prick.

I soon opened his pants and took him out too. We were about the same size although he was a year older than me. He started jacking me off and I did the same to him. It didn't take long for me reach my peek. He started to bend over me like he was going put his mouth on my pulsing dick, but I put my hand up and stopped him. Something I still regret to this day.

It Happened One Night

Posted by Admin on June 23rd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I had run the advertisement in the Tribune over the weekend and it read simply, 'Wanted roommate to share expenses of a large lakefront condo located at Lake of the Woods. Included is membership in the weight room, pool and spa. Contact Big Bear at 23-41109 after six o'clock in the evening." I had wanted to say male but the lady at the paper told me I couldn't specify white male because that was both sexist and racist and I could be sued. God I though the government is trying to tell me who I can live with as well as who I can sleep with. Now don't get me wrong, I have sucked enough black cocks in my time--no one would ever call me a racist, but well women that was another matter. My secretary had warned me that I was in for nothing but grief looking for a roommate.

When I got home after that advertisement ran, the answering machine was full and it was only five-thirty. As I began to monitor the messages, I was surprised at how many women had called and I was damn glad when I returned their call, most of them said they wanted a place with another woman. A few of them were outraged that I was a man--calling me a sexist pig. Then there were the fagots wanting to know and asking me what I looked like, and how much meat was I packing. Telling them I was studying to become a minister--that seemed to take care of them. Them some of them wanted to know how much the rent would cost, and when I told them they would just hang up.

The Mechanics Helper

Posted by Admin on June 20th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Stan was a widower about 60 years old, and was retired from his engineering job of 35 years six years when his wife suddenly died. Their two kids had long since moved away, and were secure in their own family lives ,and rarely had time to visit the folks, although they did keep in touch with Stan and Helen through long-distance calls, and later on, emails. Since Helen's death, Stan became kind of a loner.

He was not much of a joiner, although he was social, but not a party-guy. He mostly endured the social requirements, and was the butt of soft jokes at his lack of enthusiasm at most events he was forced to attend.There were the invites to dinner by the friends, and the lame attempts to get him 'hooked up' with this lady or that, all to no avail. Stan just wasn't interested, and gently let people know he wasn't interested. He would tell them he was a 'one-woman' man and that usually took care of that, so gradually, people learned that he really would rather be left alone. He was never rude, just distant, they said. Just wanted to be left to his own devices and do the kind of things he enjoyed.

The Exhibitionist

Posted by Admin on June 17th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

From my early teens, I always enjoyed fishing, and at one time I was very energetic and used a lot of that energy in trying to catch fish. I was about to reach my mid-forties and I had become lazy. I had found a fishing dock on a lake where I could set leisurely in a chair while fishing and I went there very often to fish from sundown to sun up when the weather was comfortably warm.

There was only one streetlight on the parking lot so the fishing dock was dark and fishermen would bring their Coleman lanterns to light up their selected fishing area. The dock attracted all kinds of characters who came to fish and I enjoyed stopping by and talking to these interesting men and women; in fact visiting with these people was as or even more enjoyable than actually catching fish!

The area was normally very crowded most of the time between sundown and mid-night when folk began to leave. By 1:00 am there would be probably no more than four people remaining and often they would have left within an hour or so if the fish were not biting. After everyone had gone, it would be very quiet when I would relish the solitude for the remainder of the early hours of the morning; I so enjoyed being out of doors on my own.

The Poker Game

Posted by Admin on June 16th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I arrived at Don's at 6:00, just as he had instructed. I didn't know what to expect, I'd never served as a poker waiter. I'd dressed in a white T-shirt and tight jeans and thought I looked good. I did want to make a good impression for my new boss and his friends, and after all, I was being paid to help him out. I walked in, patted Don on the back, and said "okay, what can I do?" He told me to cut up some meat and cheese and put them on a platter. As I was arranging the meat, I felt his meat against me. He said, "I'm not gonna be able to wait until everyone is gone." He reached around and unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them to the floor. "Good boy, no underwear," he commented as he shot some lotion in his hand from the kitchen counter and rubbed it on my eager pucker and then his cock. He bent me over the counter and shoved it in. "We don't have much time, but I really need you right now" as he pumped me hard and fast. I was loving it and tightened up on his cock, heard him moan, and felt his spunk start filling my ass. "That was too fucking good and too fucking fast, but I'll make up for it after everyone goes home tonight." I grabbed a paper towel to clean myself up, but before I could start, he said, get over here on your knees and clean me up." I licked and sucked his cock and balls clean until he told me to stop. I cleaned myself up, and headed to the bathroom to unload the cum that had just been shot in my ass. I came back to the kitchen, picked up my jeans and started to pull them on when he told me to leave them off, he had something else for me to wear and handed me a bag. I opened it to find a pair of leather shorts with slits up the sides, and a leather vest. He said, "put it on boy." I did as I was told. "Oh, you look hot, boy!" And, I felt hot. The leather fit my tight, lean body like a second skin and felt so good that my cock shot down and peeked out the leg hole.

On A Cruise

Posted by Admin on June 15th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

We came into my cabin. We had been sun bathing on the top deck of this cruise ship, and now it was time for something else.

I told Ray I'd better shower and he could join me if he wanted.

Suddenly he looked a bit shy like he wasn't sure this young man really would be interested in him if I saw him naked. But I was.

"Don't be shy, sweetheart," I said as I kissed him on the lips and started taking off my clothes.

Ray followed my lead and started undressing. Not that we had much on it had been a hot day in the Caribbean.

Ray is cute with his clothes on, but his naked body really turned me on. I had only met him this morning and this was the first time to see him nude.

He's beautiful.

Once naked, he looked at me and smiled at me. His smile is wonderful.

In we went, to the shower room, which wasn't very big so we ended standing right next to each other with very little space around us.

Therefore it was more natural for us to soap each other rather than ourselves. Soon it was more about kissing and fondling than getting clean.

Out Of Gas

Posted by Admin on June 13th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When I started driving, I recall my dad"s repeated warnings about keeping plenty of gas in my car. Well, as this 16-year-old sat on the gravel shoulder of a rather desolate foothill highway after running out of gas, the last thing I wanted to think about was my dad being right, as usual. It didn"t seem that I would have to worry about anybody coming along this road at 1 a.m., so I figured I might as well bunk in my car until daylight. It was mid-summer, so I left the windows down and tried to enjoy the faint breeze coming off the foothills.

All alone in the middle of nowhere, and nothing else to do, I figured it was as good a time as any to jack-off. I stretched out across the seat and leaned back against the passenger door, undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees. I could clearly make out my exposed cock and balls in the bright moonlight that shone through the windshield. I then started to pump my dick to hardness while I cupped my balls. Almost as soon as I settled in for a nice handfuck, headlights rounded the corner. "Wouldn"t you know?" I thought as I stopped beating my meat for a second. The truck passed me by very slowly, enough to make out the shadow of a lone driver behind the wheel. I could swear we made eye contact. It seemed as if it would continue on, hen came to a stop. Back-up lights came on, and the truck pulled to the side of the road in front of my car as I scrambled in the front seat to pull my pants back up.

Ben Takes My Cherry

Posted by Admin on June 12th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

You'd probably think that a forty-seven year old married man like me with two teenage kids would not be a reader of gay erotic stories on the Internet. But how wrong you'd be. I surf at each opportunity when my wife and kids are out of the way. I just love to feel my seven-inch cock getting hard when I read about all those lovely guys sucking and fucking each other.

I got married quite young. In those days, a church family like mine would never have accepted me as a gay guy. I just went along with the accepted way of life and settled down with an affectionate but not overly demanding young girl who wanted above all to be a mother. She's done a good job of bringing up our kids and I am very glad we had them.

I've had a few furtive gay sex experiences in my life but they never satisfied my yearning for a loving guy to caress and take care of. That's why I'm always reading romantic gay stories on the Net. They allow me to jack myself off with the picture of a horny loving couple in my mind.

Me And Jacob

Posted by Admin on June 3rd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Saturday nights are my favorite. I guess that sounds strange coming from a man in his late fifties. Many would figure that I spend Saturdays playing poker with old war buddies, reminiscing about the good old days over cold brewskies and cigars. I do that from time to time, so the neighbors would think I was just a happy-go-lucky bachelor that likes hanging with the guys. I've had to use my "Southern boy" charm to get myself out of several explanations. Because no matter where you live, people will still wonder why a guy your age has never been seen with a woman, let alone ever married to one. I've been doing pretty well for myself. But, it seems like the people are starting to talk. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. But, I've had to watch my back all the time, you see. After all, nobody knows that I like the warm company of another man. I can't imagine what my old buddies would think if they ever knew how many men I've sucked off.

Anyhow, the neighbors would have a good reason to finally talk now. I have been spending an awfully lot of time with my neighbor's son Jacob. We've been doing manly stuff like auto repair, electrical wiring, even weightlifting. I sometimes wonder, though, if they ever notice how much our arms actually rub together. How my hands slowly glide over Jacob's bicep as I pretend to show him how to lift correctly. Jacob's parents were actually surprised by his sudden interest in me. He was never the type to engage in the usual guy stuff, and his father seemed pleased when Jacob started hanging with a retired military man. I guess Jacob's father figured I could be a positive male role model. I have to admit that I find myself playing the role model. There are times when I feel obliged to teach Jacob the lessons of life, especially since I'm so much older. But, as we've grown to know each other, I find myself being the pupil far more often. He has actually taught me more lessons about masculinity, at least when compared to other men I've been involved with. Lying next to him in this squeaky bed, I feel energized, as if the greatest part of me is about to unravel.

The Auction

Posted by Admin on May 30th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Dad's boss Mr. Simon had organized a Charity Slave Auction to raise money for a new community swimming pool. The auction was to evolve only his company's male employee's and business associates that Mr. Simon had become aquainted with over the years. The Auction was scheduled for this coming Friday evening. All male employees were outfitted with tuxedos. Why only the male employees was because Mrs. Simon had organized her own benefit with the female employees, it was to be a competition. Male vs Female employees. If the males lost, they had to prepare supper for the ladies and vice versa for the ladies. So the ladies auction had garnered $250,000 in cash so we had to beat it to win so our work was cut out for us. Mr. Simon had requested that Dad and I be apart of the auction and what could Dad say to that. So we were to be auctioned off.

Now the rules of the auction were simple:

1. Male employees were to be auctioned off to the highest bidder

2. The winning bid had to pay up front for the employee.

Sauna Sex With Big Dominant Rugby Player

Posted by Admin on May 29th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

First off let me tell you a little about me. My name is Tony Im 5 ft 8 in, 13 stone 44c 33w mixed race and smooth. Ive always had a thing for big white guys, I had a couple of days off work from my job as a warehouse man, I was bored and horny so decided to take a trip down to London and visit a Sauna.

The train journey took a couple of hours upon reaching Liverpool St, my 9x6.25 uncut cock was already stretching my trunks. I arrived at the Sauna paid my money, and went off to get undressed, as I past the showers a big guy with a shaved head, bumped into me, he made his apologies and went off.

I got naked and put the towel on, and decided to have a look to see what talent was around the Sauna, I saw a couple of skinny guys and a few well built black and Asian guys, but they didnt really do anything for me so I decide to go to the gym, I did 10 minutes on the exercise bike, and then decide to hit the machines, I prefer working with free weights but this gym only had machines so I had to make do.

Begging For Daddy

Posted by Admin on May 23rd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As I was stroking my fat cock I stared at the vein that was throbbing with each down stroke. My head tilted up and I looked at the flat screen that was playing some hott gay porn that was blasting in my room. It was of a forty-year-old strapping man pounding his long tanned cock into a screaming twink that was moaning to high heaven. The twink looked like he was running from the man as he was being slammed but every time he would move towards the headboard the man would grab him by the hips and pull out his cock till you could only see the purple head of his throbbing cock and slam it violently into his the boys ass.

As the guy fucked him faster my hand would stroke in time to eachthrust until my hand was a blur and my eyes rolled back into my head. Icould feel my balls tighten; my dick grew a little thicker and knew I thatI was about to shoot another super load onto my chest. I felt my toes curland could feel the load building up in my balls. I grabbed my balls andmade a ring so I can shoot harder and higher load. I let out a hiss from mylips and felt the first spurt shoot out and arc high in the air that hit myheadboard. The next flew out and hit my forehead followed by seven morethat hit my face to my belly bottom including one juicy one that shootright down my throat.