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Grandpas Frist Time

Posted by Admin on July 30th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I'm 64 years old and have been married and divorced twice. I had a few minor homosexual experiences when I was in my early twenties and in the army, but went on to date girls and eventually married a beautiful young woman. We had a son and a daughter, but when the oldest one was about ten years old my wife left me for another man, and took the kids. I lived alone for two years and then met someone who was living in my apartment house. We married and had a daughter. The marriage lasted three years. I left this time. Now, after all these years, I have three grandchildren and I live alone in a walk-up apartment in Manhattan.

If you know Manhattan you know that you can order food at almost any time of day or night, and whatever kind you want. About three months ago I called for a delivery of Sushi, which I've come to love. About 30 minutes later the doorbell rang and the delivery person arrived with my order. He was a boy in my eyes, perhaps 25 years old, somewhat Asian looking, with the smoothest skin imaginable. His smile was magnetic. I paid him but before he left he asked me if I could allow him to use the bathroom. I said of course, and showed him where it was.

Me Nad Mr Jones

Posted by Admin on July 22nd, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As I sit here alone on a rainy Halloween night, I scan the club to see if there is anyone worth approaching. The entire place is illuminated by green lights, with white spotlights around the stage, and melted dry ice provides a feeling of classic spookiness.

Shall I describe what I am seeing on the dance floor? There are men of all ages crowding the dance floor, and the disco band has kept the music pumping. I enjoy watching all of the guys iron their sweaty bodies against each other. The enormous mirror ball casts small hints of light on gaudy costumes, and warlike face paintings. Leather flanks worn by butch men expose slivers of damp flesh, and practically absorb much of the glint. Scantily clad wallflowers enjoy the random company of men closest to them. The grotesque set pieces are largely ignored as ravenous men tear them down in the heat of passion. From where I am sitting, the smell of musk imbues the air, and my desire for a man skyrockets. As the vapor of dry ice continues to spread, I can see silhouettes of bodies amalgamating, and my memories start to creep.

Tale With A Twist Cinder Albert

Posted by Admin on July 19th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Once upon a time, long ago in a faraway kingdom lived a poor, orphaned step-son, Albert, of an evil stepfather and his two equally evil sons. The stepson's daily task was to clean the fireplace (since there was no central heating in those days), and so he became known as Cinder-Albert, or Cinder-al, for short. Cinder Albert had to do all the chores of the mansion while his step dad and stepbrothers partied and abused him. He was usually required to perform his daily chores in the nude, since his stepfather refused to buy him any clothes and his stepbrothers refused to share theirs clothes with him. As he cooked and cleaned, his step dad and step brothers would heap their insults on him, taunting him about his large endowment hat would swing freely between his legs.

He was not permitted to touch himself, and often would get hard while cleaning and cooking for the other three. This would aggravate the jealous stepbrothers, whose endowments were not as large, until one day they persuaded their stepfather to place a ring through the head of CinderAl's cock, and tie it down to a special lock that was chained to a large and heavy ball that he would have to carry around. (They feared one day he might run away.) And so they hatched their plan.

True Experiences

Posted by Admin on July 11th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Looking back, I can't remember the times I passed on the opportunity to have a great sexual encounter. I think about it now and wonder why I chickened out, or wasn't more aggressive when a situation presented itself.


The first time was when I was a young teenager. One of the twins that lived next door to me, it was rumored, by my older brothers, was giving blow jobs to two of his older cousins who were visiting his family for part of the summer. My brothers indicated they were doing even more.

Well one time the twin boy and I were playing around in our haystack and he started to feel me up. We wrestled around and he got my pants open. I had already gotten hard, and he rubbed it making me delirious with excitement. I got brave and started groping him as well. Soon he had me out and was playing with my erection. It felt fucking great having someone else's hand touching my prick.

I soon opened his pants and took him out too. We were about the same size although he was a year older than me. He started jacking me off and I did the same to him. It didn't take long for me reach my peek. He started to bend over me like he was going put his mouth on my pulsing dick, but I put my hand up and stopped him. Something I still regret to this day.

Dads Into Leather

Posted by Admin on July 1st, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

A little about me, and then I will get to the good stuff. I'm 18, 5'9, 155lbs, good shape and a track star at school. I live with my dad. He is a great guy, tough but fair. My mom has never been in the picture, and dad has raised me on his own. I have known my whole life that I was gay, so I guess I'm pretty lucky. Mostly, I have always been attracted to older guys; teachers at school, coaches, and especially my dad. My dad is in amazing shape. 6'3" broad shoulders, hard hairy pecs, thick arms, and flat stomach. Ever since puberty hit, I have had the hots for him.

So now to the good stuff. It was a Saturday about a month ago when everything began. I was enjoying a day where I didn't have to wake up and go to school. I got out of bed around 9:30 am with a raging hard on. I went downstairs and found that I had the house to myself. My dad usually works Saturday mornings, so I knew I had some time to play. Lately I have been going into my dad's bedroom and laying in his bed to jerk off. Sometimes I would pick up a sweaty jock or a pair of his underwear and sniff them as I jerked. I had got the idea from reading a story like this online, and found it to be very hot.

My New Toy

Posted by Admin on June 19th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I had just gotten transferred from the New York office to a Podunk little town in Eastern Washington. Full of farms and hicks I was like a fish out of water. Having lived in New York most of my life I was used to night clubs and easy men, especially hot twinks. The house that I chose was in a quite neighborhood near the out skirts of town. It had a large yard with a privacy fence and nice pool and patio.--perfect for parties. The house was quite modern. Large rooms, high ceilings, and again, plenty of privacy from the road.

The next door neighbors had a son that was no older than 18. Turns out he had just had his birthday. He was short, thin, and toned. He was a hottie. I was out doing yard work when he came over wearing nothing but tight shorts. "Hey. Mind if I take a swim?", he asked. "Sure", I said, "for a price."

"Name it. This heat is killing me."

"Well, as you can see I have a shit load of yard work to do, so if you help me you can cool off with a swim. I even have some freshly made iced tea in the house."

Uncle Ralph

Posted by Admin on June 17th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I arrived at uncle Ralph's place and noticed that the kitchen door was open, his wife, my aunt Joan was with my mom shopping like always on Saturday's. I entered the house and thought it was very quiet except for the sound of water running. I walked to the bathroom on the first floor and noticed voices, I knew those voices and crept quietly to the door which was ajar. It was uncle Ralph and my dad. There they were showering together, I could see there bodies through the glass door of the large shower stall, both where obviously enjoying each other.

My uncle ralph was going down on my dad, giving him a blow job. I did not know much about all this stuff at the time and was both scared and fascinated by it all. I mean I was only 16 and was not suppose to be there in the first place. I was spying on them. The grunting noises made me crazy with desire, I knew I wanted it too, but was unable to see how I would get it. I was also scared of being discovered spying on them. Would they not be mad at me if they found me there? But my eyes were glued to the sex between the two men who were so close to me.

My Friends Dad

Posted by Admin on June 16th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When I was 18 and a senior in high school I had a friend named Kyle. Kyle's parents had divorced a few years earlier and he lived with his father. Kyle's father was a cop on the local force and worked the overnight shift. He would let Kyle pretty much do as he wanted on the weekends, as he knew if anything bad ever happened he would hear about it first. Well I got into the habit of spending weekends at Kyle's house where we would go out until late and come home and have the run of the house. My parents assumed we were not getting into trouble, because Kyle's dad was a cop.

One Friday night there wasn't much going on, so Kyle and I had turned in kind of early. I, as usual, was sleeping in the guest bedroom, which was located above the garage. About 6:30 in the morning the garage door opening woke me up when Kyle's dad came home from work. When I woke up I was really thirsty, but couldn't go down stairs to get something since I had a morning hard-on, so I waited about 15 minutes, but it hadn't gone away. I figured by this time Kyle's dad had gone to bed so I went down to the kitchen in just my boxers.

Daddy Shows Me

Posted by Admin on May 30th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Ever since I can remember, I've had a fascination with the male body. I think back to times when I was a child, and I remember fantasising about being with naked men. I didn't really know what it meant then, but of course, I do now.

Part of this fantasy was an obsession with my dad. When I was a young kid he'd be the one to bathe me and generally take care of me, (Mum was a workaholic and never home much). Dad on the other hand was a part time contractor for a constructing consulting firm. He had a pretty large build, all hard and muscly with a smattering of hair all over his body. Everywhere he went he turned heads. Even though both Mom and Dad worked, and we were reasonably well off, my parents decided to stay in the apartment they had bought when I was born. At that time, my Dad was only 20, and my Mom 19, and they didn't have much money. Our home had only a single bathroom and two bedrooms with a tiny kitchen and lounge room. It was enough for us however, and especially good for me, as I was to find out.

I Needed Money For School

Posted by Admin on May 29th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

During February of my second year of college my financial situation changed and I needed to work if I was to continue attending school. To save money I took an apartment off campus and found a job assisting a man who owned a company that produced four classic car-shows each summer.

The job was not difficult, and the pay was good, and the commute was only twenty minutes away. The company was situated on the first floor of a two-story house located in a neighboring town. The owners name was Doug.

He lived alone in an apartment above his company. Doug was 40-something, about six feet tall, roughly fifteen pounds overweight, with thinning light brown hair. We worked well together and shared a similar sense of humor. The night before the last show of the season, we were working late watching videos of past car shows to see if we could make any last minute improvements.

The August night was very warm and extremely humid. We took a break for pizza and beer about 9:30 PM. Around 10:00 PM Doug opened my third beer and we continued talking about the next days events. We stopped working around 11:00 PM and he asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I had no other plans so I said "sure," and we walked upstairs to his apartment.

Comming Out To My Dad

Posted by Admin on May 23rd, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

was thirteen when the crush on my father began. He was about 40, 6'2", Red Hair, and an average muscular build. I started having dreams about him, and I finally got my wish when i was sixteen.

It was the spring of my junior year in high school, i was sixteen, and other than the fact that i was gay, a normal teen-aged guy. About 5'11" then, brunette hair, a swimmers build, and an 8inch cock. My friends all knew that i was gay, but i had neglected to tell my parents. I did not want them to be disappointed in me, but secretly, i was more afraid that my dad would no longer like me. I finally got my answer one day.

My mother had been working late, and father got home early, and was there when I got home. I decided that then would be the time I was going to tell him about me being gay. So, I mustered up my courage, sat him down, and said, "Dad, I am sorry to tell you this, but I am gay."

He said, "I know, I have been waiting for you to tell me, your mother and I have always known."

Travel To Sicily

Posted by Admin on May 2nd, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My name is Jeff and when I was 18, after graduating high school and before starting college, I went to Italy by myself to do some solo traveling for a few weeks before meeting up with friends later in the trip. I had learned a bunch of Italian in high school, and was looking forward to immersing myself in the language to really learn it. I was nervous though too, as I had never traveled alone, and was going to have to negotiate everything in a language I only knew in the classroom!

I started off in Sicily. I aimed for a small town literally underneath a volcano that, according to my guide book, had a pretty good youth hostel. It was in late May (my private high school graduates early), so there were very few travelers, and I was actually one of the few people at the hostel. I got in late the first day and just wanted to check in and crash. The guy at the desk that night was surprised to see anybody checking in that late and actually seemed excited to have some business. He spoke English well and took a lot of time to show me the place, where my room was, and where I could put my bags. He seemed nice enough, older than me, in his late 30s-early 40s, in shape and just starting to go gray around the sides. He asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink and I was actually pretty hungry so I said sure. He lead me to a small kitchen off the main entrance and actually made me a small sandwich and gave me an orange "Fanta". Fanta was big in Italy I guess. I gulped it down while he talked some more about the town. He was very friendly and put me totally at ease.

Me And My Best Friends Dad

Posted by Admin on April 25th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My best friend in high school and I were always together. We went everywhere and had the same interests. We knew that we were gay, but did not talk about it. My friend's parents were divorced and he lived with his father. My friend's dad, Ron, was a nice guy, and was your typical "dad" figure. I always found myself attracted to him, and wondered why he never had a girlfriend since he had been divorced for 5 years. Ron was 39 years old, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, dark hair, hairy arms, chest, ass and he has an 8-inch cock.

During our senior year I starting staying over at my friend's house every Friday night. My friend's dad would give us the run of the house as he worked the graveyard shift. My friend and I had a blast, watching movies, getting pizza; and just being your typical 18-year-olds.

On one particular Saturday morning, all things were about to change and I was about to be introduced to gay sex. Ron, my friend's dad, came home at his usual time (6:00 am) on Saturday morning. The front door opening awakened me as I was sleeping in the guest bedroom. I had to piss so badly, but also had a raging morning hard-on. I heard Ron moving about the house, but things quieted down quickly and I made my way towards the bathroom. As I exited the bedroom, there was Ron sitting on the living room couch looking right at me. I stopped dead in my tracks with my hard-on tenting my shorts. Ron whispered, "Hey, come over here for a minute, I need to speak with you." I was really embarrassed, but for some reason I walked over and sat down on the couch. Ron said to me, "Don't worry about that," pointing to my hard-on, "I get those all the time in the morning. I've been meaning to ask you, Eric," he continued, "have you ever had a girlfriend?"

Car Shopping

Posted by Admin on April 23rd, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I had just got a great job after working as an intern for an accounting firm and figured that I needed to by a new car.

I looked all over Atlanta and I finally found a 1997 Mustang Cobra that I fell in love with. It is about 6 in the evening and I figure that this used car dealership is almost closed so no pushy salesman would come out to bother me as I looked the car over. But I was wrong.

As soon as I looked through the window, here he comes grinning and looking to get over on me without a doubt. He walks over, smiles and shakes my hand. "Hi I'm Bob, what's your name?" I tell him Jeff and we exchange pleasantries.

Bob was an older guy; to me he looked like he was at least 45. He was a stocky but well built man. I am 26 and have a very muscular body. I was a running back in high school and in college.

I ask him the mileage and price. He looks at me, smiles and says the miles are 25,000 and the price for you is $20,000. I tell him that is a little much for me. I could afford it but it wouldn't hurt to get it cheaper. He says come into my office and let's talk.