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Surprised While Eating Out

Posted by Admin on May 4th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Let me start this story with a little background on what I mean by being surprised while eating out. A couple of years ago I was privated by a young 20 year old guy in a chat room that I had just entered. Now mind you I'm in my early 40's and just an average run of the mill looking guy. Well we chatted for around an hour and he told me that he was interested in meeting me sometime. I said well I'll be going out to the local WalMart tomorrow afternoon, if you want to meet how about meeting me there in the parking lot around 7 pm. He said sure and that he wanted to meet at a certain place on the parking lot. The place he wanted to meet was on the lower end of the lot where they have some trees planted and they provide some shade during the hot summer days. I said ok I'll be there. Well the next day comes and I am on the parking lot at the place he said we would meet. I got there maybe 5 minutes early, since I really didn't expect him to show up. But exactly on time here comes a red Mitsubishi, just like the one he said he would be in. He pulled in next to me, rolled down his window and said hi and asked if I was so and so. I was nearly in shock as he was everything he had said that he would be. 6' around 165 pounds brown hair with dark brown eyes a small goatee and a big smile on his face. I thought to myself damn he's HOT! I invited him over to my car so that we could talk and get to know one another and when he stepped out of his car, I was checking him out and sure enough he had a hardon pushing out the front of his jeans.

Mikly Way

Posted by Admin on May 3rd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Just came back from vacation. I had an encounter with this married guy and his wife who is breast feeding their new baby. This guy I met at some party and we got talking. He told me how jealous he was getting because his wife was spending so much time breast feeding the baby and how the kid got to her nice juicy breast more often then he did. Anyway he invited me to his house and the next day I went to see him to have drinks and meet the wife.

He was really friendly and a good looking muscular dady type, mustache, hairy pecs but shaved around his nipples and his belly was the muscular type but shaved also. He was well hung from the bulge in his pants and a nice high round firm butt.

He met me at the door and I went in, their family room had really interesting art work on the walls. Mostly naked couples painted in a type acrylic paint, making out, some were men together others were man and woman other just females. Very explicit all together and exciting. The room was warm but with the drinks got really hot.

My Dads Friend

Posted by Admin on May 2nd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It was the summer after my junior year of college and I was going to drive across the country by myself. One of my first planned stops was to stay with one of my dad's olde college friends at his cabin in Montana. The trip started out well and I was making my way up to the cabin. I was a little bit nervous to be staying with an old friend of my dads that I had never met. I hoped that he would leave me alone and I could spend the two days kinda of checking out the area. As I pulled up to the cabin I was impressed by the location. It was on the edge of a big meadow with a small little pond next to the cabin. I thought it looked like a great place to spend a few days relaxing and being outside. I had no idea what was really in store for me.

As I got up to the cabin door it swung open and a muscular man introduced himself as Rich. He said I must be Sam and helped me with my bag. I was a little surprised by how good of shape Rich was in and figured he must work out quite a bit. Rich showed me to my room and told me to make myself at home. After a while Rich came back and asked if I wanted to have a tour of the place. He lead me around the place showing me the kitchen, living room, weight room and the hot tub. He told that I could use any of them when ever I felt like it. Next he took me over to the pond and showed me his dock and said that the fishing was usually good as he kept the pond stocked up. Soon, I was feeling tired and told Rich I was going to take a nap.

Dressing Up Like Grandpa

Posted by Admin on May 1st, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It was still early morning when Grandpa was setting off with my parents to take them to the airport. We had loaded the car, hugged and said goodbye, and for the first time that summer I was alone. I had been sharing a room with my cousins who had left the night before, and now my parents were going away for a fortnight to their holiday in the sun. I was feeling a little left out. It would be me and Grandpa for two weeks before I was sent home, and in his cottage in the hills the only entertainment was the hills themselves.

I waved as the car disappeared behind the hedges and went inside. The anxiety of imagined boredom soon gave way to excitable curiosity as I thought of all the things I could do in the next few hours that I hadn't been able to when the house was full. My cock was throbbing, but I didn't want to masturbate immediately. I wanted to do, or find, something to make it more exciting.

Going back into the kitchen there was a dresser where the alcohol was kept. It was always locked, but I had seen my parents taking the key from the top shelf of another cupboard and it wasn't long before I was sniffing the different whiskies and brandies. There were other mysterious looking bottles, some of which had sweet smells and other bitter, but I decided to start with a small slurp from the voluptuous looking cognac bottle. VSOP it said. The innocuous honeyed hue didn't prepare me for the rasping sensation on my tongue and the fire that hit my throat. However, this was definitely naughty, and my cock responded well to the thrill. I rubbed myself through my pants as I took another, smaller, sip.

My Black Muscled Dad

Posted by Admin on April 22nd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My first gay encounter was with my super hardcore bodybuilding dad. His 10" dick is abolutely to die for. One saturday two weeks after my 19th birthday, my mother had to leave my father and I on a business trip to another city. She always did that anyway but I was not always left with my father because he was busy too. Also we did not have a very close relationship for us to spend an entire weekend together.

That same evening the TV in my room crashed and got really fucked up. So I had to go to the lounge to watch some videos. At about 12 midnite my father woke up and went for his routine midnite snack. I decided to have some snacks also and so as I proceeded towards the kitchen but I heard him groun and mourn. I proceeded slowly and peeped at the corner of the door. What I saw amazed me, he had ice on his croutch smoothly and slowly rubbing it. Although he was wearing underwear he was naked exposing his masterpiece of a body. His veins shown like pipes pumping blood. He was so hot, sexy and hard as rock. his 10" dick was incredible. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. His crispy brown skin made him seem dark and mystereous. He was the best think that had ever happened to me. Then suddenly I went stiff like a pool stick, he did not stop at all to rub himself. He suddenly proceeded to the door that I was peeping through. I ran as fast as I could to the sofa at the lounge and pretended to be watching TV.

Mr Thompson

Posted by Admin on April 12th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Let me start out by describing myself. I am 21 years old. I am 67" tall and weigh 240lb. I am not built, nor am I skinny but I am a good size for my frame. My dick sticks out to 6.5" and I am cut. I have hairy legs, ass, back, and have hair on my pecs and a good treasure trail going on.

I like to go the local YMCA a couple of times a week to try to stay in shape, but mostly to hang around in the locker room with all the men. I like to head to the Y around 10am. That seems to be when there is a good number of guys working out, taking time from work or what not and spending time at the Y. I usually see the same men in there on the days I go. I pick a section of the locker room where I am kind of hidden but I can see men come in and out, use the scale (naked), look at the mirrors and look into the other sections. Many of the men look so amazing naked, but there is one man that comes in that I just can not take my eyes off of.

His name is Mike Thompson. On many occasions upon visiting the weight room and the locker room I would over hear the other men talk to him and about him. He is 45 years old, about 63" and has a great muscular body--hairy legs, hairy forearms, hairy chest, hairy butt, great bush, smooth sack. But the best part about him was his piercing blue eyes. Many days I would see him in the locker room or lifting weights and I would stop and stare at him, not even realizing it. I would wake up and catch him looking back.

Brad Memories Of A High School Spanking

Posted by Admin on April 2nd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Brad Tomkins knew that he was getting what he deserved. After all, it wasn't the first time this had happened. His ass had been getting him into trouble all his life. Even as a young teen he had such a big round ass that it was hard to find pants that fit him.

It was in junior high that he learned the power of his big beefy globes. He'd hear the girls gasp as he walked by. They'd whisper things like, "Look at that bubble butt," and "It's so big and round." The guys would kid him in the locker room before gym class, as he'd try to wiggle his huge ass into the little gym shorts. In fact, on more than one occasion during PE his massive cheeks came popping out of the back of his shorts as they split the seam of the shorts. Since the shorts were so tight to begin with he could never get briefs under them, just a jock. So, his bare ass made regular appearances in gym class. He noticed that even his teachers would take time to stop and stare. But, it wasn't until his senior year of high school that he really learned how to use the power of his hot butt.

Toilet Fucked

Posted by Admin on March 29th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

He looked about 45 years old, a receding hairline but a thicket of hair running down the nape of his neck and across his shoulders, a large blanket of fur seamlessly covering his face, neck chest and leading toward his trousers. It sprouted out furiously between his large chest muscles. He was a huge guy, but his pecs weren't all muscle. His nipples almost tucked under his large breast, they proudly stood out against the forest of chocolate brown hair enveloping them, flecked with prominent white hairs that congregated between his tits. His hair was pretty curly all over; he looked like he may have been of Turkish descent. He had a roman nose complete with protruding nasal hair, and nicotine teeth and stood about 6ft tall. His gut hung over his belt and pulled his t-shirt taught.

I realised I had been staring too long, his eyebrows knotted together and he gave me nod as if to say, 'what do you want'. I stared through him to give the impression I was looking at something else but he made his way toward me. I was waiting outside a public toilet to see if I could maybe give someone a blowjob, but there wasn't anyone there. It was about 6.00 and it has started to get dusky. He stared at me for a second, and went into the lavs. I followed after him to see if I could get a glimpse of him pissing... I think it was worth the risk, the worst he could do is punch me.

One Hell Of A Camping Trip

Posted by Admin on March 25th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Every year in summer, me and my brother Gordon go to my uncle"s cabin by the lake . Gordon is two years older than me, but we get along fine. Brian, my uncle is 32 and a goodlooking guy. This year would be the last time Gordon and I went together. "Cause next year, my brother would be eightteen and he would be in college. Brian and us, we were more like friends than family. He always had beer and liquor and didn"t mind the fact that we weren"t allowed to drink yet. Sometimes he had weed as well, and just like he didn"t care about the alcohol regulations, he ignored the narcotic regulations.

The first day we had gone fishing and swimming in the lake and I was very tired. So, at 12 o"clock I went to bed. Gordon and Brian stayed up. Before I fell asleep I still heard them laughing and talking.

I woke up and the clock told me it was 2a.m. Gordon wasn"t in bed yet. I was thirsty, so I got out of bed, dressed only in a boxer and headed for the door. I opened it a little and was suddenly very awake. There, in front of the fire place, on the rug, lay two naked bodies. Two naked men. Gordon and my uncle. I was shocked but out of curiosity I kept watching.

Dad Shares His Son

Posted by Admin on March 21st, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

After a winter vacation from school, I left my parents home in the suburban area of Kansas City and was heading back to my home in Denver. I had a nice visit with my parents and relatives, but after fourteen days with them, I was about to climb the walls. Enough is enough! I was ready to head back to Denver Business School. Besides I was ready for some hot sex, and I knew if I played my cards right I may find some horny salesmen or truck drivers along the way.

I was traveling Interstate 70 highway all the way. Starting with the Kansas turnpike until I reached Topeka, then continue on free Interstate 70 the rest of the way. I'd traveled this route before and knew several of the rest areas and truck stops were a good place to pick up a hot traveler for some quick 'sexcapades'. Many of the rest stops had very active Glory Holes and there was always some traveler ready to drop a quick load in my hungry cock sucking mouth, and right now I was hungry! It had been a dry 14 days with the family.

My Hairy Uncle

Posted by Admin on March 18th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

This is a true story. I am now in my forties. I do not condone sex with anyone who is below the age of consent. However, this episode of my life did happen and I have moved on with my life and not let it bother me at all. In fact, I jack off to the memory of the time I spent with my hairy uncle. I wish I can confront my uncle now about this. He is now in his late 60s and I do not want to hurt his wife who love me like her own children.

When I was young, I was still naive and barely know much about gay sex. I knew that I like to look at men, especially nude men changing in the locker room at the local swimming pool. I was living with my aunt and her husband. I am Asian and my aunt's husband is Hispanic. Even though I already reached puberty and really did not grow any more after this time, I did not have much hair on my body because of my Asian ancestry; therefore, I was fascinated with my uncle's hairy body. His chest was covered in curly hair that goes from his neckline to his belly and a thick forest of curly black pubic hair. I only had glimpse of his penis before the special day that started it all. One day, while my aunt, my cousins and his parents were waiting out in the living room getting ready to go and eat, he took me to his bedroom and told me that he needs to tell me briefly about responsibilities concerning sex. Since the family was waiting, he told everyone that he needs to discuss with me about my school. What the family did not know was that in the short five minutes we spend in his room, we did not talk about school.

Dads Friend

Posted by Admin on February 24th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was 19, recently out of High School. I always knew I was attracted to mature men, though I had never acted on it. There was just something very attractive about clean shaven, gray haired masculine men.

Once in a while, on weekends, Frank, a friend of my dad, who operated his own limousine service, would hook me up with jobs for the day. I had gotten my driver's license a few months before, so I was able to drive his limos, and get a nice piece of change for my efforts.

One Thursday, he called me, saying that one of his drivers would not be able to work the weekend. He had a contract on Long Island for the Bachelor's Party on Friday night, and the wedding at noon on Saturday. Since it was more than 70 miles from the city, it didn't make sense to drive all the way back at 3 or 4 am, so him, the other driver and myself would be staying in a motel and I would be paid for 2 days worth of work.

Well, not only was the money great, but I had always been attracted to Frank. He was 54, short gray hair, and gold framed glasses. He was about 5'10", maybe 180 lbs, and hairy. Many times, I had fantasized about him, so the idea of maybe seeing him in his underwear while we were going to bed seemed to be the most exciting thing. We got to the motel about 3 am on Saturday morning. Jim, the third driver, who also held a regular day job, said he was going to sleep, so he took the room on the right. The door between the two rooms was open, so he went through it and said he would see us in the morning.

Pipe Smoking Daddy Bear

Posted by Admin on February 18th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

The crew had been pouring concrete in the hot summer sun since dawn. One of the new concrete workers was finding it especially difficult to concentrate around 4:45 on this Wednesday afternoon. Since starting the new job, Dan had become secretly obsessed with Mack, the brawny jobsite foreman.

To Dan, Mack was the embodiment of Daddy Bear perfection. Mack was a typical rugged, beefy lumberjack type, late forties, 5' 8" tall, 215 solid pounds with a husky fireplug build and a firm beer gut. With his olive complexion and features, he was unquestionably of Italian decent. His piercing translucent amber eyes, thick auburn brown, but graying hair and bushy beard, not to mention the visible graying fur spilling out from the collar of his buffalo plaid flannel shirt all added to his naturally masculine sex appeal. His massively developed mature chest, shoulders and arms sure didn't hurt either. Mack's stocky, over developed thighs were like tree trunks, stretching the 501's he wore almost past their usual design specs.

My Buddys Son

Posted by Admin on February 4th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It had been almost twenty-five years since I had seen Jimmy. We had been stationed in the same unit in the army for about six months. I had an immediate attraction to him because he was so good looking, well built but not overly and hung like a horse with low hanging balls. I knew I liked men but also knew that to make a wrong move in the army would have dire consequences. He didn't go out with girls because he had a sweetheart back home he was going to marry when he got out in six months. That was perfect for me because I wanted to spend all my free time in his presence. I had told him a partial truth, saying that I had just gotten a "Dear John" letter from a girl I deeply loved and wasn't ready for other women at this time. The actual truth was a girl I had dated some at my last base had dumped me because I wasn't passionate enough in sex. My heart just wasn't in it and I knew why. I wanted men but was too afraid to do anything about it. I was stuck with my fantasy world and Jimmy was the right person to fill it. He was perfect for me and I gave him a buddy to hang with, without women to tempt him.