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Old Wine

Posted by Admin on August 25th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

"Do you like to get fucked in the ass, boy?" the old man asked, stroking his mustache with his left as he ran his large right hand along the young man's thigh. The young man paused, feeling the old man's right palm resting on his blue-jean covered crotch.

The young man's prick got hard fast, not uncommon for a man in his twenties. The old man's pants wiggled down his hirsute cannon-thick legs (he played rugby in his time, but the young man did not know this), his furry ass jiggling in post-middle age sagginess. The old man kicked his trousers to the left, the belt clanging just as the bedsprings creaked under his knees. Doggie-style, he was in "fuck me" presentation, head facing forward...

"Don't know," the young man answered, guiding the old man's right hand along his elastic waistband.

"First time, huh?"

His breath halted as the cock nudged away his ass cheeks. The cock head, encased in a well-lubed condom, knocked courteously at the asshole. Like a welcoming host, the asshole parted and invited the cock head inside for a nice intercourse. The cock head asked the asshole 'Can the rest of me come in as well?'

My First Time With A Man

Posted by Admin on August 24th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I seriously considered finding a man to call my own during my first term at college, a little while after I turned eighteen. I'd known that I was gay since around third grade, when I started masturbating to thoughts of my father, my teachers, and my grown-up neighbors. I have always had an attraction to older men, especially the teachers in my high school. Unfortunately, they were all straight, which was perhaps the most frustrating thing about my young life. Every night I'd stay awake jerking off, hoping for some reciprocation, but never really seeking it out.

When I got to college, I decided that it was time to stop fantasizing and find someone to spend time with. I contacted a few guys through the Internet (how romantic!) and then began to correspond with one of them. His name was Luke (well, not really, but I don't think it matters), and he was a forty-eight year old cabinetmaker.

Our first date (in fact, my first date ever) was on a Saturday night. It was very awkward for me, which was made even worse by the fact that he was even shyer than myself. For the first half hour, I didn't know if he hated me, because not more than fifty words passed between us. We went to the movies, which lightened things up a bit, and then he showed me around his town. We pulled off on a road in the woods, and there we talked for about two hours. I was very nervous the whole time, and I found it hard to concentrate because my dick was rock hard. He drove me home after that, and I knew that I had to see him again.

Summer Bear Butt

Posted by Admin on August 21st, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

We pal around and party hard, the ten of us bears. We range in age from 28 to 49. There are two couples, Mike and Jim are one couple, Rod and Peter (true names) are the second couple. We have had leather parties, hot tub parties, Wesson oil on a tarp party, and just some normal beer and fuck parties without a theme. Kevins parents have a cabin in the woods in Michigan and we decided to go camping over a weekend. As luck would have it, Jim and Peter, half of the two couples could not join us.

After a Friday night and heavy beer drinking and several pissing contests, we decided on a game for the afternoon of the next day. We decided on paint ball, we had brought our equipment to play anyway, but the rules were going to different for this round. The rules for the hunt are, no one wears clothes, just a cupped jock and hiking boots and socks. Each shooter had a different color paint. The bear with the most different colors of paint on his butt got gang banged by the rest of us. If there was tie, then they fucked each other first, then we gang banged them both.

The New Neighbour

Posted by Admin on August 17th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Steve was strolling through his favourite cruising ground late on Friday evening after work when he chanced upon a new face he had not seen before. Standing leaning against the tree was this new guy. He looked around 59 years old. He was 6ft 4 with broad shoulders and a body to die for. He had salt & pepper hair and was nursing what looked like an enormous bulge between his legs. The stranger was wearing a black suit with the jacket open revealing a black shirt and metallic red / blue tie. He looked over the top of his semi rimmed glasses and gave a look at Steve with a grin as to say "Come here you! as he massaged the enormous bulge.

Steve himself was 6ft and had cropped black hair and also well defined. But compared to the stranger looked small. Steve was in his 40s and had a nice 6.5 in uncut cock which was bulging nicely through his black jock and trousers. "Mmm very nice thought Steve as he wondered towards the stranger with is hand gently teasing his hard cock.

Dads Young Bull Son

Posted by Admin on August 13th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Summer was coming and I dreaded having to go live with My Dad down south for he whole Summer. I Loved, Admired and Worshiped My Dad as would any 15 year old boy. But I had just gotten to come to terms with my being attracted to other Guy's. Thanks to my next door Neighbor and best Friend Johnny Miller I was able to explore with him all the wonderful things two Guy's could do in bed with each other. Not only was it convenient Our living right next door but Our two Mom's were best Friends and Single Mom's. Nearly every weekend now We would stay at one or the other's house Friday and Saturday nights. Our Mom's loved it as they were able to go out on the town and know we were safe at home with each other. We started out surfing the net and then having found some Gay sites we zeroed in on them. More as a lark then actually a sexual thing at first. The pictures of Guy's jerking each other off and sucking each other's cocks produced the results You'd expect in two hot blooded Teens. It was Johnny who first bought up the subject of Our trying out some of the stuff we saw.

Farm Boys

Posted by Admin on August 12th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I could hear the tractor coming up the road towards my house. My heart pounded as it neared because I was waiting for the neighbor boy to head to the nearby fields where he worked everyday. I stood by the window hoping he would see me drying myself after my shower. As soon as he was close enough I casually pulled my towel off my waist and dried my back and pretended I didn't see him looking my way.

I had seen one of the Rickie brothers going by my place for several days now. I knew he drove by here each day on his way to one of the nearby fields to plow. I was usually all alone on Saturdays because my mother always had a women's meeting at the church and my dad was at work and my older brother was still at school at football practice.

I was still in high school and my cock seemed to be always hard and ready to go. I knew I had an attraction to men because I already had sex with several of the boys my own age, a few cousins, my brother-in-law and a few of the boys in my church youth group. I was very active at this age but was always looking for a new adventure. Now I was cruising one of the hot young high school boys that lived in my neighborhood. I went to the public schools but the Ricky brothers went to the catholic school. The one that pass my house each Saturday was one of the older ones. Now I was trying to get his attention and I was nervous about it.

Jabins Story

Posted by Admin on August 11th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My name is Jabin and I live in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. I've grown up with a very conservative Mormon background. It is July of 2000 and I just turned 18 years old. I graduated high school last month. I've been accepted into a private university in the fall and I am working part time at a drug store almost a mile from my house. I usually have to walk to work because I don't have my own car and my parents always need theirs.

If I'm not at my job or with friends, then I am usually working out in my room. My appearance and condition are very important to me. At 18, I am 5'9" tall, 155 lbs. I'm naturally tan and my hair is dark blond, and I have sparkling ocean-blue eyes. I've noticed that I seem to catch the eyes from girls at school and church.

At 18, I am still a virgin and very horny to say the least. I've felt attracted to boys since I was about 10 years old, but I hadn't acted on anything. One man who has caught my eye for several years is Luciano. He lives by himself in a house two doors down. I didn't know much about him, but I've seen him at neighborhood functions and doing work in his yard. Every time I see him we seem to make eye contact. He looks like he is in his mid thirties, 5'11", about 170 lbs and in very good shape. He has clear, olive skin and jet black, short hair. He wears fitted shirts a lot, and I can tell he has an awesome, built chest and incredible arms. From his appearance and also from hearing him talk, I can tell Luciano is definitely European, probably Italian.

Older Stud Fuck

Posted by Admin on August 9th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Steve and I had been finding ourselves at the gym at the same time and worked out together. He is about ten years older than me and married. His wife is an executive with a large company and travels often. We often joked about our sex lives and his lack of sex when his wife traveled. Steve was not interested in another woman complicating his life and I jokingly teased him about taking care of his itch.

One night after cleaning up at the gym, Steve invited me over for a beer. I met him at his house and we had a cold one. Soon Steve started talking about how he had missed his wife for the past two weeks. He winked at me as while asking me if I might be able to help him around the house. I told him to stop teasing me, and he said I should get into the bedroom and see how much of a tease he is.

We were in his bedroom and Steve pulled off his tee shirt and shorts to reveal a nice thick cock. He walked over to where I was sitting on the bed and I put my hand out and felt his cock. I immediately brought it to my lips and felt the hardening warmth in my mouth. Steve ran his fingers through my hair as he stroked gently in my mouth. Steve's cock leaked sweet salty fluid onto my tongue as I brought him close to cumming.

Blackmailing Dad

Posted by Admin on August 4th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I want to tell you about how I managed to start having sex with my hot dad. I was sixteen and fucked around with several of my friends, but I fuckin lusted after my dad. He was a real stud who took care of himself and stayed in excellent shape. It would become very clear to me why he was so obsessed about keeping fit and his secret would also allow me to take advantage of that hot body.

My dad was basically a nice guy. We had an o.k. relationship, as I grew older we spent less and less time together. I was always going with my friends and he was either working or working out and jogging. When I was around fourteen my parents marriage was in real trouble. There was always a lot of yelling and door slamming going on. My sister and I always stayed out of it, as we wouldn't have known what to say anyway. One day I was home and heard my parents arguing and I heard my mother screaming at my dad how he fucked any whore who would let him. I pricked up my ears at this point in the argument because it had to do with sex. I distinctly heard my mother tell my father that if she ever found proof of his infidelity she would divorce him immediately and take him for half of everything. It wasn't long after that my parents seemed to reconcile their differences.

Fishing Guides Rod

Posted by Admin on July 27th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

For many years, Ed and Les had been friends and often fished together and much too often so far as their wives were concerned. They were about ten years older than me and I had gone fishing with them a couple of times. Ed and Les were always sarcastic, arguing or criticizing each other and they thoroughly enjoyed their derogatory interaction between themselves. They were very interesting and enjoyable company when you were with them individually but not when they were together. Ed and Les knew that I was gay but that never bothered them and they accepted my lifestyle.

For several months they had planned a fishing trip to Sam Rayburn Lake in East Texas. They had hired a fishing guide, bought their airplane tickets and were planning on leaving in three days.

Two days before they were to leave, Les had a death in his family and was not going to be able to make the trip. Ed called me and invited me to go in Less place. Everything had been paid for and I could make the trip at no expense. I was not very enthusiastic about the fishing part but I knew that I would enjoy being out doors and seeing some to the country that I had never seen before, so I accepted the opportunity. It would only be a two-night trip meaning that I would be away from work for three or maybe four days. All I needed to take was my fishing rods, fishing clothes, and personal toiletry items.

New Orleans Rejuvenation

Posted by Admin on July 23rd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was there for three nights in the basement strip club on Dauphine Street in the French Quarter, always sitting at the same table. I had picked him out on the first night a lithe but well-muscled, dark Greek, displaying a mixture of danger and sassiness; much more into what he was doing than any of the other performers. His act was black leather. Studded-leather harness crisscrossing his chest, studded-leather wrist guards and cock ring, shiny black leather boots, and a leather captain's cap pulled down close over his eyes, hiding his expression until he wanted to reveal it--a beautiful cock and heavy balls. He was young and virile, vital and full of life.

By the second night, he had noticed me, boring my eyes into him, and by the third night he was mesmerized. He only had eyes for me; he wiggled his butt and penis only for me. I sat there, wrapped in my black cape, and he performed only for me. I had no doubts when I had a note passed to him, that he would be there, waiting for me, at the stage door at closing.

Moms New Boyfriend

Posted by Admin on July 21st, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I am not sure why this happened! Mom came home one evening with a man that she had met. She didn't usually bring anyone home! I was sitting at the TV watching some movie and just sort of ignored them. Mom brought him over to introduced him to me. I looked at him and my eyes went directly to his crotch. He had the biggest bulge in his pants. I did my best to ignore it.

I have never had sex with a man before let alone even mess around with any of my friends. I don't know why I had such an interest in this man's crotch but I was amazed. His name was Jack, had dark hair, about 6', very masculine, nice build and dressed very well. I could see why mom liked him.

He extended his hand to give me a hand shake, so I replied. He had a nice strong grip which made my crotch tingle. What is happening to me here? This is weird! I felt like I was blushing. Mom walked away into the kitchen to get a drink for Jack, so he sat down next to me on the couch. I returned to watch the movie and Jack asked what the movie was. I told him and he settled in to watch with me. I sat there but couldn't concentrate on the movie so I started talking to him about what work he did and where he lived. Mom came back with the drinks and sat down in a chair on the other side of the room. We all talked for a bit and then mom asked if it was alright if Jack spent the night. She said he would sleep on the couch and would leave in the morning. It was about 10 pm and the movie would end at 11. It didn't matter to me if he stayed.

My Uncle And Me

Posted by Admin on July 20th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

So, it all started when I was in my uncle"s hotel on holidays. All my family was there. I was 19 years old, gay. My uncle was 28 years old with brown hair and so nice green eyes. His body was six-packed and it was so hot... I was not that tall but I had a nice body too becoz I was in a soccer team. I had blue eyes and brown hair.

So one day he told me to go to his room and fix a computer problem he had. (I am a pc expert). So I went there fixxed his prob and noticed that he was watching porn. I smiled. He told me "Why r u smiling?" "I saw what u where doing b4 I came", I said. He laughed and showed me the "movie". "Wanna see the movie?" he asked. "Why not?", I said. We started watching the movie and he started touching his "thing". My cock was hard.

After a while he told me "Buddy do u mind if i jack off here?". "No prob", I told him. Inside of me I felt so damn excited. He got his cock out and he started jackin off. My cock was hard as rock. I wanted to suck it SOOOOOOOOOO much. "You can get it out too", he told me. I grabbed my cock and got it out.We started masturbating while watching. After 2 minutes he told me. "Buddy, I"m gonna get my shirt off so I am more comfortable." "OK", I said. Trying not to look excited but I inside me I was burnt.

Office Secret

Posted by Admin on July 19th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Businessmen were Nick's type, and anytime he could eye one down he did. When Nick started his job at the law firm, he knew he was in heaven. Older muscular men walking around in their suits with big bulges bouncing between their legs; Nick couldn't keep himself still. Nick is 19 years old, 5'11 and weighs about 180 lbs topped with sandy blonde hair. He's an average looking fellow with a slight hence of muscle which proves he does workout every so often. He has a tight little bubble butt that he loves to show off to anyone who asks, and a dick that would make your jaw drop to the floor if you see it.

Around the office Nick is considered the young guy. Everybody turns to him to ask what they should get for their teenage sons & daughters. Or sometimes asks him about the latest celebrity gossip. Most of them just still want to be considered young and hip. But Nick just knows they are only trying to relate to him on his level which he didn't mind. Of course after a few months on the job, Nick had already considered his options of pickings around the office. Most of the guys there were older men in their early 40s. They have wife & kids at home and all they talk about is golf. There was one guy in particular that Nick had a secret thing for. It was their Executive Director; Peter Kavorski.