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Car Shopping

Posted by Admin on April 23rd, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I had just got a great job after working as an intern for an accounting firm and figured that I needed to by a new car.

I looked all over Atlanta and I finally found a 1997 Mustang Cobra that I fell in love with. It is about 6 in the evening and I figure that this used car dealership is almost closed so no pushy salesman would come out to bother me as I looked the car over. But I was wrong.

As soon as I looked through the window, here he comes grinning and looking to get over on me without a doubt. He walks over, smiles and shakes my hand. "Hi I'm Bob, what's your name?" I tell him Jeff and we exchange pleasantries.

Bob was an older guy; to me he looked like he was at least 45. He was a stocky but well built man. I am 26 and have a very muscular body. I was a running back in high school and in college.

I ask him the mileage and price. He looks at me, smiles and says the miles are 25,000 and the price for you is $20,000. I tell him that is a little much for me. I could afford it but it wouldn't hurt to get it cheaper. He says come into my office and let's talk.

Blackmailing Dad

Posted by Admin on April 21st, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I want to tell you about how I managed to start having sex with my hot dad. I was sixteen and fucked around with several of my friends, but I fuckin lusted after my dad. He was a real stud who took care of himself and stayed in excellent shape. It would become very clear to me why he was so obsessed about keeping fit and his secret would also allow me to take advantage of that hot body.

My dad was basically a nice guy. We had an o.k. relationship, as I grew older we spent less and less time together. I was always going with my friends and he was either working or working out and jogging. When I was around fourteen my parents marriage was in real trouble. There was always a lot of yelling and door slamming going on. My sister and I always stayed out of it, as we wouldn't have known what to say anyway. One day I was home and heard my parents arguing and I heard my mother screaming at my dad how he fucked any whore who would let him. I pricked up my ears at this point in the argument because it had to do with sex. I distinctly heard my mother tell my father that if she ever found proof of his infidelity she would divorce him immediately and take him for half of everything. It wasn't long after that my parents seemed to reconcile their differences.

My Almost First Time

Posted by Admin on April 12th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It was a Wednesday afternoon. I was skiing with two of my friends, both females. It was really great time and to wind down we thought we would go to the Hot Springs. So we loaded up the car and drove 20 min. to the Hot Springs. I was getting really excited because I got to go into the changing room by myself so I could look all I wanted without anyone seeing me. As soon as I walked in, there was this muscular stud standing there drying his hair and face, with nothing on! His hairless chest was amazing. It led into a perfectly trimmed bush and beautiful 3" soft cock. Not wanting to look too obvious, I walked past him and sat down on the next bench. He quickly dressed and left. It took me about 15 min. just to change because I was so distracted. When I got into the Hot Springs the girls were sitting in the pool chatting. I sat beside them and started checking out all the men. There was quite a bit of breeze hitting me so I suggested we switch sides of the pool. The girls said sure and we moved. Now I was sitting so I could see all the guys enter and leave the pool. The Speedos I got to see were amazing. Some I wish I hadn't but there were some that I almost couldn't take my eyes off of. We sat in the Hot Springs for about 1 hour and a half.

Surprise Encounter At The Bathhouse

Posted by Admin on April 6th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was in one of those horny moods and needed a release by way of some hot man sex and the all male steam and sauna in the city was beckoning. I am middle-aged but still fit and toned for my age and as I've got older I've acquired a taste for cock - good hard cock - and love to suck it and be sucked off in return and this was exactly what I needed today. So naked except for the obligatory towel and all boned up I headed straight for the steam room my favourite area to cruise for cock.

Hanging my towel on one of the hook and naked entered the long dark room and made my way to the back and noticed I was the only guy in their so I hopped up on the upper bench and sat back and began to slowly strop up my cock to its full five and a half inches until it was throbbing in my hand as I rolled my smoothly shaved nuts in my other hand waiting for a guy or guys to enter and hopefully join in.

I didnt have to wait long when a rather large guy came in and headed toward me - it was too dark to see what he looked like and as he stood in front of me he reached out and wrapped his big hand around my hard cock and slowly wanked it up and down as his other hand felt up my balls - whilst I may be on the small size cock wise I do have a decent set of balls - I leant forward and reached for his cock and noticed he was grossly overweight with a huge guts but nevertheless I checked out his cock which was half hard and not as big as mine - another guy had entered and the guy stroking my cock let go of it and quickly left s the new guy headed my way.

Construction Site Daddies

Posted by Admin on March 30th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I work with quite a few of them, Daddy types that is, as well as my own Dad, and his brother Tim. Uncle Tim has always been my favourite uncle, and when he suggested to Dad on my 18th birthday that I take on some duties in their construction business, I felt all grown up and a real man! Dad is six two, dark like me, with a broad hairy chest and thick thighs, just great for climbing up the rigs, and looking hot in summer shorts! Tim is greying now, older than Dad, but taller and really thick set, talk about bull necked! And the cock on him....well, that's part of this story.

It started during the second break of the day; Dad, Uncle Tim and a few of the guys were sitting in the porta-cabin, talking and laughing about some porno video they'd brought in. The VCR was in the corner, and one of the guys started razzing me, saying as how I'd never seen a decent bit of pussy. Dad laughed with the rest of them, but winked at me, saying, "Wait till after the shift...." At the appointed hour, as the other guys drove off, Uncle Tim, my Dad and me kicked back with a few beers, and got watching the video. No suprise it turned out to be a gay one, but it was the usual dull stuff, just two blonde, smoothly muscled kids, no men. Looking over at Uncle TIm, I noticed he'd opened his flys, and got his big hand in there on his packet. Dad too was well ready, with his 9 inch hog leg showing down his jeans. I loosened my shorts, eager to see what was going to happen next. Tim reached over and grabbed my Dad's bulge, grinned and said, "Gettin' hot Dave? Lemme see that fat porker out in the open."

Stuck With A Greek Bear God

Posted by Admin on March 24th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My fucking luck! This morning, of all days I overslept and managed to miss the 6:45 train. Then once in Paddington station, I rushed down to the underground to find out that the circle and district lines were having severe delays, due to signal failures between Gloucester road and South Kensington, and there I sit, sweat already starting to trickle down my spine, making my shirt stick to my back. I have an interview this morning. Not for something major.. but in order to finish paying for my studies, I found myself a job with the GCCL [Greek Chamber of Commerce of London] and must absolutely be on time for my interview..; I can t even imagine being one second late ..The job is interesting, well paid and would give me a chance to earn a bit of extra cash, something that will definitely please my bank. .. and There I am, waiting until 20 minutes later, a train arrived and I crushed myself in (I did not mind the gap between the train and the platform by the way, and almost lost my shoe in the rush ..) ..at my station, I took a flying leap of the tube, rushed outside the station, turned left and sprint the last two blocks to the office . Normally this would be nothing for me, Hell, I jog one mile a day, but wearing a suit and nasty painfully tight leather shoes does not help. Bloody nuisance! By the time I get to the lobby of the Victoria Tower, I had to make a beeline for the lifts. It s one minute to eight and I m sweating bullets...

Cast Party

Posted by Admin on March 13th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I could not have been in any steamier place or time for my sexual awakening. Bangkok, Thailand, in the eighties was sin city extraordinaire. Anything went there; everything was tolerated. It was a mai bin rai ("nevermind; whatever, it's OK") place and everything was not only tolerated, but it also was on offer and almost always for free or at a very good price. And it was an innocent time. The mellow follow-on years after the hippy era of "if it feels good, do it" and before anyone had ever heard the term AIDS.

The U.S. government was also partly to blame for my development of an interest in the gay life style. I was a young Air Force pilot of the SR71 photo reconnaissance aircraft, and politics had shut us down for several months of my Bangkok tour and had allowed me to turn my interests elsewhere other than soaring higher above the earth than anyone else could at the time.

I had time on my hands, and, thus, when there was a casting call for the Bangkok Community Theatre's production of the new Ira Leven thriller Deathtrap, to be performed at the Bhirasri Institute off Sathorn Road, I auditioned and won the part of the young protagonist, Clifford Anderson. I had acted through high school and college, and exotic Bangkok had set my creative juices boiling. Opposite me, in the older man's role of Sidney Bruhl, was an expatriate queen in his late forties who I will call Ron. Ron had taught English for years at the American University Association in Bangkok, banished from the United States by his rich family because he had the gall to be gay at a time when it wasn't fashionable, at least flamboyantly and in public. He had outlived his family, however, and inherited their money and was having the last laugh by living in style in a mansion near Sathorn Road with his choice of young men who were interested in his money (and in each other).

First Visit To An Adult Store

Posted by Admin on January 11th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It was getting closer to my 19th birthday. And Peter my older cuz came over. As we were fooling around. He told me he had something very special for me on my 19th birthday.

That really didn't surprise me any. As like all the other birthdays he always had something different in store for me.

But this time he was really serious and kept on saying, "You just wait and see." Well this really got me going. As it was still two weeks before my birthday I kept on bugging him, but he never gave in.

Finally the day came and it was around 7pm. In Peter walked. Well I was in just my cut offs. "Well I see you're up for some excitement."

"Yeah, let's go have a round in bed."

"Oh, no we have to get going. Long drive ahead."

"Where in the hell are we going anyways?"

"You'll see." So off we went. "Let's take your car. Mine isn't running too good."

"Ok, here are the keys. You drive Peter."

"Wow, you're going to let me drive your Roadrunner?" As if he didn't already drive it. Besides I had somethings I wanted to do also.

Body Paint

Posted by Admin on January 11th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As it often happens, people are sometimes in the right place at the right time when something interesting in their lives occurs. This is what took place in my case.

I was attending a party one night and ran into a friend of mine. He was involved in designing sets for a movie that was being made. He was having difficulty in coming up with a design to be used for a dance routine, the setting for which was to be some sort of African theme. Now, one of my hobbies was sketching and painting in both oils and watercolors. After talking to my friend for a few minutes, I took a napkin and roughly sketched out an idea that occurred to me. He thought my idea was great and asked me if I would pursue it and make a few more sketches in watercolor and get the in touch with him again in a day or so.

By noon the next day, I had completed the sketches and scenes so I called my friend and he came to my apartment to pick them up that afternoon. The scenes were very simple and basically of two zebras grazing against a bak ground of African green trees and shrubbery. That night my friend called me and told me he had shown my ideas to the dance choreographer and the director of the movie and they wanted me to come their studio and talk with them the next morning.

Getting To Know Dad

Posted by Admin on January 11th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I had just graduated from high school and I was about ready to head off to junior college when it happened. My mother came home from work early one evening (she worked the night shift and was not supposed to be home before 3 am), and there I was kneeling between my stepfather's legs sucking away on his dick.

Needless to say, my mum went ballistic. She started screaming and ran out of the house and jumped in her car and sped away.

I started to get up and my step-dad said, "Where do you think you're going? You're not done here yet. Get back down there and finish sucking me off."

"Don't you want to follow mum and see where she's going," I asked.

"Hell," he replied, "I know where she's going and I'll give her a chance to cool off before I go after her. Now get that cock in your mouth and get sucking."

Well, he did go after her when I finished sucking him off. He'd really gotten into that since he caught me sucking off one of my friends two weeks before. I'd had to suck him at least twice a day ever since, so he wouldn't tell my mother.

Wild Jacks

Posted by Admin on January 9th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

"That's it boy. Suck that dick like your life depended on it," Cameron said, holding Cody by his silky blonde hair. The boy was on his knees, with his shorts down around his ankles. Cameron got off on seeing his smooth naked ass while his pretty lips were wrapped around his dick. Cameron held him still and fucked his face slowly. "You don't know what it's like boy. Living up here in the asshole end of nowhere; with nothing to look at outside but the fucking snow. And nothing to look at come night time 'cept the ugly mug on the guy in the next bunk." Cody knew all right. The oil workers were big hard men. They braved the cold and ice everyday, depending on each other for their lives. Come Friday night, they wanted a little fun with a pretty boy. Women didn't come around the camp. "You better do a good job boy," Cameron said, digging his fingers deeper into Cody's hair and pumping his big dick faster and faster into his face. "That's it boy hold still. I'm gonna come in your mouth just like a pussy," Cameron said, shoving his dick deep down the boy's throat. "Here comes my load faggot and you better not spill a fucking drop," he said, the force of his thrusts pushing the small boy into the corner of the bathroom stall. He came like that, every thrust pushing Cody's head hard into the wall behind him. He was relieved when Cameron finally let him go and dropped seventy-five dollars on the floor. "Great job faggot. You suck dick better than a bitch," he said stuffing his huge dick back into his pants. Cody pulled his shorts up and went back to waiting tables. Three waiters worked the bar tonight. Friday nights were always busy. Out in the bar, the man sitting alone in the corner watched as first Cameron came out of the bathroom and then in a little while, Cody. He'd been waiting 'til he saw Cody again to get another drink. He signaled the boy for another beer, wondering if the man had fucked his ass or his face. Cody brought the beer over and set the glass down. A little slopped over onto the table. "Clean that up boy," the stranger said. His voice was low and deep in the back of his throat, like a growl. "Sloppy work pisses me off." Cody hurried to clean up the mess. This guy looked like no one to fuck with. Trent watched the boy's ass move. He was bare-chested and his denim cutoffs barely covered his smooth bubble butt. Cody could feel the man's dark eyes boring into him as he cleaned up the mess. He stole a look at him out of the corner of his eye. His weathered face had fought a lot of long hard winters. He was big and bulky, like all the men in Wild Jack's. The rolled up sleeves of his dark red flannel shirt showed his bulging biceps and his huge forearms. But this guy was different from the big clumsy men who were the bar's regulars. There was a stillness about him that bordered on arrogance. A hard coldness that was like the land he worked mysterious, alluring. It was in the way he sat, the way he looked Cody up and down with naked need and desire. He controlled everything he did, and did nothing he couldn't control completely. It was all or nothing with him. Cody was irresistibly drawn to that stillness. A little beer spilled onto the crotch of the man's jeans. Cody couldn't help but notice the bulge outlined by the wetness. The man grabbed his small arm in his huge hand and pulled Cody close enough for him to see the beer stuck in his mustache. He saw a cold hard glint in those dark eyes that made his dick push against his tight shorts. "You're a bad waitress boy. I oughta make you lick that shit up. You suck dick any better than you serve beer faggot?"

Russian Olives

Posted by Admin on January 4th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I walked into the morning air. This was my favorite time in the desert. It was cool, a little chilly in fact. What moisture had gathered during the night was causing a slow breeze toward the towering red cliffs as the thermals formed for the day. I took a deep breath and coughed.. damn.. there were Russian olive trees blooming somewhere close by.

I disliked the intensely sweet smell. Although the trees were beautiful to look at and grew well in this desert town by the river, the cloying scent permeated everywhere. I considered them trash trees. They sucked the water from the parched ground, lowering the water table even more than it was normally. The fruit they bore was useless for anything but trash birds. I was more than ready to leave this town and move to a more pleasant environment.

Today I would be spending some time down by the Green river. That was kind of a joke. Among the rivers I had been used to when I traveled the Pacific northwest it was what would be called a creek most of the time. It was about the only water around for a hundred miles though, serving as drainage for the high plateau of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado. The color was a joke also. It was really a muddy tan from all the silt it carried from the high desert it ran through.

The Transient Santa

Posted by Admin on January 1st, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I had been Christmas shopping at a local Mall. I was ready to go home before the first predicted burst of winter weather hit the Smokey Mountains. Heavy snow flakes and blistering winds were in the air as I headed toward my Caddy in the Mall parking lot. The temperature was dropping very fast that evening & I needed to stop by the Liquor & Grocery Stores before the roads became solid ice! The Interstate route would be a faster route toward home and save me some time. I had to get home soon!

Before turning onto the ramp to the Interstate, I noticed a handsome looking "Daddy-Type" man hitching a ride. He was covered with snow and I felt guilty after being in such Christmas spirit while at the Mall. Therefore, I did what I never do! I ask him if he needed a ride. He was very accepting and we chatted on the way down the Interstate. He told me that his name was Khristoff and also told me a little bit about his life. He said that he was very glad that I stopped and was glad to meet an Angel who would be so kind to give him give him a ride!

Lifeguard Gets Horny

Posted by Admin on December 30th, 2013 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It was a regular day at the pool my shift was almost over and many kids just loved feeling my muscles. I am like muscle god I have well-defined abs, huge biceps, and the cute look. Just when I was about to close the pool this teen came up to me and asked if he could swim longer, I said okay but only for 15 minutes. The teen is probably eighteen years old his abs are defined and he's well built and very cute.

I guess I was getting into this kid so I asked him if he wanted to wrestle me in the water, he said "okay but only if you go easy on me." I said sure, we circled each other I got him in a headlock his arms swaying around till he found my lemon sized balls and squeezed them. Then all of a sudden he gets behind me and gives me the ab stretcher, I can feel his raging hard-on on my ass. His move is killing me and I am weakening he lets go but I spear to the pool's floor and take off his trunks to reveal his fully erect cock. I get tired and walk to the pool side but he grabs my leg muscle and brings me back to him and puts me in a full nelson. I kick his peanut sized balls and put him in the ab stretcher, "I give up"! he says.