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Toilet Fucked

Posted by Admin on November 27th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

He looked about 45 years old, a receding hairline but a thicket of hair running down the nape of his neck and across his shoulders, a large blanket of fur seamlessly covering his face, neck chest and leading toward his trousers. It sprouted out furiously between his large chest muscles. He was a huge guy, but his pecs weren't all muscle. His nipples almost tucked under his large breast, they proudly stood out against the forest of chocolate brown hair enveloping them, flecked with prominent white hairs that congregated between his tits. His hair was pretty curly all over; he looked like he may have been of Turkish descent. He had a roman nose complete with protruding nasal hair, and nicotine teeth and stood about 6ft tall. His gut hung over his belt and pulled his t-shirt taught.

I realised I had been staring too long, his eyebrows knotted together and he gave me nod as if to say, 'what do you want'. I stared through him to give the impression I was looking at something else but he made his way toward me. I was waiting outside a public toilet to see if I could maybe give someone a blowjob, but there wasn't anyone there. It was about 6.00 and it has started to get dusky. He stared at me for a second, and went into the lavs. I followed after him to see if I could get a glimpse of him pissing... I think it was worth the risk, the worst he could do is punch me.

Basketball Son

Posted by Admin on November 24th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was in the bathroom with my son, Tom. We had just come from basketball practice at his high school. Sitting in those bleachers watching him run around getting all sweaty was really turning me on. I know, hes my son, and thats weird, but I couldnt help noticing his hot body. Hes 18, and about average height. Hes really thin, but he is in great shape. His arms were smooth, and revealed their muscles when flexed. The top of his pecs were visible through the v-neck jersey. His shorts ended in mid-thigh, showing off a good length of his thin, powerful legs. His blond hair was matted to his forehead in sweat, but he was virtually hairless elsewhere, from what I could see. His body moved to gracefully, and he had such determination on his cute, boy-ish face.

When we arrived home, he went straight for the shower, but I was too horny to just let him go, so I followed him into the bathroom, his jersey already taken off. His chest is defined in the way that an active teenage boy develops muscles. He wasnt what I would call a jock, and I wouldnt call him muscular, but you knew he was fit just looking at him. A slight trail of dark hair peeked out from the wide waistband of his jock strap, which itself was only slightly visible above the waistband of his short shorts. His thin, smooth frame gave him a younger appearance, which made him a real nice piece of eye candy. His modesty seemed to prevent him from removing his shorts in front of dad, but I had every intention of making him do so. My cock was feeling cramped, and I wanted my little son help me with that.

Awoken From A Dream

Posted by Admin on November 13th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When I was in my early twenties, I began to frequent a gay bar about 20 miles from my house. I was very shy and nervous and would usually plop myself down near the bar and not make eye contact with anyone. Over time, I became more comfortable with myself and my surroundings. I would always try and get the best vantage point sitting at the bar - one that allowed me to be seen as well as give a good view of the crowd and the folks coming in. One winter night, I was shocked (and a little nervous) to see a co-worker of mine pop into the place.

Roger was in his early 40's - his look average and very corporate-cookie cutter for the mid-80's, with graying receding hairline and glasses. Roger was always friendly at work, so I called him over and we began a nice long chat. Although there was 20 years between us, I found it very easy to talk to Roger. Over the next few months, we developed a close platonic friendship both at work and socially.

A few months down the road, I needed to move - I wasn't making a lot of money and that time and Roger graciously allowed me to rent a spare room in his home. He offered his home as if it were mine - allowing me to have friends over, blast my stereo, and take control of the tv. The guy had a big heart! Our platonic friendship blossomed and I felt very comfortable living in Roger's home.

Sex With Stepdad - Amazing

Posted by Admin on November 12th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I have always been attracted to my stepfather. He was so hairy and very toned. I would try to watch him in the shower because he always left the door cracked. Well, one day, I decided that looking just wasnt enough. When I got up enough guts I stood outside the bathroom door, got naked, then walked in. As I was pulling the shower curtain away, my step-dad (Jimmy) said, "Whats going on?"

So I replied with, "I want to suck your cock, I wont tell mom."

He looked very angry and he pushed me out of the shower yelling, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" So I went running out, put my clothes back on and went outside.

About 20 minutes later I came back inside and he was sitting on the couch in his robe. I didnt know what to do, I was so embarrassed. I was going to go to the bathroom and as I walked past him, he said, "Come here." So I walked over to him and he said, "Im so sorry for yelling at you; I didnt mean to hurt you. I was just very confused as to what you were doing."


Posted by Admin on November 6th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When I was in my mid-teens, a few mates and I would sometimes earn a bit of holiday money doing odd jobs on a farm near Halstock. The farmer, a guy called Blakely, was always pleased to get some extra help stacking up bails of hay or picking a few rows of potatoes, and he'd pay us a couple of quid for every hour we worked which seemed like a lot of money to us ten years ago.

This story is about something that happened at Halstock when I was eighteen. It was October half term and it must have been the last time I worked at the farm: by the following Spring I was far too immersed in my A-Level revision to think about earning extra money and the following Autumn I went of to university.

Only two of us were there, a guy I knew from my Physics class named William and myself. He was a tall, scrawny lad. He wasn't the kind of guy you'd normally expect to find helping out on a farm. I think he only turned up because his mum was a friend of Blakely's wife and she'd pressured him into it.

Schoutmasters Special Merit Badge

Posted by Admin on October 28th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I have known that I was gay since I was 10 years old, when I used to check out my friends in the locker room of the CYO swimming pool.

I was good at hiding my preferences, and no one even suspected that I was gay, but I took every opportunity to check out the underwear preferences and physical attributes of every guy that I could.

When I was 18 and had just graduated from high school, the Scoutmaster of my Boy Scout troop (I had been a member of the troop since I was 10 1/2) talked me into spending two weeks with him at Boy Scout Summer Camp in the Pocono Mountains. Our Troop sent 15 boys to camp that summer, and they ranged in age from 11 - 17, and I was to serve as one of the Assistant Scoutmasters for those two weeks.

During the first week, most of the troop went on an Outpost Camping Trip. They left our site after lunch, and would not be back for two nights. Two of the other assistants went with them, and I stayed behind with the Scoutmaster and about 4 of our Scouts.

Business Trip

Posted by Admin on October 27th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Jerry was in his late fifties, a little under 6 feet tall, about 250 pounds, with beautiful neatly trimmed white hair that made you want to run your fingers through....massaging until you hear him moan in pleasure.

He was an executive in the company I worked for and I lusted after him every time he walked past my office.

He was married. He had grown kids and even grandkids. He was definitely off-limits. Then...he walked into my office and asked if I'd be interested in joining him on a visit to a customer. The customer was a 4 hour drive away from the office. I agreed. Why not?

As we drove together for 4 hours, we talked. He asked about my life and my family. He told me about his. He told me his wife had suffered a stroke a few years ago and she was numb on one side. In lighter moments, he joked and laughed and patted my leg as he did. I loved every time he touched me. I hoped he didn't see the erection I got from just being near him.

We arrived at the hotel and he went to the front desk to take care of details. He came back to me and said, "It looks like they messed up the reservation. I hope you don't mind sharing a room." I did not mind at all! I was hoping just to get a glimpse of this sexy mature man naked. We went up to our room. It had 2 beds. I chose one. He took the other.

The Security Guard

Posted by Admin on October 24th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I wasn't a bad kid. At 18 years old I saw my way inside juvenile hall a couple of times. Nothing serious, just silly teenage stuff. My parents were up at wits end with me and decided to make one last attempt in getting me to turn around. We moved to this new city. It was much like my old one, just minus the crowd I hung with. It was your typical suburban city. A walmart, 7-11 and McDonalds on every corner and public transportation was non-existent. It seems the move had work. I hadn't gotten in trouble for the first couple of months we were there. Maybe it was because I hadn't made many friends, or maybe because the boring humdrum life of suburanhood was wearing off on me. Whatever it was, it kept me out of the criminal system. All good things must come to the end and I slipped up. This experience was unforgettably at the least, and it made me rethink a lot of things.

I drove over to the local Best Buy store. It seemed to be the most popular spot of the city. The parking lot was always packed, busy with the locals spending up their paycheck. As I walked up to the front doors, the big yellow Best Buy tag logo blaring brightly above as I entered through the sliding glass doors. The cold air from inside rushed up my shirt and wrapped my body. Stores always kept their stores cooler than the outside temperature. My nipples instantly went hard and started to show through my white t-shirt. As I entered through the second set of glass doors I was greeted by the "security guard". The guy that usually checks everyones bags as they leave the store. He is usually dressed like a typical employee, but the we all know they were hired by best buy through a private security firm.

The Old Recliner In My Garage

Posted by Admin on October 21st, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Years ago I lived in a small neighborhood in Iowa. One evening my neighbor from across the street came over to introduce himself. His name was Frank. During our conversation of housing costs and rude neighbors he asked me if I lived alone at which time I told him I was gay. He didn't seem offended or disturbed by my confession, but simply nodded his head in agreement. As the months went by Frank often came over to talk while I worked in my garage or in the backyard. One day while his wife was at work, he came over to chat with me while I refinished a bookshelf. While I worked we made small talk about other neighbors and his job. Frank was in his late fifties, about six feet tall. Not thin, but with a small gut, and a neatly trimmed beard. What I noticed most about Frank as he walked up the driveway was his huge bulge, and the way his package bounced up and down in the light colored tan shorts he often wore when he visited me. While we talked, he would cross his legs at his feet as he leaned back against the workbench that lined the back wall of my garage. This forced his cock and balls to push forward and up, stretching the fabric of his shorts to form a huge bulge which perfectly outlined his cock and balls. I could easily make out his thick, long cock, and equally proportion sized cock head as it arched over came to rest below the biggest pair of balls I think I have ever seen. I could see the top of his white briefs above the sides his shorts, and I often thought about how much I wanted to be those briefs, and how those pair of white briefs obviously had their work cut out for them having to cradling his impressive man meat that I fantasized had to weigh at least a pound. I know Frank was aware at his ample package, and on several occasions he saw me looking at his crotch and would just smile. I never apologized or quickly looked away ... I wanted him to know I was looking.

One Erotic Night

Posted by Admin on October 16th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Well I was just twenty years old the night of this adventure. I was very new to the gay scene which was why going home with some one was such a wild adventure. Now that I am a few years older and in and on and off relationship going home with men is not as exciting as it once was but can still recapture these old times ... anyway on to my story!!

Like I said I was just twenty years old and I had just one thing on my mind ... going to gay bars and picking up men!!! I have been attracted to older men since I started to masturbate and since I did not have the opportunity to experiment while I was in high school - or at least did not have the nerve ... when I finally did it was just great.

So I was at this gay bar with a friend of mine and nothing really exciting was going on. I did happen to meet someone while I was there, and so did my friend. The man who I met, who as 38 at the time and named Tim., took an interest in me and propositioned me but I refused. my friend and I began to walk to my car and then I asked him if maybe I should reconsider. He said it was up to me and so I said ... hey why not. So we went back to the bar where both the man I was interested in, as well as the kid that my friend liked, were both there. So I told Tim., the man that I liked, that I decided that I was interested if he was. He agreed; following my friend asked the kid that he liked if he was interested and he said yes also. My future partner suggested that we go to a hotel, which he would pay for, and so we did. After renting the room, my friend and I went to the drug store to grab lube and condoms. At first I felt a little awkward as I was still new to this. I can remember the TV being on with some cartoons or something.

Future Father-in-law

Posted by Admin on October 15th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My girlfriend and I were both 19 and had been dating for 10 months. We had a good sex life, quite adventurous even to the extent of swinging. We had joined a couples club and had many a good time in the chill out lounge. Saturday night was couples only but Fridays single guys were allowed in. It was through these adventures I started looking at guys in a different way.

Many times I had been within a few inches of some guys hard cock and desperately wanted to touch it or suck it. One of my biggest sexual thrills to that date was when we went to a guys hotel room. We had a threesome and when he shot his load, I got some of the blast and got my first taste of spunk. I felt so turned on I knew from that moment I had to find a guy of my own.

I searched the net until I found a site with regional dating. I posted a message and it didn't take long for the replies to start coming in. Most got deleted but a couple interested me. One was a guy my age and the other was a 43 year old who sounded real nice. I chose the older guy and we started corresponding through e-mail and mobile text messages. Over a period of a couple weeks the messages got raunchier. We had exchanged some deep (and kinky) personal thoughts and I was soon begging for him to meet me so it was arranged.

Dads Weakness

Posted by Admin on October 14th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When I was 18 back in the Sixties, in my last year of high school, I met the school bus every day at the gate of the Army post where my father was stationed. Those were confusing years. I was still trying to decide if I wanted to go on to college or get a job -- maybe even enlist in the Army like my father had at my age.

Dad was a drill instructor at a US Army basic training fort. In the Army, "drill instructor" was a military occupational specialty (MOS), meaning that Dad, unlike in the Marine Corps, could be a drill sergeant year after year. After years as an infantryman and a couple of wounds in combat, I think Dad preferred the life of an instructor.

Dad was a tough guy. Maybe because of his combat experience and his day-to-day screaming and raging at the recruits. Maybe he was just the no-nonsense type. But I was always a little afraid of Dad as I grew up. He had a quick temper, and I got more than one smack for doing something he didn't like. He wasn't exactly cruel to me, just . . . distant. Like he couldn't quite figure me out. Like he could deal with Army recruits but not something as complicated as a little kid.


Posted by Admin on October 12th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As Jay sat on the coach, he knew it would be 5 minutes till his dad came home. He loved his dad but he loved his dad in another way aswell. A sexual way. Today was the day were Jay was going to come out, hopefully in more ways then one to him. After what seemed like hours, his dad walked in

"Jay, I"m home" his dad Carl shouted. They lived on their own and Carl normally came in about 5pm so Jay would have to cook dinner for them both

"Dad, I"ve got something to tell you" Jay said as his father walked in. Jay stood up. His 14 year old cock starting to hard as he looked at his dad. Short brown hair, blue eyes, muscular, hairy, tanend skin and a monster cock. Everything jay wanted in a man

"I love you" Jay said

"I love you too son" Carl said smiling

"No dad, not that way. I"ll show you" Jay said

He walked over to his father and layed a big passionate kiss on him. Jay got off

"Do you like it?" Jay said

"Well before that I would of said right and I don"t know how I would of reacted. But I"ve got to tell you. I love it. I love you" Carl said. He dropped his breifcase and kissed his son passionately. Jay"s hands put his hands on his dad"s bulge and gave it a squeeze

A Cock That I Thought I Never Would Get

Posted by Admin on October 8th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Well I have always been into older guys, and I really dont know why but especially my friends fathers. This is a story about the day I had to help a friends dad with a little chore

At the age of 18, I was always aware that I was attracted to older men and I have always known what type of men I like. One day I was called early in the morning by a friend called Mark, who was in a little of a panic.

He was due to go away on holiday with his family. The problem is that they were having difficulties with getting someone to look after their pets and stuff. Mark asked me whether I could just water the plants and look after the pets. My pay for this was having a house for 2 weeks to do whatever I wanted with. I was always very trusted with Marks family as I have grown up with him since I was about 6 years old.

Mark told me that he and his and his sisters and mother where flying out to Cyprus and his dad was coming out two days later as he was caught up with work etc. I was father was staying in a hotel in London and could possibly pop in but probably unlikely as he has lots of work to do there. The whole family was packed and they were taking their fathers baggage out with them to save him trouble.