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Angled Entries

Posted by Admin on October 24th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When Ms. Elisha came off the stage at the Bourbon Street female impersonators' club and swished into her dressing room, Chas Angle was waiting for her. The meta hunk had worn a muscle shirt barely covering the superhuman bulges of his torso and a silky pair of shorts that barely held the bulge of his twelve thick inches. So, when he asked her if she'd come pose for him for photos, her quick answer was "Honey, you can take me anywhere you want and do anything you want to me." She would regret that comment.

They went straight out to the alley and Ms. Elisha hiked up behind Chas on his motorcycle, stiletto heels and all, and wrapped her arms around Chas and hugged him tight. By the time they reached the plantation house on the Mississippi, Ms. Elisha had fully examined every curve and hard muscle of Chas's torso under his muscle shirt and had determined for herself that everything in that bulging basket at his crotch was the real deal. She was purring when they stopped in front of the old mansion.

Black Ballers

Posted by Admin on October 18th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Darrell Rice had just finished his college studies for the summer when he got this job at the small town newspaper. Staying in the dorm after the semester was a bit lonely, but he enjoyed the time away from home and the privacy on the floor. The trip to town was a quick ride, and his dad had given him the second car to travel to school and then use for the semester. He came into the newspaper job as an intern, based on his High School stint as school paper editor. He enjoyed the atmosphere in the newsroom, the manly camaraderie, sense of importance, the late nights discussing stories and leads. It was like being a quarterback, a detective, and psychoanalyst in one package. He wanted join in and needed an angle that he could sell to the editor-in-chief.

Mr. Meyers reminded him of his years in High School, on the Basketball team with his teammates and with the coach trying to figure out the strengths and weakness of the opposing team. He knew that the newspaper editor had played Football back at the same college Darrell now attended but those late nights at the bar he never went into detail, merely pointing to his knee and putting on a houndog look. That was the only time Mr Meyers ever looked the least vulnerable. With his wide shoulders, trim waist and steely grey hair he was an imposing force on the news floor. You could feel the ripple of fear and admiration as he strode through the newsroom barking orders, laughing at the latest foibles with the political staffers, winking at the secretaries who would never consider it sexual harassment, but instead blushed at the attention.

My Runner

Posted by Admin on October 5th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It was a cool, misty twilight morning as I headed to work. Everything was fresh and beginning to green. Not much traffic this time of day in our small town - just the few early risers out and about. When I came over the bridge which arched the railroad I saw him. I had come to call him "my runner" as I passed him along this route each day. His physique had been earned by his daily discipline of running. Appearing to be my height, 5'8", or an inch or two taller, he had dark brown hair which hung over his ears and a neatly trimmed mustache. His dark skin was always accented by bright nylon running shorts cut at the side revealing strong upper legs. A cropped T-shirt gave a glimpse of his flat stomach and navel. Its sleeves had been ripped out revealing a striking view of his taut brown chest and strong arms.

Each day I came by way of his path hoping to catch a longer look. My fantasies begin to increase, and I wondered what he was like, though I knew there was little chance we would ever know each other.

Instructing My Son

Posted by Admin on September 30th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

"Okay, stand straight, arms relaxed at your side," I said to the fourteen year old hottie whose feet I was at. I held a measuring tape at his ankle then up against the bottom of the bulge in his white cotton briefs, pushing slightly while I took my time measuring his inseam. The boy giggled a little at the intrusion but didn't say anything as I bumped up against his boy stuff a couple of times, and what respectable boy stuff it appeared to be. Then I measured his waist, reveling in the fact I was eye level with a terrific belly as well as face to face with his boyhood bulge and that seemed to be moving slightly. I quickly finished since the boy's mother was waiting for him and left the fitting room so he could dress.

I loved boys. It's a big part of the reason why I stayed in type of job I was in. I'd started as a clerk in the men's department of a large department store. It was a fairly easy way to help with college and worked my way up to manager of a more exclusive men and boy's store, dropping out of college in the process. In any case I loved boys and I thought that they were about the coolest thing on the planet. I loved everything about them, how they looked, acted, talked, rough housed, smelled, felt. Hell, what else can I say? Because of my job I'd seen plenty of boys in various stages of undress, often clad only in underwear, as well as fully naked and that more frequently that one might guess.

Cyborg Daddy

Posted by Admin on September 27th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I perched in the chair in the doctor's office next to my Momma, my legs dangling over the edge. Mom was upset, I could see. The doctor had that look that doctors use, when they have to tell you something really, really bad and want you to sit there and take it. "Mrs. Marsh, you know how extensive your husband's injuries were." he started.

I nodded along with my Mom. Dad had been really messed up when those steel girders had landed on him. I hadn't seen it, except on television before my Mom caught me and shut it off, a big pile of stuff and one hand sticking out of it, and me thinking, "That's my Daddy under there." Funny, but I wasn't upset at that. I guess, when you're my age, you still haven't figured out that you can die. Or that your Daddy can.

"Yes, I know." Mom said.

"We've done what we can for him." the doctor went on. "Medical science can do wonderful things these days, what with electronic medical assistant devices and nanocircuitry." He paused, then said, "But no amount of science can't put back what isn't there any longer."

Special Uncle

Posted by Admin on September 20th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

When I was 11 years old my Mom's youngest uncle broke his ankle and came to stay with us for a while. Richard was a neat guy you really took care of himself. I can't say I was physically attracted to him but I did think a lot about other boys and masturbated regularly with their pictures in my head.

Richard stayed with us in a small building out back of our house wired for electricity and had a small water cooler in it.

One weekend when my folks were gone Richard and I were togother and he was going to stay with me. He had just gotten off his crutches and had his cast removed. Instead of staying inside he asked if I wanted to stay in his room out back. Both of us crawled in with only our briefs and snuggled in.

"What to feel and see something fun?" Richard asked. When I replied "Yeah, I guess so" he put my hand down his pants to feel his nuts and what I thought was a massive hardon.

"Hey, promise me you won't tell your folks" he warned. I thought no way would I ever talk to Mom and Dad about this.


Posted by Admin on September 16th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

All that summer I spent as much time as I could over at Al's basement. But as fall rolled around I had to begin practicing with the First Baptist youth chior for the Christmas contata. This put a real damper on my free time, so I couldn't get over to Al's very often. I was in a perpetual state of horniness. Around the third week of practice I was given a solo on O' Holy Night which required me to practice on Saturday morning with the youth chior director, Mr. Verner.

Thomas Verner was retired from the Atlanta Symphony where he played cello. He was about 63 years old and a batchelor. An "old batchelor" as my mother called him. That meant he had never gotten married. Mr. Verner had known me since I was about 6 years old and in the childrens chior.

He always asked me to do a solo in his productions, and I enjoyed doing it. I loved to sing and was good at it.

I got to the little annex behind the church where we were to practice at the same time as Mr. Verner and my mother asked if he could run me home after practice as my Dad was working and she had to drive to Macon to visit her Mother. Mr. Verner said sure and we went into the building.

Dads Mates

Posted by Admin on September 13th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Dad's mates were always horny, always bringing round videos to swap, always keen to get their dicks out. I was only allowed to join "the men" as they were called, when I reached my 18th birthday. And wow, was it a surprise.

Dad was in his 50's, tall and firm, still with a gym toned furry body, and he'd allowed me to jerk off a few times with him and Uncle Jim, so this afternoon I was keen to see what he got up to with the other guys. Uncle Jim arrived with Harry, a strongly muscled mate of his from the Army, I'd seen his dick a few times whilst swimming. After them came David, an older guy, grey haired and bull chested. He sat down in the armchair, opened his flies and fished out the longest cut cock I'd ever seen.

"Here ya go kiddo, grab onto this " he offered, and I did, He was hard in seconds, big bulbous purple head throbbing, his nuts hanging low and churning in their shaved sac. Dad was getting Harry undressed, with Uncle Jim chewing on his pumped up tits , whilst squeezing his own hairy nipples. Harry grinned at me, as Jim bent him over and started licking out his asshole. "Mmmmm boy, get your face on my balls" muttered David, loosening his shorts further and holding my head to his sweaty man-crotch. The video was ignored as Dad and Harry started kissing and tit pulling, I feasted on man-nuts and jerked my shaved cock, giving Uncle Jim a good sight of my well lubricated ass.

Jims Transformation

Posted by Admin on September 1st, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I'd like to share my story with you about how much my life changed five years ago. My name's Jim, and I'm from a small town in Texas. Both of my parents left this world when I was about ten years old, and I spent some years in a very strict, but very caring orphanage.

When I was fifteen, I began living with foster parents from time to time, but I really hated it. Though I wasn't a really bad kid, I was a little on the rebellious side. I hated having to get used to totally different house rules as I jumped from family to family, and from school to school.

I was certainly a pretty good-looking boy, and didn't find it difficult being accepted by other kids around me, but I also didn't feel like one of them. I felt more comfortable around adults. I guess you can say that I began getting more and more rebellious in school and around people in general because I couldn't wait to be on my own and be independant.

I got into trouble for skipping school altogether, and people had a hard time getting me to comply with their oppressive "rules". I ended up back at the Boy's Home before I knew it, and I had a really shitty outlook on life at that point.

Daddy Gets Zapped

Posted by Admin on August 25th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was thirteen years old the first time I saw my dad naked. He was in his mid-30s at the time, very muscular, dark brown hair, buzz-cut with flecks of gray especially around the temples. He had just finished taking a shower and was finishing drying himself off in his bedroom. I had gone to his room to ask him if I could go play at my friend's house for the day and I saw him come out of the bathroom in the buff. He was a big, sexy man. About five foot ten, 195 pounds with a lean waist and a light covering of hair, he was also very handsome with blue-gray eyes, a square jaw and high cheekbones. He could have modelled for Colt if he'd wanted. His cock must have been six and a half inches dead soft and his balls were big, round and full. I felt giddy just looking at him and had trouble keeping my eyes away from his dick as I was talking to him. All the while he was casually standing there buck naked drying off in front of me! He and I were always very close, especially after he and my mom got divorced and he got custody of me. He'd regularly walk around the house naked and we would have very candid talks about sex if I ever asked him anything about it.

Alone But Not Alone

Posted by Admin on August 22nd, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

What are you doing alone? Why are you ignoring me? You lay there asleep, dreaming your dreams; men, hot, sweaty, muscled, nude, black, white, Latino, Chinese, you dream of them all. You tell me that you feel insignificant, insecure and inappropriate at times. Men do look at you when you go out. You don't notice; sometimes you don't care. You go out drinking, clubbing and sometimes tricking. It's an unsafe world we live in but you don't always care. You have made it through 40 years without an STD, injury or accident. Maybe you sometimes think that luck is on your side.

Alone but not alone is how you feel. You work, live and party amongst many people. You have a large number of friends. You have a loving, caring, large family. Yet you still feel alone.

I watch you when you go clubbing or simply out to drink. Flirt? That is way too simple a description for what you do! You seduce, intrigue and entice. No one is safe. Dance becomes a ritual for you. Men join you dancing and the ritual circle grows. You are average, nice looking but average; intelligent but not Einstein; funny but not Leno. Your ritual circle grows; men take off their shirts. Sweaty, lean, firm men kiss you, hug you; making you feel attractive, wanted, empowered. You feed off them like a vampire. You caress their firm chests, their firm ass; you wrap their sweaty hot bodies against yours. You still think of yourself as alone. In the bathroom, an attractive young black man, thanks for the dance earlier. You don't remember but pretend you do. You kiss, embrace and at one point your hands are on his ass and his hard dick that earlier was pressing into your crotch as you embraced. You walk out together, you buy him a drink and when he is distracted you disappear into the crowd. Your feeling of loneliness grows. Your belief that there is nothing out there for you grows. You feel like the last 20 years have been for nothing. Your attention span is short; your career life is short. Your friends ask, what's wrong? Why so snippy? Are you okay? You always tell them yes; no problem; nothing. You drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You look for happy hour. Beer isn't drinking; is what you say to yourself and others. You're Southern; Southerners don't drink until noon. Anything before noon is simply a good start. Even straight men like you. Straight men would turn bi for you. You have seduced several supposed straight men. They always come back to you eventually. You don't understand them, but the seduction is a victory to you. Then the loneliness creeps back in again.

Willing Nephew

Posted by Admin on August 20th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Carl was older than me and had married my niece who was younger than me. Their marriage was rocky from the start as Carl had several run-ins with the law. It finally caught up with him and he was sent away to prison for three years. My niece couldn't take it and divorced Carl while he was put away. After he got out of prison, we saw one another occasionally and I had always liked Carl, so we remained civil and friendly to one another, as did Carl and my niece.

I had remembered her talking about him being restless in prison because he was horny and couldn't have visits. I asked my niece what he did about these situations and she said "he screws his bunk mate all the time". I was intrigued by this as I had been with several men myself over the years, but nothing long term or serious, just the occasional blowjob. I had run into Carl and invited him over for a beer and he accepted, as we had not touched base in months. I am 38 and Carl is 48, but in pretty decent shape, with a beer gut--just an average looking Joe--me too for that matter.

Horny Young Harry

Posted by Admin on August 15th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

That Friday afternoon was a hot one and I sat at my patio table overlooking my very private garden. The neighbourhood was very quiet with most people still at work. How lucky I was, I reflected: my business largely ran itself and I only had to get involved with strategic decisions. Much of my time was free for me to enjoy myself. And I certainly had no trouble doing that.

I sat wearing only a skimpy pair of shorts that just about contained my huge cock and balls. My free time allowed me to keep my body in shape. Time to work out is quite essential when you get to the age of thirty-five. Guys find me very attractive and just love my cock. You could say that I'm a cock happy kind of man.

Just as I felt the sun was beginning to burn my skin, I heard my doorbell ring. I had not expected anyone to call that afternoon and wondered who it was.

I opened it and thrilled at the sight of Harry, my next-door neighbours' boy. He was, like me, dressed only in shorts. He was a handsome twenty-one year old who had an exciting, smooth young body. His chest was beginning to develop well and his large dark brown nipples were ripe for sucking. If only, I thought to myself.

Motivating The Team

Posted by Admin on August 14th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Have you ever had a knock at your door and when you opened it found a young guy smiling at you ? Before you had the time to say anything he launched into a presentation inviting you to have a free, no-obligation quotation for replacement windows and doors ?

No - then let me tell you that you have been lucky but don't worry your time will come !

Yes - then I wonder if it was on my lads who called on you.

The UK double glazing industry, selling replacement windows and doors together with such things as conservatories and other home improvements not usually within the skills of an average DIY homeowner is one big rip off. Products are sold and fitted at many times the true cost leaving enough profit for everyone involved to take a sizeable share. At the bottom of the double glazing hierarchy are these guys who go door-to-door looking for potential customers. The industry calls them foot canvassers or marketeers and every large company uses them. Each town up and down the country has its double glazing showrooms featuring such major players as Zenith, Everest and Anglian, all have their own marketing team of door-to-door canvassers. Some are more successful than others but turnover of members is high. A number of years ago I saw an opportunity to set up and run a team which would make me a lot of money. I had a longer term goal in mind and saw this as a way to build the finance. I took my business plan to one company who immediately accepted my ideas.