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A Cock That I Thought I Never Would Get

Posted by Admin on October 8th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Well I have always been into older guys, and I really dont know why but especially my friends fathers. This is a story about the day I had to help a friends dad with a little chore

At the age of 18, I was always aware that I was attracted to older men and I have always known what type of men I like. One day I was called early in the morning by a friend called Mark, who was in a little of a panic.

He was due to go away on holiday with his family. The problem is that they were having difficulties with getting someone to look after their pets and stuff. Mark asked me whether I could just water the plants and look after the pets. My pay for this was having a house for 2 weeks to do whatever I wanted with. I was always very trusted with Marks family as I have grown up with him since I was about 6 years old.

Mark told me that he and his and his sisters and mother where flying out to Cyprus and his dad was coming out two days later as he was caught up with work etc. I was father was staying in a hotel in London and could possibly pop in but probably unlikely as he has lots of work to do there. The whole family was packed and they were taking their fathers baggage out with them to save him trouble.


Posted by Admin on September 29th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I met Jimmy in the cam chat room. He's one of those sexy young guys that love to jerk off in front of men. He is blessed with a slim defined body, almost hairless, feminine but not faggy. I love to watch him bare his stuff. He's really good, a showman for sure. He knows just how far to go, how to strip on cam, which drives me nuts. Just when I think I can't take his teasing any more, he'll reveal the prize: his delicious six inch dick, the thick ivory white shaft rising out of a mound of fluffy blonde pubic hair. It makes my mouth water every time. And that creamy round ass, I just wanna fuckin' jump on him!

He always lets me on his cam and, although I know I'm not the only man watching, he puts on a great show and makes me feel like he's jerking just for me. His shoulders are broad, and his pectorals pop nicely off his frame. Jimmy's tiny nipples are shiny and pink against his suntanned skin, and he loves to play with them. That makes me wild because I want to be suckling on them, tasting the sweetness of his skin, holding his nipples between my teeth.

First Night

Posted by Admin on September 25th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Inside the lodge it was freezing cold and Javier had me light the fire while he unloaded the bike. Dancing flames lit the room when, at last, we settled next to each other on the sofa. Javier opened a brandy bottle. "To warm us from the inside," he said as he passed me a glass, and soon it was surging through our veins.

From a small box Javier took a paper and I watched as he expertly rolled a joint. So protected had been my life that this was all new and wonderfully exciting. Javier put the thin tapering tube in his lips and a matched flared in his long slender fingers. He inhaled a deep breath and held it; the blue smoke from the joint curled in to the air and filled the room with an aroma that once sensed is never forgotten. Javier had to teach me how to smoke.

"Inhale very slowly," he instructed, pressing my abdomen, and raising the joint to my lips. "Then hold it and let it seep into your lungs." My first attempt ended abruptly in a fit of violent coughing, but the second proceeded more successfully. A quiet calm embraced us. But in a few minutes the combined effect of the brandy and the marijuana made my head begin the spin and my body to shake. Javier brought a blanket to cover us, and I lay my head on his chest and I felt the heat of his body flowing into me. As he gently caressed my hair, the dizziness retreated and I fell into a doze.

Train Travel Fun

Posted by Admin on September 21st, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was on my way to Glasgow to visit family. I thought I was the only one in the carriage when all of a sudden this very cute lad sits opposite me he asks if he could sit with me as its his first time alone on a overnight train. He said he had heard that boys his age are chatted up and taken advantage off at times on trains.

I said sure he could. He told me his name was William, and I introduced myself. He said he was 18, but he looked more like about 20. I went back to watching the gay DVD on my laptop as I thought he was going to sleep, but no he asked what I was watching; I said a movie, hoping that would just end it. But he asked if he could watch it too. I thought for a moment, and said he probably wouldnt like the DVD anyway.

He then asked how would I know he wouldnt like it. I said that it was because of what hed said before...about strangers taking advantage of nice looking lads like you. He asked to please let him watch it with me. Then I told him flat out that it was a gay movie. He just said that was cool and got up to sit next to me.

Bagboy Delivers

Posted by Admin on September 20th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

"Would you like some help out to your car, sir?" the bagboy hottie asked with a huge smile.

"Why, yes, that would be very helpful," I said as I watched him put the final two bags of groceries in my cart. I'd noticed him as soon as I walked in the neighborhood grocery store known for hiring local teens to work there. This kid was different though in that he was huge, not fat--huge. I judged him to be somewhere in his late teens, maybe early 20's, his muscles working hard to keep pace with his bone growth. He was at least a few inches over 6 feet with black curly hair. He wore the store's uniform blue pants and white polo shirt the difference on him was that he didn't wear a belt and the pants were held up by a very promising bulge along the zipper and below, and his beautiful bubble butt the two mounds caught my eye as I entered the store seeing the kid reach far for some groceries and those mounds dimpling in reaction. It took all my power to keep my hands on my shopping cart and not sample a cheek as I walked by.

Uncle Bob

Posted by Admin on September 19th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Here I was again.....in my favorite spot, in my favorite position, doing my favorite thing! My eyes viewed the sight before me: a field of pink and dark brown filled my field of vision. I was savoring the taste of my favorite thing to eat.....cock! My mouth was filled with the hard, thick, long pole of a cock attached to my most beloved uncle: Bob. Uncle Bob and I have done this a countless number of times. Every time I do it, it is as hot as the first time.

Aaaah, the first time! I remember it as hotly and clearly as if it were yesterday. Uncle Bob and I have been together plenty of times since that first time and both of us love it just as much each time. The first time was quite some time ago. Uncle Bob and I were alone at my house. It was during summer and my family had gone away for an extended weekend at the shore for sun and fun. I begged off going because I had gotten a summer job and didn't want to jeopardize it by taking time off. My family tried to convince me to go along with them and was disappointed when I held out, despite their insistence..

Teenag Hitchhikers First Time

Posted by Admin on September 12th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

One summer, when I was 18, my buddies and I used to have races. Our races were a bit different--we would race to the shore, which was about 2 hours away - but being as we didn't have cars yet, we'd hitchhike.

The three of us would hitchhike separately and the point was to see who could get there first. Crazy huh? Well, we were I guess. It was 1975 and times were a bit different than today.

One beautiful summer day, I had managed a ride just over a Pennsylvania/New Jersey bridge and was standing at the eastern end with my thumb out. A sedan pulled over and I ran to get in. The driver, and older guy, asked where I was heading, and I answered "the shore".

He was going close by not quite all the way down to Wildwood, but about 30 minutes from there. Sweet!

The car was one of those big old boats that Oldsmobile used to make, big seats, very comfortable. I was wearing my cutoff jeans and a t-shirt. I was 18, thin, with longish blond hair. The old guy started regaling me with stories of the beachblah, blah. I listened politely, nodding and stuff.

The Boy Was Fine

Posted by Admin on September 11th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Just when he was about to give up hope, the bumper-to-bumper traffic crept forward. Los Angeles, thought Mark Chapman, Traffic capital of the world. Growing frustrated with the snail pace traffic Mark started looking for the first exit available. The hopelessly snarled traffic, however, presented Mark with no outlet. Damn! He thought, I could make the whole trip from my home in Brentwood to the Downtown area faster than I could make this next off-ramp! Finally, he edged forward far enough to get around an old beat up Dodge Colt and exit the freeway. Now what? He thought. Spying a neighborhood hamburger stand he decided to kill the time getting some grub

Seeing the worn burger place reminded him of his old neighborhood. A patio served as the only eating area, so Mark ordered and retired to one of the tables to wait. As he waited he began taking in the sights. There were fine ass boyz everywhere. To bad he couldn't just take one of them home, he thought. Looking at all these cuties he remembered an old idea he used to have, back when he was broke. Before he'd become a successful businessman, he would drive around the old hood, drooling over these honeys wishing he had the money to proposition one of them. His cruising was interrupted by loud music pouring from an approaching car. Turning to look Mark's heart nearly stopped when he saw the kid jumping out the car. This boy was beyond fine, the nigga was foine!

A Father And Son Fantasy

Posted by Admin on September 3rd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Rolling along the interstate at dusk, on vacation and with no real destination in mind, I pulled into the very large rest area. After finding a parking space away from the restrooms, I turned into a space and parked. I had been driving for a good while and needed to relieve myself in a bad way. Stepping up to a urinal, I whipped out my beauty and let it flow. Seemingly out of nowhere, a rather young looking man stepped up to the stall beside me and revealed a very hot looking, semi hard cock. His stream also flowed with great intensity and he must have needed relief as bad as I. He finally uttered something about how driving and having to pee caused his dick to stay semi hard and he needed to piss really bad. I glanced at his cock again after hearing this and it had grown even harder than before. In his hand was a very beautiful 6-inch tool with a swollen and glistening purple head, and it was spilling a stream of hot yellow liquid.

I responded to his comment by saying, yeah, it does me the same way too. At this point, I could feel his gaze upon my own stiffening cock. The thought of him looking at my cock gave me shivers along the length of my body and my cock grew to a raging hard on in an instant. I slowly and openly stroked my cock while looking at his beautiful hard dick, which was now at full attention. The swollen crimson purple head looked very suckable as it gleamed wetly in the light from overhead. Slowly his hand made its way over to my stiff cock and he stroked my dick for a short while until we heard the door open; he quickly withdrew his hand and acted like nothing had happened. He put away his stiff dick and quickly made his way towards the door.

Action Hero

Posted by Admin on August 24th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

He's my hero. I'm his greatest fan. Who is he? Why, he's Action Hero, of course. That's right, Action Hero. You know him. He's on TV every Saturday morning hosting those morning shows like the ones you used to watch when you were growing up. Now, I'll get to meet him for the first time. My dad just became his agent.

"Hi, Billy, I'm Action," he thrust his hand forward to shake mine. His grip was so tight and so strong my palm sweated. He wore his full uniform, red from head-to-toe, with the white star on the blue band that runs across his chest. Wow! What a chest!

"Are those really your muscles?" I asked impulsively referring to the incredible bulges everywhere. Did I say that? It wasn't just his biceps and thighs. Action's suit fit his every muscle. When my eyes wondered down to his crotch I saw more than I ever expected. His uniform didn't fit that way on the Wheaties box.

He smiled from under his mask. His eyes lit up. His teeth sparkled, just like on TV. The ends of his mouth curled up and his smile broadened. Although, he looked as sinister as he did sincere like when I'm pulling a fast one on my friends. All I can tell you is I wanted to kiss him right then and there. Could he know that as I grew up I used to play with myself in bed at night dreaming about him? Boys are supposed to dream about cars and guns and sports, they say, and eventually about girls. But, I creamed over Action. He's my Hero and always will be.

Solarium Sex

Posted by Admin on August 5th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Allen's stiff prick slid sloppily up and down Donny's ass crack as he hugged Donny tightly, his breath pumping hotly into Donny's ear, accompanied with small jets of spittle. Donny's head had fallen backward in languished relaxation as he gave in to the multiple pleasures coursing through his body, one of which was the hard dick massaging his ass cheeks. Every once in a while Allen's angry dick tip knocked at Donny's puckered hole. And though their bodies were thick with sweat, not only from their heated rutting but also because the solarium seemed more humid than usual, Donny could still feel Allen's thick matt of chest hair sliding sensually across his back like a warm wet rag. The intermittent sucking sound when Allen lower chest pulled away from Donny's back added to both men's pleasure. And then there was the matter of Allen's expert hands. The men, locked tightly together with Allen's arms wrapped around Donny, Allen's hands alternated between caressing Donny's pecs and manipulating the monster hanging between Donny's legs.

My Former 8th Grade Teacher

Posted by Admin on July 30th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Hello, my name is Corey and this is a true story about an experience I had with my 8th grade teacher Mr. Cameron. When I was in middle school there was this really hot teacher Mr. Cameron. Some people said he was gay, but others said that was not true because he was married and had a son.

Since I was young I've always been very attracted to older men, and Mr. Cameron was very hot, I used to look for him everyday just to get a glance of him so I could fantasize about him all day then go home and jerk off. He was about 5'11", 200 pounds, white hair that at one time was blond, and blue eyes.

The first year in middle school he had a mustache then for the last three he shaved it off. He was so hot I used to wish I knew his son who was my age but went to a different school so I could maybe sleep over and get closer to Mr. Cameron. I had the year books for each year and used to look at the pictures of him and masterbate.

So in eigth grade I got lucky and got Mr. Cameron as my homeroom teacher. Every morning my body was on fire and my cock hard from just looking at him. I used to have endless fantasies about him being stressed out from teaching all day then I could give him a blow job while he sat at his desk in his shirt and tie, or him taking me to a motel to get naked and do everything.

Cop For A Lover

Posted by Admin on July 29th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I had moved into a small duplex and had lived there little over a month. It had a small kitchen and eating area, a good size living room/den, nice sized master bedroom, a further small bedroom and a one-car garage.

My next-door neighbor was a policeman named Art and like me was twenty-four years old. He was a very good-looking guy about five foot ten inches tall and in very good shape as he regularly visited the gym and jogged several miles each day. We had run into each other outside our duplexes and visited with each other several times just chitchatting but did not know one another all that well.

Arts work schedule varied and he would work different hours on different days of the week. He had a habit of changing into his uniform at the police headquarters and very seldom came home in it, so hardly any of the neighbors knew he was a policeman. Most days he would go to the gym and work out before returning home in his civilian clothes.

One Saturday afternoon, Art was outside, barefooted, wearing only a pair of shorts working in the yard and then washing his car. He liked to work in the yard and be out doors and when he mowed, trimmed hedges, etc.; he would also do my side of the yard. It only took him a few more minutes to do this and he said he found it enjoyable.

Caught By My Professor

Posted by Admin on July 16th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was already in college when I discovered the joys of getting anonymous blowjobs in an old movie theater in Avenida. I frequent the place every time I got horny and was I horny always.

At that time, I was still studying in a well-known private university nearby. I'd usually go get myself a blowjob in between my class schedules, especially if it was more than 4 hours long. After getting some, I'd come back to class with a satisfied grin on my face.

It was a Wednesday and suddenly my schedule from 11 pm till 5 pm was open. Prof. Toralba (Theology teacher - 11 to 12 pm) and Prof. Cunanan (Natural Science teacher 1 3 pm) were absent. So, where would a horny boy like me go to spend all his free time? Where else but in an old movie house in Avenida. Time to get a long satisfying anonymous blowjob.

To get there was just a jeepney ride away from my school. I got there around 11:30. I was so horny that I didn't care about lunch. I paid my orchestra ticket and got in. It was still early, not much people yet. I sat somewhere in the middle section. The movie was a local 80s bold film. I watched a little. Bad acting. Bad script. Cute leading man though but the leading lady looks like a maid. Who cares, I came here for a blowjob.