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Begging For Daddy

Posted by Admin on May 23rd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As I was stroking my fat cock I stared at the vein that was throbbing with each down stroke. My head tilted up and I looked at the flat screen that was playing some hott gay porn that was blasting in my room. It was of a forty-year-old strapping man pounding his long tanned cock into a screaming twink that was moaning to high heaven. The twink looked like he was running from the man as he was being slammed but every time he would move towards the headboard the man would grab him by the hips and pull out his cock till you could only see the purple head of his throbbing cock and slam it violently into his the boys ass.

As the guy fucked him faster my hand would stroke in time to eachthrust until my hand was a blur and my eyes rolled back into my head. Icould feel my balls tighten; my dick grew a little thicker and knew I thatI was about to shoot another super load onto my chest. I felt my toes curland could feel the load building up in my balls. I grabbed my balls andmade a ring so I can shoot harder and higher load. I let out a hiss from mylips and felt the first spurt shoot out and arc high in the air that hit myheadboard. The next flew out and hit my forehead followed by seven morethat hit my face to my belly bottom including one juicy one that shootright down my throat.

A New Daddy From Silverdaddies

Posted by Admin on May 21st, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I had herd about silverdaddies from a friend I had been chatting with I had been meeting guys at the woods and chat lines I always loved guys over 55 but had no where to find them. I started on SD (silverdaddies) with a couple body shots and email face pictures to those who sounded interesting. Before I knew it I had 5 or 6 replies, I was so excited I did not know who to choose but one guy stuck out he was emailing me about how he loved to role play and be in the role of a dominate top. We emailed for about a week and he asked me if I could come to his house. I told him sure and we set a date for the next day. I came to his house it was big and in a nice neighborhood, I was a little nervous and excited as I rang the doorbell. A large man in his 60's answered the door he was about 6'1 and very large framed come in he send, you must be Tony? I came in and he told me to have a seat on the couch as he sat down next to me he said so was it a far drive? No I send with my head down kind of acting shy, He said so what would you like to do? I shrugged my shoulders and said I don't know what about you? he rubbed my leg and said well I want to be your daddy and you are going to be my boy, OK? Well I guess so I said, what do you want me to do? He said come with me as he led me to his bedroom, I want you to get undressed and get in bed and pretend you are asleep, OK, I said and started to undress. Oh god he said you are so hot Tony as I slipped under the sheets I will be right back pretend your asleep he told me and I am going to wake you up.

Gay Sex Blamed On Wifes

Posted by Admin on May 19th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Husbands blamed their wives for causing them to have gay sex. The question is: Are they cheating on their wives?

Frank and Jane moved into their new house a couple weeks before Ben and Alice moved into their new home next-door. Both young married couples were in their early twenties and had been married a little over a year.

Almost immediately the two couples became friends. Jane and Alice were housewives and Frank and Ben were pursuing their new careers.

Jane and Alice were almost constantly together doing or planning something. They went shopping together. They helped each other clean their houses and they planned activities for the couples to do together. BBQs at Frank and Janes swimming pool, going to movies, playing games at each others homes, there seemed to be no end as to what they could think of for the two couples to be together. When Frank and Ben got off work and returned home they never knew what was in store for them to do that evening or weekends.


Posted by Admin on May 3rd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My name is Jimmy. I just finished my junior year in High School. I 'm on the wrestling team as well as track. I live with my parents in a blue collar type neighborhood in Phoenix. My dad is in construction and my mom is a school teacher at my old elementary school.

It was the end of the school year Friday and my parents took off for the weekend to see my mom's aunt in a nursing home in Las Vegas. They have been leaving me on my own on weekends for a couple of years. I have earned their trust as I do not have my friends over and party while they are gone.

My mom's parents have been dead along time. She has no bothers or sisters. My dad's parents are also gone but he does have a brother. Uncle Steve. Steve is about thirty three. About five years younger than my dad. He and dad are pretty close. They go camping a lot together and talk a lot during the week. Steve lives in Tucson and works in construction also. He has some land on the outskirts of town but I don't know much about it since I never been there. He comes here more than my dad goes there. Dad and Steve look a lot alike. They are both built like working men. They don't do much in a gym but their jobs keep them pretty much in shape. Dad is sporting a beer belly but I haven't seen Steve in a few months so I couldn't say if he is too.

My Sons Aching Back

Posted by Admin on May 2nd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

After several months of working as a server for a high end restaurant, my son, Anthony, had been experiencing some fairly severe back pain. He was on his feet eight hours a day, toting heavy plates laden with food, making numerous runs to the kitchen and rarely having a moment to rest. He usually worked the most active shift that started at 4:00 PM., but this day he had worked the morning shift, so he got home at 2:00 PM.

It was the middle of summer and he came home this one day hot, tired and in serious pain. After having reared five children to adulthood, this one child was the only one left at home, even though he was the eldest. When he was adopted at the age of 12 by my now ex-wife and me, he was a tangle of emotional baggage that weighed his spirits down terribly, but by the time he was 26, he was happy and content to stay home with me, the man he called Ta.

Anthonys Filipino and Swiss heritage ensured that he would carry a unique combination of characteristics including a height of 58", a slight, muscular frame, dark caramel skin and medium brown, wavy hair with deep green eyes. His body was moderately hairy and he began losing the hair on his head in his late teens. He looked nothing like me with my Mexican and Italian heritage, thick, black hair, mocha brown eyes, and milk chocolate skin. My body was short and thickly muscled from years of physical activity. His smile was beautiful and his laughter was rich and came so easily. His playful nature kept our home light and active. His brothers and sisters loved him immeasurably.


Posted by Admin on April 26th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I first meet my best mate Daniel at school, he and his family had just moved to London, from Ireland, he was a year older than me; I was 11 years old at the time. As a new boy he was introduced to the class and the teacher told him to sit next to me, as he sat down I smiled at him and said, "Hi," in a low voice as class had commenced. At break time we moved out of class together, and into the play area and started to talk. From then onwards be became very close friends as time went on.

About two years after we had first met, Daniel started to invite me back to his home, both his parents worked late getting back home around 7.00 PM during the week; so we would often go back together and just chat and cool out together.

I had started to masturbate when I was about twelve years old. Now I found I had to do it before going to school, otherwise I would have a horn on quite a few times during school, and that would be embarrassing, and when I could even do it at school.

Not Your Usual Workday

Posted by Admin on April 6th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Now to set the scene, I am a 54 yr old service engineer for a housing authority, and we are currently in the middle of a busy servicing schedule. This takes me to 8 houses a day, where I meet a diverse variety of tenants.Well on this particular day 2 years ago, I was coming to the end of a routine day, and had 1 more call to make, I knocked on the door of a neat looking bungalow, and waited for a response, well eventually the door was opened by a guy of about 64-65 years old wearing a dressing gown, He apologised for taking so long, but ecplained he was in the bath, he beckoned me in, and showed me to the boiler, he offered me a tea/coffee which I politely declined, then said he would leave me to it, and said that he would be in the next room, and asked me to call him when I had finished.

I set down to the job in hand, and uninterupted it took me about an hour to complete, I packed up, washed up, and completed the paperwork, then went to obtain a signature. Well without thinking, I pushed open the door of the next room, without calling, The old guy was laid on a bed, naked, and vigourously jerking away on a rather impressive cock, I had a few seconds to take in that he was a slim guy, quite well toned, and like i said previously, his cock was a nice surprise. It was about 7"-8" long, not too thick, but thick enough, and with a deep purple head, covered by a thick wad of skin.

Me And Uncle Jack

Posted by Admin on April 4th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Callum woke up to the smell of pancakes and syrup. Yesterday was his last day of school. Now he was off for the summer. He yawned and stretched his thin, muscular frame. callum stood about 5" 9" and had a wiry wrestler"s build. His whole body was sleek and hairless except for the light brown patch above his cock. He threw off the covers, putting his feet on the floor. His oversized hands slipped through his long brown hair. He scratched the pubes above his big morning hard-on.

"callum, breakfast is ready, and don"t forget, you"re picking up your uncle at the airport this afternoon."

"Oh fuck!" he thought. He"d made plans with the guys, forgetting about his uncle. Well, he"d just have to call them and cancel. He hadn"t seen his uncle since he was a little guy; but always remembered him fondly. He checked his naked frame in the full length mirror, did a few muscle poses, and then turning to the side, and checked his morning hard-on. Now there was something to be proud of he thought, as he gave it a few loving pulls.

School Roomate

Posted by Admin on March 22nd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As a young teen, epically at college, life can be tough. A common thing that would happen was hazing. The most dreadful form, which I and my predecessors were subject to, was what was called "raping". Basically one would pretend to "rape" an unsuspecting freshman, who was suppose to be scared. I wasn't particularly. If you didn't fight back, you would get left alone.

So by the time I was a senior, and I already clearly knew I was gay, I decided that it was my turn to give a young man his rite of passage. Lewis was his name, a cute freshman who played with me on the football team. Because of football we became friends and eventually roommates. I would always try to fake haze Lewis, and always protected him from all the other upperclassmen.

One night while we lied in our beds in the room, we started talking about the hot girls on campus and so forth. He heard my bed was rocking and asked what I was doing. I said "Come over and find out." Now I was ready to "haze" Lewis.

The Apprentice

Posted by Admin on March 18th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

We had just two days until our graduation from Center High and we decided to do a little celebrating early. Kyle's parents were going out of town, so he said he could get wheels for our party. So Friday night he snuck his father's big Buick out of their garage and picked us up. We were off then to cross over the state line into Michigan where I knew we could get booze at the Last Chance Liquor Store. I'd banged Madelyn, the old broad who ran the place, once and ever since then she'd let me buy whatever I wanted. I only hoped that nerd of a husband of hers wasn't manning the counter---with him I would have had a problem, but with Madelyn I'd be home free.

Pulling into the store's parking lot, I saw her behind the counter and I knew it was a go. The place was empty except for Madelyn. Picking up a couple of bottles of their cheapest whiskey and a bottle of gin, I added a fifth of vodka just to be sure we had enough. I was all set then and sat the bottles on the counter and, giving her a wink, she began totaling the booze. The sweetheart even gave me a little discount!

Marcus Gains Promotion

Posted by Admin on March 15th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Anger and a dozen supporting emotions burst through me. I had been bitterly let down, let down by someone I considered special.

"Get him a taxi and get him out of here !" I ordered with a note of venom in my voice before going into my own office and slamming the door shut with such force that everything within a range of forty feet rattled.

My anger was so clear for all to see that nobody said anything and nobody dared to venture after me. "Sod you Marcus !"

Before the death of my uncle I had been following a successful career as a school teacher, a career I was moderately content with and one where I had gained early promotion to become a housemaster in a large comprehensive school. Today the politically correct would say it was a challenging school, back then we would say it was bloody tough !

On my appointment as head of house a colleague offered me some advice: "Discipline is like the choke on an old fashioned car, not enough and the engine wont start too much and it stalls."

My Gay Male Nurse

Posted by Admin on March 7th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I woke up and Jay, who was a nurse and a friend of Luke, my lover, and I, was standing over me smiling. He said, "Welcome back to the world". I could not figure out what was going on and where I was. He told me that I had been in an accident and I was in the hospital and had been in a comma for the last seven days. I asked him, "What accident? I do not remember an accident".

Jay told me some of the details of the accident and he told me the extent of my injuries. He told me that I had already recovered from most of my injuries except that my left leg and arm was partially paralyzed and now that I was conscious that I needed physical therapy and within time I would possible have full recovery and use of both my leg and arm.

Shortly after I arrived at the hospital, Jay learned about my accident and requested that he be assigned as one of my private nurses. He had been a friend of Luke and I for several of years.

I remembered that Luke had gone to Europe on business and was going to be there for at least six weeks. I asked Jay if Luke knew about my being in the hospital. Jay told me that he had talked to Luke numerous times in Europe and told Luke that there was nothing that he could do here and that he would keep him posted as to my progress. Jay said they were sending each other emails twice a day and he knew that Luke would be relieved to know that I had regained consciousness.

Weekends With Grandfather

Posted by Admin on March 6th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Visiting my grandparents was always a treat when I was young. I observed how they slept in separate rooms, but it did not seem unusual to me. It seemed like that was just their way of living. As the only grandson they would spoil me rotten. I would watch the new, "HBO", and "MTV" until very late at night. I would sneak into bed with my grandfather, who slept nude, and feel his hairy, hard body against my young skin. It seemed like he always had a hard on. Again, I thought that was just the way of life. I would lie on my right side and he would comfort me, snuggle up and cover me with his left arm. I guess you could say my grandfather was into "spooning".

I would spend a weekend with them at least once a month, and grandfather never disappointed me. He would always kiss the back of my neck and whisper, "I love you", as he drew his body close to mine brushing his hairy chest against my back, and his hard cock between my legs.

My grandfather was in good shape. He worked out in the garage, lifting and running, push-ups, and sit-ups. He may have been a little grey, but he was a "hot" man. Hard, muscular legs, great chest, big arms, all covered with hair. He would teach me his workout routine once a month. He once mentioned how he liked watching my young "boy" body being sculpted into a man with his assistance.

What A First Kiss

Posted by Admin on March 2nd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My summer had gotten off to a slow start, just finished high school and wanted to take the summer easy. Well the first thing I knew was that I needed money and just my luck I had notice an ad for summer help right down the block from my home. A couple days past and I was ready to apply, it was simple yard work. I walk up to the door and ring the bell, than suddenly the door open, a grey haired man said, "how can I help you son," in a warm voice. I told him that I was applying for the position that was in the local paper, right away he asked when I could start.

After a few months things were going good I had a few extra bucks and the job was easy. When finally it happened; I had been doing some yard work when a down pour of rain came. I started to walk to my old car when I heard a voice say, why don't you come in from the rain. Quickly I agreed to come in he than said, go to the bathroom and get out of those wet things. I did, but in the mean time I had notice there were no towels. A knock on the door and he came in with a big towel, before he enter the room I quickly put my hands by my private area, he started to laugh a little and said he had seen it all, because he had been a doctor for almost forty years.