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Blowjob Torture

Posted by Admin on February 3rd, 2017 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Dave was into blowjob torture. Not what you might think - it's not like he sucked me off for hours or was the one giving *me* the blowjobs. No, this was all about me sucking him. Over and over for hours at a time, in the most painful and humiliating ways possible.

I don't think Dave can cum by just giving him head. At least, I've never been able to make him shoot. But it's not for a lack of trying. I've estimated that his dick has been in my mouth for over 500 hours total over the last year or so. I figured it out one day - if you assume one or two three-hour sessions in a week, sometimes more. I often have a lot of free time during the "sessions" to do math. If you know what I mean.

There are a lots of things I do to occupy my mind while I suck Dave. I know, I know, I should be a good slave and just concentrate on him and his pleasure. But there's a lot of time spent where he just has me hold his dick in my mouth without moving. Sometimes he'll watch TV or take a nap, and that's nice if I can hear the radio or TV in the background as entertainment. And every blowjob goes through several stages and that's always fun to monitor. Dave will get hard, then softer, then hard. He has a habit of oozing a *lot* of pre-cum, and it's always fun to feel that on my tongue and use it as lubrication. Plus, I like the taste.

I don't think I'm Dave's slave. I'm definitely not his boy. I don't know what I am. OK, here's a valid description - I am his blowjob machine. Dave likes getting sucked, and I am the one who sucks him. It goes further than that, of course. I mean, there's no reason he needs so much sucking. And the way he makes me serve. well, it's clear that Dave gets off on hurting me as much as he does on the blowjob itself.

Saying Goodbye

Posted by Admin on January 27th, 2017 in General Erotic Gay Stories

This story contains scenes of sexual activities between two consenting adult men.If it's illegal for you to be reading this, don't.If it's secretly arousing you to be reading this, relax, God loves you no matter what Pat Robertson says.

Saying Goodbye

A few months after I graduated college, I moved across the country from Ohio to San Francisco, planning to spend a few years entrenched in what I assumed would be a bohemian paradise, or at least the closest thing I could get in the early twenty-first century.I was totally foolish and young, refusing to make serious plans, just finding a place to stay via the internet, loading up my car and driving west.But this isn't the story of my life after I went to San Fran, this is the story of saying goodbye to a good friend.

I first met Danny in a Spanish class in college.We had been assigned to work together on a class presentation and we met at a coffee shop on campus to hammer out the details.We both just clicked as friends right away, based on the usual prerequisite of similar tastes in music, movies, and books.We ended up hanging out even after the quarter ended, grabbing drinks once in a while and then becoming drinking buddies. He graduated a year before me, and moved off campus.Soon we started meeting less and less, but we talked a lot on IMs.He started dating a girl pretty seriously, and I had the occasional fling with a girl here or there but nothing had really clicked.Then, his girlfriend broke his heart, cheating on him several times.We gained a certain camaraderie in our frequent online conversation with our shared bitterness.I had joked to him that we should just start fooling around with each other so we'd at least get some action once in a while. It was one of those things that I said only as a joke but once it was on the table we both admitted to having had some curiosity despite both considering ourselves straight.We occasionally would have serious discussions about maybe trying something out, but it never really went through.One of us would always end up meeting a girl and dating her for a short while and once we'd gotten some, the desire for a fuck buddy would have waned a bit, and by the time it was back, the other would have met someone.

Practice Room

Posted by Admin on January 26th, 2017 in General Erotic Gay Stories

The story has been written for entertainment purposes for consenting adults only. It contains escapades of male on male sex.If you are not of legal age or if you consider this type of writing to be morally offensive, then do not read the following story. It is your own responsibility to adhere to these terms

It Started in a Practice Room

Jason walked into his class, unaware that Ian had been sitting waiting and watching for his beautiful frame to enter the doorway.Ian noted how great Jason's sense of style was, wearing his faded ripped jeans, flip-flops, and faded tee-shirt that clung tight to his slightly muscular body.Ian watched his arm muscles contract and move and he put down his bag next to his seat, and then watched even more closely to his perfect heavenly ass as he sat down two seats ahead of him. Ian had been in love with Jason for a while but severely lacked the courage to tell him, but that never stopped him from staring at him whenever he came into class, or visiting him while he played guitar.Those were his favorite days, when he could find Jason plucking away in a practice room in the music building, and feign a little more interest in classical guitar than he really had; but it always gave him a chance to stare at Jason, completely absorbed in his music, and in truth it really was ever so slightly romantic, all that classical guitar music. After a long and boring class Jason ran out of the room, Ian close behind.Ian pretended to involve himself in conversation with some friends, leaving Jason enough time to set himself up in a practice room and warm up.Eventually Ian pretended to peak into each practice room in an attempt to make it look like he hadn't planned on going to visit Jason. "Hey Jason!" He said excitedly as he opened the door to Jason's practice room without even knocking. "Oh, hey man, what's up?" Jason replied, completely unfazed by the intrusion on his practice time. "Not much, just, you know, seeing who's out practicing. Nobody really down here today...What are you working on?" "Oh just some new pieces I just got, nothing really too amazing." "Well let me hear one" "Why do you always insist on hearing my stuff before its ready for performance?" Ian's stomach sank.Was Jason on to him, had Jason realized all the time he spent staring at him? Had he realized that nine times out of ten Ian would visit him in the practice rooms, and insist on hearing something? Ian didn't know what to say, he froze completely. "Hello? Ian? You want to come back down to earth?" Jason mocked "Oh sorry man" Ian replied "I don't know, I just like hearing you play." "Alright..." said a slightly confused Ian Jason started plucking away at his guitar, and in fact it did prove to calm Ian's nerves; he entered an almost trance-like state.He gazed longingly at Jason completely absent mindedly, but even though he didn't realize how strong his stare was it did not go unnoticed by Jason. Without saying a word Jason stopped playing and put down his guitar. "Why did you stop pla..." Ian started to say but was cut off by Jason leaning into him with a passionate kiss.Jason pulled Ian into him, and gently kissed him, then suddenly pulled away. "Sorry" said Jason turning completely red. He turned away quickly and started packing up his guitar. "About what" said Ian "That's what I've been hoping for every single time I've come down here to hear you practice." "Really" said Jason, a smile filling the space previously occupied by the red in his cheeks.Secretly he had been hoping for this to happen every time Ian had visited him too. "There's people coming" said Ian hearing the door to the hallway open and close, "but my roommate has a class right now if you want to go back to my room. "Okay," said Jason hesitantly "but this is really new to me, I've never been with another guy before" "Don't worry, we'll take it slow" assured Ian. No sooner had Ian flicked the lock on his dorm room door, than Jason was all over him, pushing him harshly up against the wall, tearing at his clothes. "Take it slow" chuckled Ian jokingly, arching his back and brining his shoulder blades together, his skin stretching and bulking like a piece of fine silk.He undid the button on the top of Jason's pants, and slid his hands down the back, feeling the amazing shape of his cheeks through the smooth fabric of his boxer-briefs.Jason took this cue and started to undo Ian's pants, also sliding his hands down, but he quickly moved to the front and started to gently massage Ian swelling penis through his underwear. Ian let out a low moan, and Jason pulled away slightly, but realizing it was a good thing he quickly pulled back in, closer this time, pressing his body against Ian's and doubling his efforts at working on Ian's now fully hard cock. Ian, his tool now standing at full mast, slowly pushed Jason off of him and took him by the hand, throwing him down on his bed.Ian proceeded to unsheathe his manhood, and grabbed it with one hand, the other hand stabilizing himself on Jason's leg, as he dropped down to his knees in front of his long time fantasy boy. "To fast?" said Ian with a coy look on his face. Jason clearly did not think it was going to fast as he placed a hand on the back of Ian's head, guiding his head down to the deep purple underwear, more specifically the bulge in his deep purple underwear. As Ian's face neared the beautiful bulge, he got a good dose of Jason's manly odor and his began to swim with the ideas of getting to suck his beautiful dick. Finally Ian's face made contact; the softness of the fabric against Jason's hard pelvis felt amazing as Ian groped with his mouth, feeling around for Jason's rod.He rubbed his lips against the outline, and flicked his tongue around Jason's balls, prompting Jason to take a turn to moan. "Nobodies ever done that before" gasped Jason, and Ian looked up at him with a smirk. "Well get ready for the grand finale" he said enticingly, pulling Jason's underwear off in a hard jerking motion.Jason's erection immediately sprang to attention, and as soon as he took a quick glimpse he engulfed the entire thing to the hilt.He worked slowly up and down the huge dick, swallowing it completely one moment then massaging the head between his lips and tongue the next. He took a break a few minutes in to pay attention to Jason's balls, he had always had a thing for balls, and Jason's were amazing.Two orbs, perfectly the same size, about the size of golf balls, hanging low in a magnificent hairy sack.Ian played with them in his mouth, making sure to pay attention to every last inch of them, then he pulled them out and kissed them both tenderly and began to flick his tongue back and forth across them. All the while Jason sat on the bed his head thrown back in pleasure, rubbing his tight body all over, sweat beginning to form around the center of his chest.Soon he began to writhe in pleasure, and Ian moved his attention back to his cock, getting ready for the massive eruption that would ensue. "Oh man, its about to blow" moaned Jason, and Ian took the cue to pull his member from his mouth, allowing volley after volley of thick, salty cum to land on his face and in his open mouth. "Wow" said Jason, still out of breath, looking down at Ian, who had already taken his softening tool back into his mouth.After another minute of Ian making sure he had completely drained Jason of all of his essence, he stood up and simply said, "Well, I think a shower is definitely in order." "Okay..." said Jason looking slightly disappointed that they should part now as Ian wiped off his face, and grabbed his towel. "Want to conserve water?" Said Ian with a wink, as he grabbed Jason's hand and led him out of the room towards the showers.

It Was Worth It

Posted by Admin on January 23rd, 2017 in General Erotic Gay Stories

All the usual disclaimers, Blah!Blah!If not your scene or under age of consent don't bother to continue.Please ask for permission to publish elsewhere than on Nifty.

[Page formatted: A4, 2cm margins, Times New Roman, 12]

He waited, impatiently. Finally he would meet his possible future Master face to face after so many weeks of emails, chats and only yesterday a short web cam contact.Only his web cam it had to be said, he still didn't really know what his visitor would look like.

He waited, in trepidation. Would he be acceptable?Would this possible Master take one look from the door and walk away, or possibly worse, use him briefly as a sex toy and disappear from his life.

He waited, with fear.Would allowance be made for his inexperience and his low pain threshold?

Would this man be prepared to take his time and build up slowly, or expect boy to suffer excessively right from the start?

He waited, had he gone to far?His messages to the man had contained fantasies far in excess of anything boy could take in real life, even allowing that his limits were to be extended.The little play he'd experienced while out crusing or as self-infliction would be, he knew, be nothing in comparison to what might happen this evening.

He waited.

It was five minutes past the arranged time.Had he got everything ready as commanded?Large plastic sheet covered with an old towel on the floor, two spray bottles full of saved piss, flasks of boiling water for coffee and soft drinks in the fridge, his case of toys laid open for the mans inspection and use, a new bottle of poppers and a selection of DVD's including the short S&M films downloaded from the net the man wanted to see.Had he forgotten anything?

Wanna Suck Me

Posted by Admin on December 29th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

This story is about a sex fantasy I've been having.

My name is Justin.I'm 15 years old and I'm in 10th grade.School's boring, but I get pretty good grades -- A's and B's.

I play 2nd base on our Junior Varsity baseball team.Sometimes I play 3rd base.I'm not the best player on our team, but I don't suck.You should come out and watch me play sometime.ha ha

I'm about average height and weight: 5 feet 8 inches tall and 135 lbs.I have dark blonde hair and brown eyes.Some girls made up a survey about the hottest guys in our school.I didn't win, but I made the top 10.Yes!

I'm straight -- not gay.So far, I've had 3 girlfriends and 0 boyfriends. So, why's a straight guy writing a story about guys?That brings us to my fantasy....

Before when I jerked off, I always thought about girls.But recently I've been thinking more and more about this new fantasy.In this fantasy I'm getting sucked by a guy.I mostly think about different guys in my school doing it to me.I don't think I'm gay or turning gay.I never think about doing stuff to other guys.I just want them to suck me.

I had 3 girlfriends, but none of them ever gave me a blow job.So, I don't really know what it feels like.But I know it must feel really, really good to have your dick sliding in and out of someone's mouth.I'm starting to get hard right now just thinking about it.

Would I rather get sucked by a girl or a guy?Before the answer would have definitely been "by a girl".But now since I started having this fantasy, I don't know.Maybe by a guy.

Jason And Kershaw

Posted by Admin on December 26th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Jason and Kershaw were college roommates.Both were straight, good-looking, well-built athletes, Jason was white of Irish descent, Kershaw was black.They got along well and often dated the same chicks, which tended to be co-eds that put out since neither of them were looking to fall in love, as young as they were.

One night, Jason and Kershaw got drunk over a few pitchers of margaritas with two girls, Tammy and Sheila.After the girls had a few too many, they split, but the room mates stayed until they were hammered and staggered back to the dorm, where they did several shots of tequila and drank beer while watching a porno tape until they passed out.

The next morning, Jason woke up first, to find himself lying beside Kershaw on one of the beds.Jason was fully dressed, but Kershaw had his jeans and boxers pulled down to his ankles, with his long, soft, black, uncut penis resting limp against his bare thigh.Jason tried to wake his roommate up, but Kershaw was still out of it.Realizing this didn't look good, Jason carefully pulled up Kershaw's pants and underwear, then went to the cafeteria for some coffee.

After Jason left, Kershaw woke up.The last thing he remembered was doing shots with Jason, after which he must have passed out.He remembered dreaming that he got a killer blowjob, but that was it.Meanwhile, Jason was trying to remember what happened to him the night before.Why was his throat so sore?That never happened before when he got drunk.Even his jaw ached.

Caught By Her Dad

Posted by Admin on December 20th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

[Note: The original title of this story is "Caught in the Act" but that name has been used by other authors so much I had to change it for posting at Nifty] Jeff was caught in the act! The door to Susie's bedroom went open with a bang! Jeff yelped from his place in her bed, started to get out of bed, realized he was completely naked, and got back under the covers, held the sheets up over his body like any frightened virgin. Looked up at the angry face of Susie's father hovering over him. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" Mr. Foreman snarled. Susie picked that moment to finally come out of the bathroom. She was wearing a skimpy negligee and smelled so deliciously of perfume, her hair done up as carefully as if for a party. The seductress disappeared instantly, turned into scared young daddy's girl. "Daddy!" she shrieked. Susie's father turned his face to her, said coldly, "Susan, you go downstairs and wait with your mother until I and this...young gentleman...are finished with our discussion." Jeff gulped. Susie's father was a big, gruff hulk of a man. He and his wife had been out to a party and he was wearing a suit and tie, but you could see under it the heavily muscled body that Jeff had seen when calling upon Susie, seeing her father wearing only a thin-strapped t-shirt and those muscled arms like so many melons linked together under his skin. And so Jeff lay there quivering with fear despite the body he had built up for the football team by working out hour upon hour at the weights in the gym. He knew he was outclassed as well as being in the wrong, he had no doubt that Susie's dad could beat the shit out of him. And being caught naked in Susie's bed when they had gone out to a party...he had the right to beat the shit out of him, too! Susie fled like a pink flamingo, thin white legs under the flaring bell of her negligee, out the door. Leaving Jeff alone with her father. "All right now, young man, first, what the fuck is your name?" "Jeff, sir." Jeff whimpered out. "Jeff. You that football player who's been sniffing around my little girl these last couple of months?" "Yes, sir." "God damn." the words weren't spoken in anger, more in wonderment. "And you finally got into her bed tonight, did you? What is this, the first time or more than that?" "First time." Jeff admitted. "Or was going to be. We didn't do nothing tonight, sir, honest, we were going to, but you come home before she came out of the bathroom...." "Shut up." that face was right in his. "You little snot-nosed ass-wipe punk, you think you're going to bang my little baby's cunt in her own bed in my own fucking house!" "Uh, no, sir." "So why the fuck are you naked in her bed, huh?" And that burly arm grabbed the sheet Jeff was holding up to his chest, and he yanked. The sheet flew out of Jeff's hands and off the entire bed. He was left on the bed, exposed from head to toe, totally, completely buck naked! "See, you're fucking waiting for her, weren't you? To come out of the bathroom and you were going to fuck her, weren't you?" "Yes, sir." Jeff's voice was a squeak. The next thing that happened was that work-calloused hand reached up and grabbed Jeff's cock. "Is this what you intended to stick into my little darling girl?" He demanded. Jeff's mouth worked like a fish out of water. Only a little whinny-like sound exuded from his lips. Mr. Foreman's hand began to pump on Jeff's dong. Jeff gulped again. Shit, he was getting hard from this! But what was he going to do? One wrong word and this huge man would beat him up! "Look at this pitiful little piece of meat you got here." Mr. Foreman sneered at Jeff's dick. "You were really thinking that my daughter would want this inside of her, did you?" "Yes, sir." Jeff squeaked. God, that hand was turning him on so damned much! Not just the hand, the whole situation. He was at this man's mercy, he was naked and in the wrong. Lying in Susie's bed, her father confronting him, he was just waiting to see what her dad wanted to do with him. Right now, that was pumping his pud, out of scorn and derision, but pumping it. Jeff could only lie there and whimper in fear and in an oddly growing pleasure. He was at this man's mercy, but he was being manipulated, his pud being pumped while the man doing it sneered at him. "You really think that my daughter would want any part of this, do you?" Mr. Foreman pressed him. "I guess so, sir." Jeff ventured. "I mean, she said okay and we went upstairs and...." "Shut the fuck up." Mr. Foreman snarled into his face. "Yes, sir." "I want you to talk, I'll tell you." Mr. Foreman said. "Now, I just have to figure out what the hell I should do with you." That hand...it was driving Jeff insane! God, his breath was hissing out of his frozen face, not daring to even groan at the delight racing through his body. "So my daughter thinks you're pretty, does she?" Mr. Foreman said as he pumped on Jeff's raging, roaring dong. "You managed to convince her that you thought she was special, did you?" Jeff knew better than to answer, now. Mr. Foreman wasn't talking to him, he was thinking to himself. "You were going to stick this into my daughter and pump it back and forth like I'm doing right now. What an arrogant pile of shit you are, you little turd!" Jeff gulped again. Not in fear this time. In passion. He was about to come! He didn't dare to speak up. What would this man do if he was to squirt now? He didn't know...but he didn't really have much choice, either! "You were going to do it, weren't you?" Mr. Foreman demanded. "You were going to squirt your wad into my little girl, weren't you? Weren't you?" At that point, at that "Weren't you?" from Mr. Foreman, Jeff lost it! He let out a howl and he came, and he came hard! His come flew out of his cock, sprayed out over his legs and his stomach, flew out over Mr. Foreman's rapidly pumping arm. "You were going to come in my baby, weren't you?" Mr. Foreman screamed at him as Jeff came, as his body ejaculated heavily over himself, and on Mr. Foreman's arm. "You rotten bastard, seducing my little baby girl!" "Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!" Jeff whimpered as he shot his load, oh, God, oh, God, oh, God! He thought as his body drenched him. The guy's gonna kill him now! Just fucking kill him! Mr. Foreman let go of Jeff's dong and with a flicking motion, shook the jizz on his hand off onto Jeff's face. "I'm sorry, sir, I'm sorry!" Jeff said. "Please, sir, I'm sorry!" "You thought you were going to fuck my little baby." Mr. Foreman said as he stood up and Jeff watched him, wide-eyed. Was it going to happen now? Was he about to get beat up? Jeff closed his eyes, unable to watch. He couldn't see it happen, that fist going to slam into his face! Felt the bed shift and he sneaked a peek out of one eye. Mr. Foreman was getting onto the bed. He was over Jeff, right on top of him. "You were going to fuck my little baby, were you?" Mr. Foreman said. "We need to teach you a lesson about trying to seduce my baby you won't forget." Here it comes! Jeff thought. His legs were lifted up and he let it happen, limply, unable to resist this. He'd been so wrong to seduce Susie in her own home, party or not! He should have taken her elsewhere, and now he was going to pay for it. "Yeah, a lesson is what you need, all right." Mr. Foreman grunted. That's when Jeff felt it. Felt the hard cock pushing up against his ass! "Uhh?" he said in surprise. "You little bastard, I'm going to let you off easy." Mr. Foreman said as his cockhead pushed into Jeff's anus. "You came to this house to fuck, and you get fucked. Maybe that'll teach you not to come sniffing about my little girl!" "Sir?" Jeff gasped as the cockhead popped into his butthole with a shriek of pain racing into Jeff's brain. "Oh, sir, I...I'm sorry, sir, I'm sorry!" "Yeah, you did wrong and now you're going to pay for it!" Mr. Foreman said. "I'll fuck your butt like you were going to fuck my daughter, and then maybe you'll remember your place around here. Yeah!" that cock pushed deeper into Jeff's butt. "Oh, God!" Jeff groaned. What the fuck was he going to do? He'd been wrong to try to sleep with Susie, he'd been so wrong! He had to pay for what he'd done! Been going to do! And he was paying as Susie's father's schlong buried itself inside of him. That big, hulking raging brute of offended father was heavy on top of him, his legs were pressed against his stomach and chest by those huge arms holding him down. Mr. Foreman had merely lowered his pants and shorts, Jeff could feel them halfway down Mr. Foreman's thighs. He was naked in this big man's rough embrace, the hard dong was deep within him. Jeff felt it like a chastisement instead of a ravishment, he felt that massive pud throbbing inside him, and when Mr. Foreman began to move back and forth upon him...Jeff moaned! "Oh, God, sir!" He gasped as the stiff prod slid out and back into him. "Oh, God, sir, oh, God!" His arms had been holding onto Mr. Foreman's arms, now he reached them up to grasp the strong back, to embrace the heavy body atop him and Jeff looked into Mr. Foreman's eyes. There was rage in them, still, but Jeff met the glare this time, for the first time, head on. "You little shit, you planned to fuck in this bed, didn't you?" Mr. Foreman grunted as he plied his cock in and out of Jeff's butt. "You planned to be the one doing this to my daughter, didn't you?' "Yes, sir." Jeff said and his voice didn't squeak any more. It was more like...a sigh. "You wanted to fuck my baby girl, didn't you, just like I'm doing right now to you, didn't you?" "Yes, sir." Jeff agreed again. "Just like this, sir, oh, God, just like this!" "You thought it'd be a lot of fun, didn't you, fucking her in her own bed, here in my house?" "Oh, yes, sir, yes!" Jeff said. "His hips began to move with Mr. Foreman, helping the burly, buffed body to fuck his butt. "You plan to fuck her slower at first, like I'm doing now, and then speed up like this?" Mr. Foreman inquired as his hips began to pump faster. "Yes, sir, just like this, oh, God, sir, just like this, only....only I was going to fuck her even faster!" Jeff said. "What, like this?" Mr. Foreman demanded as his hips rammed his butt even faster. "Oh, God, yeah, like this, just like this!" Jeff groaned. "I was going to fuck her like this, and I was going to keep it up until she screamed for me to fuck her harder, even harder!" "You wanted to fuck her even harder?" "Yeah, harder, harder, yeah, oh, God, yeah!" "Is this how you were going to treat my baby?" "Oh, yes, sir, yes, oh, God, yeah, oh, oh, oh!" "You little shit!" Mr. Foreman growled. "You nasty, filthy, rotten, stinking little piece of trash. Fucking my girl...like this...and then...you were...going to...shoot your...come...into...her!" "Yeah, shoot it in her, yeah, come on, shoot it, shoot it like I was going to shoot it in her, think of me fucking your baby girl and fuck me, yeah, yeah!" Jeff groaned. "Come on, Susie's daddy, show me how it's done!" "Ah-AH-AH-GAH-HARRGGHHH!" Mr. Foreman roared like a lion when he came. Jeff felt the hot seed pouring into him and his passion ravaged body managed a small second climax of its own, it had been building in him without him recognizing it, the feel of Susie's dad pumping his jizz into his butt had been all he'd needed. So Jeff grunted and his small spunk smeared itself on Mr. Foreman's stomach, wetting the shirt, and then the big man fell on top of him, panting hard and Jeff felt the huge organ slide out of him with a wash of hot sperm following it and he patted the heaving back above him and he squirmed his legs out to lie out straight on either side of the big man. Then with a roar of anger, Mr. Foreman got back to his feet, and he yelled at Jeff, "So now you remember this the next time you think about having your way with my little girl, God damn you!" He said as he fastened his pants again. "Now get your butt dressed and get the fuck out of this house, you hear me!" Jeff grabbed his clothes and darted into the bathroom. He had to wash himself off before he could dress, and then he went back outside. Nobody was there, and he went downstairs. Susie and her mother were downstairs, Susie now wrapped in a bathrobe that looked like it belonged to her father, the arms way too long for her. Mrs. Foreman looked daggers at Jeff and he said quickly, "Mrs. Foreman, I am really very sorry for what I tried to do tonight with Susie. Nothing happened, really, and I won't try anything like this again." Mrs. Foreman turned away and Susie came over. "Let me walk you to the door." she said. They got there, a trip of less than twenty feet, and Susie said, "What did you and Dad talk about?" "About how I was scum and shouldn't have tried to get you into bed." Jeff said. He wasn't going to go into detail as to just HOW her father had talked to him. "I just lay there and agreed with everything he said, and he finally let me get up and get dressed." "Well, whatever you did, you impressed Dad." Susie said. "Dad said that you could come by whenever you wanted to, so long as he was here to keep an eye on you." "Yeah." Jeff said. "I guess he felt our little, uh, man-to-man talk really got through to me." "See you Saturday, then." Susie said and kissed him good-night. Jeff looked up to see Mr. Foreman looking at him from the stairs. He received and gave a quick nod. "Saturday it is." Jeff said. "I think I'd better spend a bit of alone time with your dad, just him and me, get to know him better." "Well." Susie's hands went up to brush Jeff's chest. "As long as you keep Daddy happy, you and I can keep on seeing each other as much as we want." "Don't worry." Jeff said. "I'll keep your Daddy as happy with me as any father could possibly be with the guy who was caught in the act of seducing his daughter."

Boys Stable

Posted by Admin on December 14th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

A few years ago, before the internet reached the whole world, there were still counties that were relatively remote, even in our otherwise crowded east coast state. Our largest town and county seat would be considered a village in most countries. We had a small country store, post office, courthouse, county office building, the grade school and high school were next door to each other, we didn't need a middle school, 5 churches (that's the way it was), etc. The town's population was less than 150 people. Most of the counties' people lived along unpaved back roads.

We lived just a little over a mile outside of town along an unpaved road. There were three small ranch style homes near each other that one of the county businessmen rented out. My Dad and I lived in one. My name is Roman, but friends and family call me Rome.

It was late summer about a couple of weeks before the school year started again. I was going to be in the ninth grade, 14 years old with hormones raging, soon to be 15. New neighbors were moving into the third house down. My entertainment today was watching them through my bedroom window. I could see that there was a boy that looked about my age, a younger girl, and a man and woman that I guessed were the parents.Otherwise my entertainment would have been playing with myself. All I thought about was sex, food, sex, sports, and sex.

I was so bored that I decided to walk down, introduce myself, and see if they could use some help. For a 14 year old to do this, you can imagine how life was in the country. They were so busy they didn't notice me walking into their yard. I said hello and they all looked toward me. The man was young like my Dad, and really nice looking, and the boy was so damned handsome it almost hurt to look at him. The Mom and girl were only what could be described as attractive, but nothing like the two guys.

Me And My Roomie

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I was chillin at home with my roommate when I heard a knock at the door.It was Allison, this yellow, big booty chick we met from around the corner.She had come over to chill and lounge around.We ordered some pizza and I had became tired so I layed down on the couch and went to sleep.

After having been asleep for about twenty minutes, I heard a noise.I looked down in front of me and the roommate was fucking Allison right in front of my face.I acted like I was still asleep, but I kept looking.Her shirt was off and her titties bouncing up and down in front of my face.He was tagging the shit outta her pussy.He was pounding it hard.All I could hear in between her moans was his meat slapping her ass.I guess they were done because I didn't hear anything else and she climbed off.That is when I conveniently woke up from my nap.

"Wassup man" my roommate said smiling.

"Tired as hell.How long was I out?" I replied

"Long enough" he said, grinning He had stood up and said that he was going to go walk Allison home since it was late.

When he left I turned back over to go back asleep.I couldn't get back to my nap.I kept thinking about what I had just seen.The more I thought about it, the less I thought about Allison and the more I thought about my roommate, Chris.

Chris was about 5'9", yellow skin, pretty boy, wavy hair, muscular, jock.I had always wondered what his dick looked like.I got up to go take a piss when I looked down and saw that Chris lad left his draws laying by the couch.I looked closer to see that he had came in his draws.Not only did he cum in his draws but he left them laying so that I could see the nutt.There was one big pool of nutt laying in the pouch of his boxer briefs.I didn't' touch them.I got down on my knees and started to jack my dick.I blasted my own nut right next to his and left the draws laying there. I left and went over my girlfriends house.I got back about two hours later.

Seduction Of Muscle

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Disclaimer: Okay. This story is based on boys from my High School, from which I graduated last year. Though based on real people, this story never happened, much to my dismay. The boys/men portrayed are not, to my knowledge, gay. Also, this is meant for adult eyes. That means people 18 years old and older. (21 in some areas)

The Seduction of Muscle

It had been a tough day for Steve. His chest ached, his biceps were sore, and his quads twitched with the signs of a tough workout. But this hadn't been a workout for pleasure. This had been a competition. His high school had fought hard, and with their extreme power and muscle, were able to become the State Champions in power lifting!So as Steve walked gingerly to the showers, he was riding cloud nine, knowing that his buddies and he were going to be taking home a huge trophy. It was well earned, too. The boys had trained for over a year, benching, squatting, curling, and lifting. These efforts had their positive sides, too. All the boys on the team, ranging from 15-18 years old, had developed extremely ripped bodies. Steve himself was a Greek God. At only 17, he had turned his already toned physique into a huge mass of muscle. He also had a face that truly made all the girls, and some of the guys, melt. He had a head of sandy blonde hair, which was followed by two baby blue eyes. He had a sloped nose, which pointed toward his sensuous full lips. He had a distinct jaw line, giving him a sexy, angular face. His body, though, put the David to shame. From months of working out, Steve had developed an obscenely developed upper body. His shoulders were his most outstanding feature. They were easily the most broad shoulders in his school. This helped him get that sexy "V" shape torso, which was even more accentuated by his 29" waist. His meaty pecs jutted out from his ribs, which then sloped down into a chiseled 8 pack. Moving down further, one would notice that he was completely smooth. Steve never much cared for body hair. Not that he need to shave much. He was naturally smooth, only needing to shave his pubes off every now and again. Yes, he was teased, but hey. It was what he wanted, what he felt the most comfortable in. Besides, his girlfriend loved it. His smooth crotch really brought out his package. That was one thing he never had to work out, in order to make it big. He was well endowed from the start. His gargantuan cock hung 6 inches, SOFT, followed by his smooth balls. On either side of those, his massive quads loomed. There was so little fat, one could even see every sinewy detail of those big muscles. Not to be forgotten, however, was Steve's bubble ass. From months of doing squats, the sheer size of his butt pulled back the seat of his jeans, making his well endowed crotch become even more evident. Even the "relaxed fit" jeans did nothing to ease the "tightness".

A Boys Love

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My dad died and my mom is depressed and I never got to tell them my secret.I am 15 years old and I know I am gay.No one else knows it but I feel it everyday and the secret is tearing me apart.

I sleep in the same room as my older brother.Sometimes late in the night I lie crying in my bed hoping he doesn't hear me my long black hair gets wet from all the tears as my head lies on my pillow. I pull the blankets up around my nearly naked body.One night I heard my older brother Terry crying in his bed.

I got up out of bed in my red boxers and walked across the carpet floor to his bed. I got in next to his strong 17 year old body.I could feel the heat of our bodies under the sheets.I put my arm around him as he and I cried together. He said, "Jeff, I miss the way things use to be like." "I do too." I replied.My hand gently stroked his chest, aimlessly not knowing why but it felt good to be able to touch someone.Then I felt my older brother turn in the bed and kiss me on the lips.I never realized how good that felt or even that he would do that to me.My tongue went into his mouth as I press into his body."Jeff, I have a secret.I love you and want you." he said. I sighed and said, "That is my secret too but I couldn't tell anyone. I was afraid of what people would think.I never got to tell Dad or anyone." "Do you feel like you might be gay, little brother?" "Yes." "I have had feelings for you for the past two years but never could tell you either. That's my secret too."

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Jim And I

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Nice Hard Wank

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This is based roughly on some of my own experiences of trying to build up a fantastic climax, although bear in mind some of it is based in the world of fantasy. I used to be able to do this kinda thing about once a month if I saw/heard/experienced something dirty enough. I used to like nothing more than getting my rocks off as intensely as possible. The internet always has been a fantastic tool for me. It didn't take me long to figure out that there might be some good images available, and I've always had a great time downloading them. Here is a typical fantasy wank for me...

A Nice Hard Wank by JompingBeeen

I sit at my computer at home. It's like the ultimate wanking resource, giving me access to anything I need. I connect to the internet, I download pornographic images, I download dirty movie clips, sometimes some music with filthy lyrics. It inspires me. Today I'm looking for images of big muscle men. It's been a long day at work and my man is not around tonight but I'm horny all the same. I've been thinking about sex on and off for most of the day and my cock is tired of being teased - it wants release, badly. I'm all alone at my place, no-one to disturb me, nothing to interrupt me. This is important.

I wander around some sites. There are a handful I have bookmarked that maintain lists of the latest free porn sites. I select the area dedicated to muscle. A new site appears in the list, added just yesterday. I'm wary - I've been in this position enough times and found the new site to be a rehash of an older site, or full of images that don't do much for me. Today is different. This site is dedicated to full-on muscleman sex, as inventive as possible. This is just my kind of thing, and the first few images are definitely interesting. I feel the excitement stirring deep in my groin as I view the images, saving them into my private porn stash folder on my hard drive. Almost instinctively my left hand is reaching down and stroking my semi-erect cock through my jeans, my right hand taking me from image to image.

My Almost German Man

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I am not sure if this qualifies as a "First Time" experience or not, but at least it's a true story...

"My Almost German Man"

As a college student I spent a semester in Germany. It was a great experience and it was also where I had my first gay encounter. I had always had gay feelings but never acted on them or even allowed myself to consider acting on them until this day.

As an American in Europe, I always made an effort to meet as many Europeans as possible. I would often go out at night with American friends but frequently end up with Europeans all night. At that time they loved meeting Americans. Pre-Bush era of course.

My buddy and went to a club and started talking to four German guys about women, politics, etc. We all hung out and got along but this one guy focused on me mostly. He was very sexy with a beautiful smile and spoke English very well. I was 18. He was probably 25. He asked me a lot of questions about American life and we compared differences in culture. The other guys went to hit on some women and we stayed at the table. I think we were flirting with each other but not intentionally (for me at least) and we were doing that "dance" where you both are thinking "is he or isn't he?"We started comparing dating and sex stories and that allowed him to ask me if I had a girl friend back home (I didn't) and my experiences sexually (not much at that time). He mentioned how Europeans were more open minded than Americans and gave a"for example" that he had slept with both women and men.