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Bears At Play

Posted by Admin on January 15th, 2017

The DVD "Bears At Play" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes have a heavy focus on showing you.some sexy bear daddies having fun with each other and their younger admirers / chasers.

I am sure you know the bears used on this DVD as they are models with a solid fanbase and have seen a good use in other productions available both on the net and on DVDs.

Scene one features super hunky muscle bear Daminen - Damien is enjoying a good sunny day by the pool, sitting on the edge of the pool just relaxing and wondering where to get some action and from across the pool he spots Parker comming towards him. Parker wastes no time at introductions as he goes down on Damien as soon as he is within reach of Damiens fat meaty cock. Its clear that Damien is a bit of a Dom and enjoys Parker being submissive without even being told.

After a good long round of mutual cock sucking, playing in the pool they are ready to get down and dirty and start fucking for real but for some reason we cut to them in the bed room getting the action down.. Probably something to do with that this scene is shoot at a resort that wouldnt have looked too nicely on being used for a fullblown hardcore anal fuck fest out in their public pool area ;) but dont dispare the action that takes place between Damien and Parker would be hot no matter where it took place! 

Damien hammers his meaty dick into Parkers ass relentlessly and Parker takes it like a trooper all the way.. It is always a great viewing experience seeing a highly skilled swordsman find a willing and able hole to fuck so the raw energy and power behind the hardcore anal exchange is simply amazing and in my opinion more than enough to make this title a good buy for any lovers of bears and muscle daddies!

Scene two features equally wellknown and wellused daddy bears Brock and Kevin - I have not seen them work together before but if you surf some of the bigger bear sites i am sure you have seen both of them in action before... However seeing them working together is a totally different matter... They have a passion and a cemestry for each other that i have not seen in a long time between any models that are not an offscreen couple - and to the best of my knowledge they are not an item outside of this scene so the fact that they make it look like longtime lovers having yet another passioned fuck fest is what really makes this scene stand out in all the garbage that is being released on both DVD and the net.

The scene starts out with Brock and Kevin getting to a shaded area with a good place to lie down and fuck and as soon as they are there the passion starts with long deep kisses that will leave you breathless just watching - and soon after they start down the mutural blowjob path that we all knows will lead to a good hardcore fuck scene.

As they go through the different positions is clear that Kevin is the driving force behind the action as sometimes Brock is doing his best to simply keep up with the raw power and energy put into the thrusts by Kevin as he tries to burry his dick as deep into Brocks open hole as possible - but the positions where Kevin is able to truely put all his weight and power into the dick thrusts are some of the best ever captured on film.. Brock might be labled a power bottom with a cock hungry hole that can keep taking and taking but Kevin is more than a match for him and i dont think i have ever seen Brock getting fucked so hard, deep or long as Kevin does before blowing his hot load all over Brocks ass.

This DVD from Mature Gay DVDS is a great Bear DVD but can also be called a bit of a Daddy DVD as all the models used are out of their teens and well into their thirties some of them perhaps even breaking forty.. So it might not be the typical Daddy DVD that you would expect to see from Mature Gay DVDS but as a Bear DVD it works perfectly and would be a great addition to any collection due to the pure raw energy of Damien and the passion and sexual power in the scene between Brock And Kevin.


No Gray - No Play

Posted by Admin on January 8th, 2017

The DVD "No Gray - No Play" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes features daddies having hardcore sex with their admirers..

The first scene features a hot latino admirer by the name of Diego - Diego is the typical latin lover and he takes great pride in making sure his daddies every need is pleasured. It just so happens that both Diego and his playdaddy Derrick are cracy about playing with and eating precum so after a bit of cock sucking they get down to having fun with precum.. Diego sits on top of Derrick and begins to feed him his own precum as they play and kiss.

After the precum play Diego starts to fuck Derrick from behind and after a good fuck they switch to another position where Derrick rides on top of Diego and he rides him hard for a good long time then they switch positions again and this time Derrick is placed on his back on the couch with his legs spread to allow Diego to truly work on his ass all the while they eat the precum from Derricks cock.

Finally Diego pulls out and goes to Derricks head, does a few quick strokes and delivers his hot man juice on Derricks face and mouth.

The second installment on this DVD is a very hardcore scene featuring Edward and a daddy named Charles.. Now Edward we have seen before as he gets fucked by Chucks fat cock in Daddy's Play Room but this is the first DVD that features Charles but dont worry, we will be seeing plenty of him in other titles from Mature Gay DVDs as he is in at least 3 of their titles.

The scene starts out with Charles and Edward sitting on a white leather couch and Edward gives Charles a good round of oral satisfaction to get things going. The blowjob starts with Charles sitting and then decides to take it like a man standing up as his cock gets ready for fucking he gets behind Edward and bents him over the couch and fucks him hard and long from behind.as its time to change position Edward is put on his side on the couch and Charles gets up behind him and this position allows him to truly work his cock deep into Edwards willing asshole and Edward is fucked so hard you can basically see his eyes change color from blue to brown - it is clear to anyone who have watched this scene that Edward loves a good rough hard fuck where a big dick is hammered into his ass with full force and Charles is doing just that. Edward wants to be on top too and gets up and rides Charles' dick to the root while jerking on his own piece of man meat.

In the final installment of the scene Edward is put on his back on the couch and charles works his ass from above getting some real power behind the thrusts again and going just as deep as before and Edward takes a good pounding untill Charles pulls out and blows his load all over his ass, cock and balls.


Russian Daddies

Posted by Admin on January 1st, 2017

The DVD "Russian Daddies" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 3 seperate movies or scenes if you will, all the models in this title are from Russian and therefor only speak russian so if you expect to follow along with the dialog better brush up on your russian language skills.

Eventhough you will not understand anything they say the action is still hot and lets face it how many of us watch these kinds of movie for the deep dialog between the "actors" - i know i sure as hell dont care about it , in fact i am pretty damn sure that the borring dialog in porn movies where the reason someone invented the fast forward button.

Now in scene 1 we see a plump daddy look over the escort ads in the local paper and then make a phone call for some call boys - as the boys gets to his room the 2 young lads sits down on each side of the daddy and undress as he watch then they help him undress and get ready for some action by letting the daddy service their cocks with his mouth.. He works each boy fairly and within minutes they are both rock hard and ready to get down to penetration but before we get thar far the daddy sucks a bit more cock as the two young boys kiss and make out.

As one of the boys starts to work on the daddys ass from behind the other gets up front and puts his dick into the daddys mouth demanding more tongue action as he awaits his turn to screw the old guy silly. The boys takes turns working through multiple positions and at one point the daddy is jerking off as an admirer sits on top of him so he can work his cock with his mouth as the boy sucks off the other youngster - dont worry if you having a hard time following this as i describe it - it is all clearly visable in the movie and to be totally honest the threesome between the daddy and the 2 admirers is reason enough to buy this DVD in my opinion.

Ok, now in scene 2 the daddy from scene 1 is back with another youngster and they dont waste any time getting right into the kissing, petting and undressing.. As soon as the admirer is out of his pants the daddy starts sloppering on his cock sucking like there was no tomorrow and the cock is fast to rise to the occasion - after a good round of oral action the admirer gets a little white dildo and starts working the mature guys ass to make sure he is ready for cock.. Now having seen him get fucked good in scene 1 we know his ass is up for the task but the dildo scene is rather sweet and thankfully it is short as well.

The daddy gets worked from behind and after a good fucking doggy style he lays down on his side on the couch and they fuck in that position and lastly he sucks his admirer off and gets a nice reward for this efforts

Scene no 3 is a short one and lets us follow a very shy admirer in the hands of a seasoned and experienced gentleman - judging from the scene it wouldnt surprise me if this was the admirers very first experience caught on film, and if that is indeed the case i must admit he handled it better than i would have.. The daddy undress him and they do some sucking both on their own and in the 69 position - once that is done they bring out a small red dildo and the daddy works the toy back and forth in the boys ass while playing with his balls after a good workover they switch and the daddy get the toy into his ass. The young first timer is now ready for some hardcore penetration and a short and somewhat covered fuck session plays out..

As i said at the start of this review, the models are all from Russia so you will probably not understand anything they say but hey, the language of fucking is universial so you will not have any problems enjoying the hardcore fucking and sucking that takes place.


Passion For Daddies

Posted by Admin on December 30th, 2016

The DVD "Passion For Daddies" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes have a heavy focus on petting, passion and some hardcore action to top everything off..

The first scene features a daddy and admirer from Australia that are truely into each other and if you are into daddies and admirers making out more than they fuck then this scene would sit very very well with you as Joe and Sherwin spend the majority of the scene kissing, petting sucking cock and generally just enjoying each others company and bodies without the need for hardcore penetration. The final 5 or so minutes of the scene shows a quick penetration where Sherwin is on top of Joe riding his cock but that is about all the hardcore action this scene has to offer..

Now compared to the run time of the scene the hardcore portion is a little bit shorter than i would have personally wanted but the raw passion and sexual heat between the models more than make up for the lack of hardcore action.. As i said if you want to watch nothing but hardcore action then this DVD probably isnt for you but if you want to see passion, petting, kissing and making out then you need to check out this DVD if for no other reason than to view the passion in this scene of Joe and Sherwin.

The second scene features an old guy by the name of Tom and a rent boy that he wanted to fuck, Sebastian the rent boy, loves daddies and caters especially to daddies when he escort so eventhough he is a rent boy his passion and dedication to getting Tom off is real.

The scene starts out with them standing and kissing each other as they undress and as soon as they are undressed Sebastian goes to his knees and starts working on Toms cock with his mouth to get him good and hard and ready for the penetration.. When Toms cock is good and hard Tom sits down on the white leather couch, deja vu anyone ? , and Sebastian mounts him and starts riding his cock in hard strokes to the root.. As they change positions Sebastian bents over the couch and Tom works his ass from behind in long strokes ramming him good and hard with the full length and force of his dick.

Sebastian is then put on his back on the couch and Tom goes to his knees and sticks it to him again hammering it into him for a good period of time as they change positions again they go back to Sebastian riding Toms cock untill Tom blows his load in the rubber with his dick still deep inside Sebastians asshole

I strongly suggest you check out the trailer for this DVD to see if it is something that would suit your taste - the passion displayed in the scene with Joe and Sherwin is a must have for all that enjoys seeing a daddy and his admirer playing around in bed and totally worshipping each others body and presents.


Hot Daddies And Horny Studs

Posted by Admin on December 17th, 2016

The DVD "Hot Daddies And Horny Studs" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. In the first scene we get to see latino super stud Diego pleasure Daddy Dave and in the second scene we see Daddy Gerrett fuck his boyish admirer Justin - now this is one freaking hot scene that will leave you totally drained for cum and once you have it in your collection you will be viewing and re-viewing it time and time again..

Anyways back to the scene with latino super stud Diego and the daddy with all the tattoo's Daddy Dave. At first glance you might not think that Dave is anything special but dont let your eyes or first impressions fool you.. Dave is a hardcore power bottom that really likes getting ink under his skin.. Now you can like or dislike this trent/fad that is going on right now with everyone getting inked but with the work done on Daves leg you will have to give the man credit.. That is one big ass snake he has there... Yes yes, i babble on i know, fuck it lets get to the action part of the scene..

If you have checked out Mature Gay DVDs collection earlier on you will notice that Diego is back for his second scene and with a new daddy, well the first one was great as Diego and Derrick played around with the precum etc so if you are into this and/or latino studs you should check out that DVD review too..

In this one the action begins with Dave giving Diego some oral action and after a good round of oral pleasure Diego places Dave in the sling and gets to work on his ass - now Diego might not be hung like a horse but he sure does manage to give Dave a good pounding using the sling to the best of his abilities..

After the ass pounding in the sling Diego takes a seat in the sling, leans back and lets Dave work on yet another round of oral action and after a bit of that Diego gets up and takes the blowjob standing like a true man! After this its down on the floor for Dave and Diego as they switch through different positions untill finally Diego blows his load on Daves Chest..

Now as i said in the opening part of this review the second scene on this DVD is one of the best i have ever seen and i must admit that i keep going back and re-watching Gerrett slamm his man meat into his boyish admirer Justin again and again, there are some great parts in this scene if you just want some raw hardcore action to do a quicky jerk off thats for sure..

Now the scene starts out with Justin sucking on Gerretts cock as he is wearing a cowboy hat and some very tiny panties - they then change position so Justin can suck some cock as Gerrett rims his ass good and deep preparing it for the hammering to come and in an effort to test out if his ass is ready he sits on top of Gerretts hard ready cock and rides up and down a bit but Gerrett wants to work a bit more on his ass with his tongue and fingers so he puts Justin on his back and in a 69 position he basically throat fucks Justin as he works his fingers and tongue in and out of the boys ass.

When Gerrett feels Justin is ready for the mounting he is put on all fours and in one fluid motion Gerretts cock is in his ass to the root as Gerrett start to work his cock in and out of Justins ass going deeper and faster with every thrust you can clearly see that both Justin and Gerrett are into the rough sex - Justin enjoys being taken as the little nasty ass boy he is and Gerrett loves to show any admirers that he knows how of truely fuck a boy as only a seasoned and experienced mature gentleman can..

As the pace picks up Justin is pressed flat on the bed as Gerrett puts all his weight into pounding his hard dick deep into his ass and at one time it almost looks like Justin is passed out from the relentless hard pounding his ass it taking but as you can hear him moaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure its clear that he is just truely enjoying getting his ass fucked by a mature man.

The scene comes to an end as Gerrett pulls out of Justins ass just in time for us to see him blow his load all over and into his buttcrack - not exactly an internal cumshot but very freaking close and watching Gerretts juices run down Justins buttcrack is so damn hot but hey, with the pounding his ass too its only fair that Gerretts try and soothe it with some natural made lotion..

This scene is one of the very best i have ever watched and i must admit that whenever i need a quick jerk off session i put this DVD on as the scene with Justin and Gerrett simply does the trick for me..


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Downunder Daddy

Posted by Admin on November 12th, 2016

The DVD "Downunder Daddy" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, as the title will have you know the scenes where all filmed in Australia.

In the first scene we get to see Mike and Sherwin, as some of you might recall Sherwin is in another scene with a daddy called Joe but apparently Mike doesnt mind having a bit of sloppy seconds as he looks like he enjoys his time with this young admirer.

Mike and Sherwin hits it off from the get go and gets right down to the kissing, making out and groping all over each others bodies - sort of like watching 2 blind men going at it i would think, not exactly sure where everything is but using their hands to find out before really getting down to business..

As they start out on the action they go to the 69 position and do a good round of mutual cock sucking , now i never personally been a fan of this position as i like to be able to concentrate fully on either giving or getting but they look and sound like they love every minute of it and it make for a hot little sequence in the scene.

Having sucked some cock they get down to the hardcore anal penetration part and Sherwin puts Mkie flat on his back on the bed and gets on top and as soon as Mikes cock is inside him he starts to ride, bump and grind like a cowboy riding a wild bull at the rodeo shows - it doesnt look like Mike is trying too hard to throw him off but it makes for a good round of action where Sherwin take all that Mike has to offer cockwise...

Having spend a good amount of his energy on riding Mike Sherwin is put on his back on the bed and Mike gets up between his legs and start working on his cock hungry young asshole. Sherwin raises his ass up in tempo with Mikes thrusts to make sure that Mike gets all the way in as he hammers the cock back and forth.. This leads to the climax and all is good as Mike and Sherwin kiss and enjoy a few moments alone.

In the second scene we have daddy Mike again and this time he gets to play with a young top called Jake. Apparently daddy Mike is a versitile mature man and loves getting as well as he did giving it to Sherwin.

The scene starts out with daddy Mike sucking on Jakes cock and after a while Jake returns the favor sucking on Mikes mature cock. As they get into the hardcore penetration Mike is put on his tommy on the bed and Jake works om him from behind hammering his young cock into Mikes sloppering asshole and with the force and determination Jake puts into it you would think he was trying to break Mikes hips or something but eventhough Mike moans and bites the pillow i think it is more from the pleasure than from any discomfort ;)

At one point Mike gets enought strenght and gets up on all fours insted of being face down in the pillow and Jake use the shift in position to make sure he gets a better angle at Mikes ass allowing him to go deeper and applying longer strokes - after a good round of action like this Mike is put on his back and young Jake slowly fucks him and jerks him off to completion - what a nice boy letting daddy finish before himself - Mike pays him back by helping him blow his load


Victor Does Daddies

Posted by Admin on November 6th, 2016

The DVD "Victor Does Daddies" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both start the daddy Victor and a hot daddy friend of his...

The first scene shows Victor in close contact with a georgous silverdaddy named Carl - Carl is a bit shy as they start out making out on the bed - sitting at the edge of the bed and getting a sloppy blowjob from Victor to get the action and juices flowing - from there Victor gets on the bed and lets Carl return the favor by sloppering down on his cock making it good and hard for the action to come. They also gets in a bit of mutual action by going to the 69 position for a short time - just to show that they master the art of giving and getting at the same time i guess..

After this Victor rims Carl.and gets his ass good and ready for his cock - Carl really enjoys the rimming and finger action and soon after the action gets underway in the doggy position allowing Victor to ram it hard and deep into Carls very eager and cock hungry asshole. Just to spice up the action they change into the missionary postion with Carls legs spred wide and again Victor gets to work hammering it deep as if its was 4th and long - soon after they both climax and the scene fades to black.

In scene 2 Victor gets to play with a very very, did i say very, hot and sexy daddy named Marty. The scene gets underway as Victor starts to undress Marty who is sitting on the bed in his shirt and tie. Having undressed Marty down to his undies Victor goes to work with his mouth and sucks Martys cock as Marty himself plays with his nipples. After a few different positions of Victor sucking cock Marty returns the favor and gets Victor hard and ready for the action. Especially the sequence where Marty unpacks Victors cock from the white undies is a great turn on.

As Marty is on the bed on all fours Victor stands behind him on the bed and just hammers his cock into Marty hard and repeatedly which, if you judge from the sounds, Marty really loves - sadly we can not see Martys face as this point in time but the sounds he makes leaves not doubt regarding his enjoyment.

Later on Victor place Marty on his side and gets to work on him again leaving us a perfect view of Victors rock hard cock going in and out of Martys sloppy hole that just keep taking and taking. After another position change where Marty is standing on the floor bent over the bed with Victor working him from behind we cut to Victor sitting on Martys chest and then blowing his load on Martys very tanned and somewhat hairy chest.

I really like this DVD as it gives you a lot of hardcore action between good looking and very sexy mature gentlemen. Sadly the first scene doesnt have much in a way of sound but the action more than makes up for it. In my mind there is no doubt that Victor really like doing daddies and i never tire of watching Marty unpack Victors half errect cock from its undie prison..


Charles' And Hunter's Wild Weekend

Posted by Admin on November 5th, 2016

The DVD "Charles' And Hunter's Wild Weekend" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. Daddy Charles and Daddy Hunter are in both of them and i must admit i never get tired of watching Hunters big thick cock..

In the first scene Hunter is enjoying the gentle breeze on his totally naked body untill Charles comes up to him and ask him to suck his cock - Hunter doesnt have a problem giving Charles a good blowjob and inhales Charles' cock to the root working his magic and making it hard and ready for some ass penetration.

When his cock is nice and hard he bents over and returns the favor sucking on Hunters massive tool make it hard so we can enjoy it in all its length and thickness - after a bit of tihs Hunter gets up and lets Charles poke around in his ass with a couple of fingers just to make sure he is ready for the cock to come and he throws in a round of rimming for good messure - when Hunter is nice and ready Charles gets up and starts pounding his cock into Hunters ass - going as deep as possible using the entire length of his cock to maximize their pleasure.

As the scene cut we now see Charles riding on top of Hunters huge throbbing cock taking it all inside his ass and clearly wanting more - who would have thought that Charles would be such a nice bottom daddy but apparently there is more to his ass than meets the eye.. Charles continues to ride Hunter hard and grind him like only a true cock lover do making sure to work the meat inside his ass so it hits just the right spot.

After this they take turns fingering each others ass as they jerk off to completion - perhaps not the way i would have done it but hey its a fantastic scene so even if the ending is a bit dull the passion between the models more than make up for it..

Now in the second scene we see Daddy Charles and Daddy Hunter have fun with their friend Daddy Simon - now Simon is very poorly hung but what he doesnt have between the legs he makes up for by the skill he has with his mouth and ass.. Not only is Simon a master cock sucker but he is also the perfect bottom, he simply loves it when his ass gets some attention - so as he is sucking on Charles' cock Hunter is behind him working his fingers in his ass and at a few times he nearly puts his entire fist in Simon but holds back but its very clear to anyone that views this scene that Simon would have no trouble taking his entire fist to the wrist and probably beyound.

As Simon is put on his back with his feet in the air he sucks on Charles' cock as Hunter works his huge meat in and out of his ass working up a good rythem whiles Charles continues to enjoy Simon sucking on his cock. As Hunter has had a good run at Simons ass him and Charles change positions and Charles gets to work on Simons cock hungry ass hole.. Now if you ask me i would hate to go second after Hunters as i am sure the size of his cock will leave even the most tight ass hole totally blocked out and wide opened but Charles doesnt mind and goes to work on stuffing Simons ass like there is no tomorrow..

They continue to switch and take turns getting their cock sucked and then stuffing Simons ass - they even change the position some and do him doggy style for a good hard ramming where they use the entire length and size of their cock and throws some weight behind it which Simon really enjoys..

In the end they spill their seed on his ass and cock and all of them look like it was a good fuck session and they are totally spend and satisfied.

In my opinion this DVD is one of the greatest in my personal collection and as i said in the start i never get tired of watching Hunters massive cock being pounded into someones ass.



Daddy's Play Room

Posted by Admin on November 3rd, 2016

The DVD "Daddy's Play Room" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 3 seperate movies or scenes if you will, all 3 of them feature a daddy, Chuck, with a big fat cock and a mouth so foul that most sailors would be inpressed by his vocabulary.

In the first scene Chuck gets to play with a sexy young cuban admirer named Andres. The scene is filmed in a totally red leather room with a nice big heart shaped bed and if nothing else this leather setup really adds a nice feel to the scene.

The scene starts with Andres trying to fit Chucks fat cock into his mouth and to his credit he manages to get a good deal of it stuffed in but the cock is simply too fat for him to truly master - however the young admirer does a good job and sucks like a true champ to get Chuck ready for the fucking

Chuck pobes Andres ass with a few fingers to make sure he is nice and relaxed before he tries to get his masive meat rod into him and after a bit of work Andres' ass is ready to accept the cock and Chucks begins to work his action from behind, hammering his cock into Andres' so hard we can hear their bodys clash together like two hands clapping at a sports event.

Chuck puts Andres flat on his belly still working him from behind and as the camera man keeps the focus on Andres we get a good impression of how hard it is to take the full force of Chucks masive cock as Andres face betrays his feelings of pleasure mixed with a good amount of pain. Andres handles it like a champ though and gets a nice splash of hot cum on his lower back as a reward for good services rendered

The second scene takes place in a room with a sling that gets put to good use as Chuck fucks the shit out of Edward. The scene starts out with Chuck leaning back in the sling to get his cock sucked by Edward. Edward is better equipped to handle a big cock like Chucks and have less of a problem giving Chuck a good sloppy blowjob and Chuck enjoys every minute of the mouth action he gets.

After a good long blowjob Edward is placed in the sling with his head so Chuck can throat fuck him and Chuck takes full advantage of the oppertunity and fucks Edwards throat with the full might of his cock. After a bit of throat fucking Chuck gives a little back by sucking on Edwards exposed cock as Edward continues to work his mouth magic on Chucks giant piece of meat.

After a bit of light rimming Edwards ass is ready to accept Chucks monster cock and they get down to business with Edward placed in the sling and Chuck taking full advantage of it to get extra speed going and hammering his rock hard fat cock deep into Edwards wet sloppy ass. I cant remember when i last saw a scene with such intensity and raw fucking as this one.. Chuck is relentless and keeps hammering his dick deeper and harder into Edwards ass and Edwards take it like a champ and keeps asking for more.. As they change position Edward stands facing the sling and Chuck works on his ass from behind with both fingers and cock before finally blowing his load all over the floor and Edwards lower back..

The third scene is a solo scene with Chuck rubbing sunblock all over his body and then jerks off by the pool, it is a hot little scene but not really one that requires a long and color full description of you ask me..

Wether or not you will enjoy this DVD depends on wether or not you can accept listening to Chuck and his color full comments durring the fucking , sucking and rimming.. The only time he shuts up is when he is sucking cock and he doesnt really do that much in this DVD.. Now dont get me wrong, i love listening to Chuck and think he is da bomb but i dont think everyone will love listening to him in action as much as i do - so make sure to check the trailer before buying this title.