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Seducing My Estranged Dad

Posted by Admin on January 6th, 2017 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My name is jakoby and I just turned 17, I have a true dad/son story to tell. First let me go back to when it all started, when I must of been 8, as far as I can remember.

First of all, let me add that I'm gay and very feminine. Even at 8, I acted like a little girl, and my younger brother Derek, who's a year younger than me, was a rough and tumble, aggresive brute and beat on me constantly, when ever he could get a chance, which I tried to avoid as often as possible.

My parents were going through problems with their marriage and were constantly fighting and arguing. My mom, at the time, was 16, and my dad 17 when I was born, they didn't get married until I was 4 and my dad was 21.

Well, they got divorced after a brief marriage and my dad took Derek with him and my mom took me. My dad always favored Derek over me, because he didn't like the way I was, being a sissy and all.

I can remember times when he and my mother would get into arguments about not taking me along to ball games with him and Derek every weekend,probably because of my sissy behavior, I think he was embarrassed of me.

Well, years passed, and I was 16, my mother remarried, and she moved in with her new husband. My father came and picked me up, which I hadn't seen for a while, only spoke too on the phone, and moved in with him.

My brother Derek had moved out and moved in with my uncle fred, my dad's brother, because he had gotten into trouble with the law and was constantly fighting with my dad. My dad couldn't handle him, so he sent him to live with my uncle fred in Rhode Island.

My dad's house was a small cottage like house 2 bedrooms upstairs and a full bathroom, a fairly large livig room and kitchen downstairs, plus a half a toilette.

I move into Derek's old room, and dad was across from me. After I settled in, we went out to McDonalds for burgers, my dads favorite food.

The whole time we were both uncomfortable and barely spoke a full sentance to each other.

Time progressed, and by know I was totally settled in, and into the groove of things. I fluttered around the house, like a butterfly, and took over the kitchen, cleaned and cooked. I was very slim with a nice butt and girlish figure, I could see my dad starting to appreciate my being there, since he didn't have a girl friend, that I knew of.

One time I was washing the kitchen floor, which was ceramic tile, and I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing the floor, when I looked over my shoulder I saw my dad staring at my butt, and I kind of liked it.

It was pretty late when I was done, and I smelled awful. I told my dad I was going to take a shower, so then I wiggle past him with my limp hands and brushing my hair back as I went up the stairs to take a shower.

When I was done, I dried off my hair and twisted my towel over my head and another rather small towel to covered the front of myself exposing all my back side. I came out and I notice my dad in his room laying on his bed with his legs crossed and his hand behind his head looking all bewildered at the sight of me.

So, I continued to my room, but didn't shut the door fully, threw the towels off and as I put on my night shirt on, standing in front of my mirror, I could see my dad still looking at my ass through the door.

My dad was very handsome and still is, he's about 5'7, and about 180 lbs, and has light brown eyes with a slight mustache and goatee.

So, I layed down on my bed, hoping he would call me into his room, for some reason or other. I must have fell asleep, when a noise awoke me some time in the wee hours of the morning, must of been 2 am.

I got up and walked to my door and look across to my dads room which was slightly shut, but not all the way, so I crossed over to see if he was awake, and sure enough, he was laying there naked. He was sprawled out on his bed with his legs bent wide with the sheets off exposing all of him, what a sight that was, I guess he just starting to jerk off and I wanted a piece of the action. So, a quick thinker that I am, I thought of a way to interrupt him.

I snuck back to my room and called out, "Dad." Then I could hear him scuttling around in bed and then he answered, "Yeh, what's up."

I said I had a bad dream, and came out of my room and went into his, and as I opened the door to his room, he was in bed all covered up, but I could still see the bulge and outline of his cock. I went and sat at the foot of his bed for a second and didn't bother to ask if I could sleep in his bed, I just climbed in right under the covers, he kind of jerked away and used his arm as a divider between me and him so I wouldn't know he was naked under there.

Then he kind of relaxed and when I turned to look at him he had that same glassy eyed look on his face, I justed turned over with my back to him and I said I was cold, and asked him to get closer for warmth, he didn't say a word and about 30 second or so, I could feel him get closer and he put his arms around me and nuzzled behind me.

Now I could feel his cock on my ass cheeks, it was warm and flaccid and I could feel his heart beating fast, then I knew he wanted what I wanted. So I decided to make the first move by pretending to get comfy while rubbing my ass harder on his crotch, I did that a few times and then I could feel his cock getting harder and bigger.

And soon it was rock hard and felt slippery and I reached down and touched his cock, and I was supprised to feel that it was lubed up already and how big it was, it was about 7 1/2 inches and very thick, I started to fondle his cock a few minutes then he directed the massive thing up againts my butt hole and slowly started to put in my ass, it really hurt, and I started to protest and asked him if I could suck his cock instead.

He held me tight, as he moaned and ignored my pleas and he slowly pushed his rock all the way in,God that hurt like hell, I hadn't felt so full in my life, it felt like I wanted to shit or something, then he started thrusting in and out, slowly at first and then he rolled me on my stomach so that he was on top of me, as he built up a rhythem, and began to fuck my ass hole,

I begged him for time out because my ass was hurting really bad and I tried to get free but he held my arms down and continued to fuck and ravage my virgin butthole, he was was thrusting harder and deeper, I thought I was going to pee myself, I thought he was never going to finish, but then he started groaning and moaning and whispering in my ear, "Oh baby I gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," and then with several loud, "aaaghhh...God" ...."aaaghhh...God"...."aaaghhh...God."

I felt hot jizm fill up my ass, as he continued to thust deep into my ass and then for a few minutes he lay on top of me, his sweat dripping down on the back and my neck and he was drooling all over my face and all out of breath.

Then he slowly rolled off of me and he layed sprawled out beside me, catching his breath. I was glad to have it over with, now I new what it felt like to be fucked and I wasn't ready for it any time soon...but it wasn't the last butt fuck I was gonna get from my dad....


It was 8am later that morning, and my dad was already gone. I laid in his bed for a few moments longer, going through, in my mind what had just happened earlier in the whee hours of the morning. I still felt like his dick was still up my ass, so I reached down and touch the rim of my butt hole and it stung a bit and I thought to my self, man his dick was huge and he didn't even give me time to adjust to it.

Well, I got up went to the bathroom, I looked down and his white briefs were on the floor, I picked them up and sniffed at the crutch ... oh the smell was intoxicating ... I put them in the clothes hamper for washing later.

I got in the shower and let the cool water sooth my aching bones and as the water streamed down my back and in my ass and my butthole began to sting a bit, but I deserved it - I guess. I was all dried up and I dress up in my bum around clothes, which were the grey jogging pants I cut at the knee - jagged and unevenly by mistake, and my favorite faded, old t-shirt with bugs bunny on the back and my moccasins my dad gave me when I first moved in.

I made some coffee and some toast and sat wondering where he went and if he's going to come back - at all. It was now 4pm no sign of my dad as I sat at the window looking at the driveway ... oh I missed him so ... as then I saw his truck drive-up and I quickly dove to the side of the window so he wouldn't see me and I watch as he sat in his truck for about 10 or so minutes and then he got out and he looked so cute and handsome in his worn and faded painter pants with a nice bulge in the crotch and his t-shirt and his heavy work boots with a 12-pack of bud and he stood for a moment before starting to head in and his face with that dark mustache and goatee and his baseball cap on backwards ... I was drooling.

I jumped in the couch and pretended to be resting on my stomach and he came in and stood at the entrance,for a couple of minutes, which was at the foot of the couch then continued on to the kitchen and put his beer in the fridge and took one and opened it, I could hear him gulping it down and breathing with a sigh and sat down on the chair by the table, I looked up towat him in the kitchen and cought him looking at me with that bewildered look on his face and our eyes locked but then he quickly looked away.

I could tell he was feeling pretty guilty, so I got up and proceed to the kitchen and he didn't say a word and I asked, "Dad are you hungry? I can fix you something quick to eat."

He just shook his head and said, "No ... I'm just going to head up stairs and take a shower and lay down a bit ... I'm a bit tired ... I'll pick something up later on for us to eat," and as he said that, the words hit me, he said "for us to eat." That meant alot for me to hear him say, becuase it sent a chilling excitment all over me.

"OK," I said, and at that, he got up and went up stairs and I sat down on the chair he got off from and just savored the space he just occuppied. I could hear the shower going and oh how I'd give anything to be in there with him. So I went up stairs to get the laundry I had said I was going to do while he was taking a shower and as I entered the bathroom I saw him standing there through the clear glass shower doors in all his masculine glory, washing his hair and I noticed he didn't bring a towel for himself so I went to get him one and I returned to put the clean towel over the towel rack.

Just then he turned the shower off and opened the shower door and he jumped back a bit seeing me standing there with a towel ... as he stood there naked, water dripping down his well chizled body and ... OH MY GOD, THAT COCK ... that hung between his legs, what a sight.

I said to him, "I was just going to the laundry and I noticed you didn't have a towel and I got you one," and handed him the towel and he looked down at the floor, embarrased and said, "Thanks, Koby," as I walked out it hit me, he just called me Koby, he hasn't called me that in years, since I was 6 or 7.

I continued on to the basedment to do the laundry and I was down there about 15 minutes loading the washer and I went back up to the kitchen grabbed a can of beer for him and went back upstairs to give him his beer, as I got to his room, he was laying in bed with the towel rapped around his waist, and I went in and I said, "I brought you another cold one for you,".

He looked delighted and said thanks and sat up and opened it and to a drink and layed back down. I stood at his door a bit, I don't know what possessed me, I took my shirt off and slid my cut offs down my ankles and off they went then I went to his bed and layed down on my stomach beside him and he slightly opened his left eye then shut it again, slowly I put my hand on his crutch and he jumped and said, "Kody...what are you doing?"

I ignored him and undid his towel that was wrapped around his waist and he grapped both my hands by the wrists and said, "No, Koby ... please, we can't do this."

But I still ignored his pleas to stop and put my lips on his chest and proceeded to lick his nipples and he let out another cry, "Please ... Koby don't do this," as he held both my wrists.

I went to the other nipple and bit down on it, kind of hard, and he let out a deep loud, "Aahhh....damn it, Koby," and flung me up and over up-side down. It happend so fast, he ended up on top on me and my legs were spread wide almost over his hips and I glanced up at him and he glanced down at me, and our eyes locked and I could feel his cock semi-erect cock just below my nuts and close to my butt hole and we stayed like that with him still holding my wrists for about a couple of minutes and it must of been too much for him to resist, and with angry voice said, "Damn you."

I felt his hips thrust in a bit and his cock getting harder and it didn't take much maneuvering for it to find its way slowly up my but hole. He lowered himself down on me with my legs still around his waist and he pull my hands up past my head still grasping my wrist and slowly thrusted his hips in and his now raging hard cock slid up my ass and he let out a soft, "Aahhh....Damn you!" as he fucked me slowly but with deep thrust and as he did this he would mutter to himself, "Oh, Jesus!" Because I could feel that is was soft and warm inside my ass and I was joyously helpless against his deep hard thrust and his balls were banging up against my ass cheeks and he picked up pace thrusting deep and hard and every now and then he'd whisper in my ear, "Damn you!...OooH!" as he kept fucking me with deep thrust and now I knew he was getting close to cumming because he was breathing heavy and moaning deep in his throat and whispering moanfuly, "Oh, Jesus."

As he picked up speed in his thrusts I could feel him grasping my wrist tighter and his neck muscles tensed up, his stomach muscles went rigid and he grimised and let out a loud moan, "Aaahhh Jesus ... aaahh ... ahhh," as his hot jism fill my insides,I culd feel his cock twitch and throb as he unloaded all his hot cum and then he slowed down his thrust and then just fell on top of me with his cock still in me as quivered and shook, breating heavy and his heart pounding hard as he sighed, "Aaahh ... God ... ahhhh."

Finally he got his breath back and rolled off on his back and soon fell fast asleep and I took a few second to recoup too then rolled closer to his side laid my knee sofly on his crotch and my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arm around his muscled chest and I too drifted off to sleep.