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On A Cruise

Posted by Admin on January 7th, 2017 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

We came into my cabin. We had been sun bathing on the top deck of this cruise ship, and now it was time for something else.

I told Ray I'd better shower and he could join me if he wanted.

Suddenly he looked a bit shy like he wasn't sure this young man really would be interested in him if I saw him naked. But I was.

"Don't be shy, sweetheart," I said as I kissed him on the lips and started taking off my clothes.

Ray followed my lead and started undressing. Not that we had much on it had been a hot day in the Caribbean.

Ray is cute with his clothes on, but his naked body really turned me on. I had only met him this morning and this was the first time to see him nude.

He's beautiful.

Once naked, he looked at me and smiled at me. His smile is wonderful.

In we went, to the shower room, which wasn't very big so we ended standing right next to each other with very little space around us.

Therefore it was more natural for us to soap each other rather than ourselves. Soon it was more about kissing and fondling than getting clean.

I pushed myself against Ray and fondled his buttocks while I explored his mouth with my tongue.

Ray was doing the same thing to me. I caressed him all over the place. His buttocks. His balls. His cock. Back to the butt.

He liked when I gently rubbed my soapy fingers against his butt crack, not entering all the way but teasing him, like "don't worry, we'll get there yet".

Then I took his balls in my hand and massaged them ever so gently.

This almost drove Ray crazy. He was moaning while he kissed and groped me.

I took some soap in my hand and took hold of Ray's beautiful cock. He was startled as I started stroking it very, very slowly.

After a while he asked me to speed up, but I didn't want to. I wanted to give him more pleasure than just a quickie.

So I pressed my left hand against his ass, pushed a finger against his asshole and started rubbing his hole while I jerked his cock with my other hand.

Every time he sighed or moaned or wiggled I slowed down my pace. I didn't want him to come yet.

Eventually Ray said "I'm ready to go to bed." I was ready, too.

I laid down on my back and Ray on the top of me. We embraced and kissed each other. I could feel his cock against mine.

I continued to caress his butt. This time I had some lube on my fingers so I was able to slide a finger in his asshole.

Ray has a tight asshole so he couldn't be fucked by some one with a thick cock like me. But he loved the finger in his ass as long as I was gentle with him.

And I was.

It didn't take us long to get so hot we almost came. Ray proposed doing the the 69 and I was game right away.

He turned around on me and gave me his glorious cock to suck. I took it all the way in my mouth as I felt his mouth around mine.

He started sucking my cock which felt good no end.

It was a bit hard for me to move my head but he started humping his hips up and down and that gave the needed movement for me to suck him.

I slipped my finger into his ass again and Ray moaned with pleasure. He speeded up both his sucking and his humping and I was busy trying to keep up with him.

Soon I couldn't resist no more but came in his mouth with a loud roar. It felt like it went on and on forever before I was done. My cock was now so sensitive I tried to keep it as still as possible.

I pulled my finger off Ray's butt and his cock slipped off my mouth. I tried to catch my breath.

Finally I came with an idea. I asked Ray to turn on his back while he was still on the top of me.

Ray was now laying on me facing up, and my cock was in his ass crack. I embraced his legs with mine and kissed his neck with passion.

I wasn't sure Ray likes when some one plays with his nipples but he certainly sounded happy when I took one of his nipples between my thumb and finger and started pinching it. First softly but then a bit harder.

I took some lube in my right hand and started stroking his hard cock while pinching his nipples with the other hand.

Ray was now squirming with pleasure and pleaded "faster, faster". But I didn't go faster, I kept my pace nice and slow.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh!" Ray moaned with an excited voice. I kept jerking his cock but now I went gradually harder and faster.

"Oh yes, yess, yesss!" Ray shouted.

I stroke his cock all the time more mightily. He was moaning all the time more loudly.

Finally he came. Big time. Ray was shuffling all around on me and groaning like crazy.


It took a while before we were laying peacefully side by side on the bed.

Ray looked so vulnerable. He was all but crying.

I didn't know if it was about being happy or sad.

I kissed him on the forehead and said "Don't worry. We still have two more days of the cruise left."

"I know," Ray said and smiled at me.